jsmeix's Home Project


Home Project of Johannes Meixner

This is my personal playground where
packages could be severely incompatible
with official openSUSE packages.

Do not somehow add the whole "home:jsmeix"
repository to be used by your package
installer (e.g. via zypper or YaST).
Using the whole "home:jsmeix" repository
could be a perfect way to mess up your
Instead only download the packages
of your particular interest which match
your exact system from the appropriate
sub-directory in
and install them manually
(e.g. using plain "rpm").
If you are unexperienced with manual
installation, do not install any package
from "home:jsmeix".

Packages in the "home:jsmeix" project might
neither be in usable state nor fit into
currently installed systems.
Have this in mind if you think about to
install packages from "home:jsmeix" into
your currently running system.
Do not use "Factory" if your system is
not "Factory".
Use the matching packages for your
particular system.
The packages in the "home:jsmeix" project
are only for testing, without any guarantee
or warranty, and without any support.
As an extreme example, this means if your
complete computer center crashes because
of those packages, it is only your problem.
On the other hand this does not mean that
all those packages are known to be terrible
broken (but some of those packages could
be really broken) and none of those packages
are thoroughly tested so that any unexpected
issue can happen.

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