Just a few packages I need to keep openSUSE working for me. I try to make sure they build for Leap too in case others are making use of them and aren't on Tumbleweed like me, but since Leap uses old versions a lot of stuff just won't work. I may drop Leap packages in the near future.

I generally try to sty as close to stock as possible, although I tend to modify packages to use OBS's convenient and functional SCM integration services, meaning, I clone the git tree directly in the package, rather than cloning it locally and then uploading the sources. This avoids injected malicious code in releases (see: xz), makes maintenance simpler, saves disk space and bandwidth, plus it means you can branch it and build your own and never leave the browser.

Included packages:


Pipewire build from the Master branch - Because if you file an issue with pipewire their first instruction is to see if it's already fixed in Master. I also add the performance tuning to allow realtime scheduling, as recommended by pipewire upstream.

Wireplumber build from the Master branch - Once a way to prepare for the new config files in 0.5.x, this package is now just a way to stay right on the tip of audio development in linux.

qpwgraph - As per stock, but built from the main git branch.

nvidia-vaapi-driver - Needed for hardware acceleration in firefox, but not available from Factory. Built from the master git branch

xone - A replacement for the kernel's built-in xbox one controller which supports its audio jack (So now you can plug in a headset or headphones to your xbox controller and it actually works!). Note that this breaks support for the original xbox and xbox360 controllers. If you want this, and also those, let me know, and I'll take the time to package up xpad-noone which is the stock upstream kernel xbox controller driver minus the xbox one controller support provided here. There's also xpadneo which supports bluetooth (which is a stupid idea because bluetooth is too laggy to use for game input) and the new xbox series controllers, but doesn't support audio. Again, if you are looking for that to be packaged let me know. I have no use for bluetooth (because that's a dumb thing for a game controller, period) or for ancient xbox/xbox 360 controllers, and do need audio from my controller, so I only packaged this one.

v4l2loopback - Built from the main git tree against the current kernel, so I never find myself with an out of date kernel module and disappeared devices again, and plus we get the new stuff added upstream since the last release. Adds a second autoloading camera for scrcpy to use.

tuxclocker - An overclocking tool. Tumbleweed only because Leap's GCC is from 2017. Currently frozen on an old version due to broken nvidia support in new versions.

stl-thumb-kde - Show thumbnail views of STL 3D models in KDE tools including Dolphin.

rnnoise-simd - A fork of Xiph's amazing rnnoise library, with SIMD support - in plain English , that means a quarter of the CPU usage. Tumbleweed only because Leap's GCC is from 2017.

noise-suppression-for-voice-simd - the LV2/LADSPA/VST implementations of rnnoise, with the SIMD enhancements. Tumbleweed only because Leap's GCC is from 2017. Built from git head which includes patches from this repo which has two modifications:
1) Removes the hardcoded "native" CPU architecture flags from the build chain, so that it won't be built for this server's CPU and then not work on yours (and so that it can be built using specific CPU optimisations)
2) fixes the LV2 plugin to allow the mono AND the stereo version

x42-plugins - A collection of plugins in LV2 and standalone JACK format. Built from the latest sources directly.

calf plugins - A collection of plugins, built from the latest git, with currently awaiting merge fix patch, courtesy of X0F.

Accessibility/Input: - Fancy readline replacement with syntax highlighting, auto suggestions, etc. for Bash.

thefuck - A CLI typo correction tool that I use because I typo a lot thanks to being physically disabled.

ydotool - A Wayland-compatible automation tool related to xdotool but doesn't need X11 to function.

mouse-actions - The ONLY mouse gesture app that works on Wayland. Mouse gestures are a critical accessibility tool and Wayland is incomplete without this. ydotool comes in handy to make actions based on gestures from this app.

evhz - Measure mouse polling rate.


zenpower3 - A Linux kernel driver for reading temperature, voltage(SVI2), current(SVI2) and power(SVI2) for AMD Zen family CPUs

Any other packages here exist as dependencies of the above.

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