Packaging for common FPGA tools

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Hi, would it be possible to add building this repo for Leap as well as Tumbleweed? Recent versions of yosys and nextpnr are sorely missing from the stable release distros.

Thanks, DW

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Hello, after some patching around I could build for Leap 15.2 . Let me know if you need any other version or if you hit any problems. I am only using nextpnr-ecp5, and only testing on TW. I also bumped yosys and nextpnr to the latest git versions.

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Hi, we now have a common project for FPGA / ASIC EDA tools, would you like to join the project-wide effort at


Javier de San Pedro's avatar

I cannot really give a lot of time to this, I only play with FPGAs sporadically. But count me in for some occasional update/issue.

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Thanks for the project: It helped me a lot to get started with my TinyFPGA BX during hackweek 20.

Javier de San Pedro's avatar

Glad to hear that. I should try to make a greater effort to clean it up and add it to the FPGA project. By the way, did you try using nextpnr-ice40 for the TinyFPGA? Or you used arachne-pnr? I've had quite the strange issues with nextpnr-ice40 on my nandland go, which is why I ended up packaging arachne-pnr too.

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