A slimmed down distro

Gradually trim out requirements for stuff we don't want / need:
- pulseaudio - done
- wayland - done
- packagekit - done
- polkit - done
- apparmor - done
- ibus and suchlike - done
- mysql/mariadb - why install unless you want to USE it, which I don't - done
- udisks2, WTF is it and why is it on my system? - done
- NetworkManager should be an optional install -- not a hard pkg req all over the place, but rather an extra thing you can install if you want it. - done
- other random things that add needless complexity while utterly violating KISS (for example, all of *Kit and *Manager)

Reduce unnecessary dependencies on various things
- systemd and friends. Only include the bare minimum needed for systemd to act as an init system
- - replace all "unit file" nonsense with GOF init scripts
- - drop systemd journal b.s. in favor of rsyslog or similar
- - elogind to replace systemd-logind?

** Note that `done` above is with regards to my currently installed system at home and only reflects those packages I currently happen to use

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