Text editors and hex editors for Linux

This project contains normal text editors and special hexadecimal editors. Both for X11 and the console.
linked to editors project and rebuild for 15.4

This project does not contain any packages

Name From
010editor editors
amp editors
bvi editors
code-minimap editors
dhex editors
diakonos editors
e3 editors
editorconfig-core-c editors
efm-langserver editors
emacs editors
emacs-auctex editors
emacs-bbdb editors
emacs-color-theme editors
emacs-compat editors
emacs-dash editors
emacs-ghub editors
emacs-haskell-mode editors
emacs-jinx editors
emacs-libgit2 editors
emacs-magit editors
emacs-magit-popup editors
emacs-python-mode editors
emacs-transient editors
emacs-vm editors
emacs-vterm editors
emacs-with-editor editors
emacs-yaml-mode editors
Femto-Emacs editors
focuswriter editors
freemind editors
gcsvedit editors
gnuserv editors
helix editors
hexedit editors
hexer editors
hexyl editors
hobbits editors
htmldoc editors
ImHex editors
jed editors
joe editors
kak-lsp editors
kakoune editors
lapce editors
libt3config editors
libt3highlight editors
libt3key editors
libt3widget editors
libt3window editors
libtranscript editors
lite-xl editors
lite-xl-plugin-manager editors
lpe editors
medit editors
mg editors
moe editors
mp editors
nano editors
ne editors
nedit editors
nedit-ng editors
neovim editors
neovim-gtk editors
nfoview editors
notepadqq editors
novprog editors
poke editors
poke-dwarf editors
poke-elf editors
python-neovim editors
python-neovim-remote editors
qxmledit editors
rehex editors
retext editors
scintilla editors
scite editors
tea editors
THE editors
tilde editors
tree-sitter editors
tree-sitter-bash editors
tree-sitter-c editors
tree-sitter-c-sharp editors
tree-sitter-cpp editors
tree-sitter-css editors
tree-sitter-go editors
tree-sitter-haskell editors
tree-sitter-html editors
tree-sitter-java editors
tree-sitter-javascript editors
tree-sitter-json editors
tree-sitter-python editors
tree-sitter-qmldir editors
tree-sitter-qmljs editors
tree-sitter-regex editors
tree-sitter-ruby editors
tree-sitter-rust editors
tree-sitter-typescript editors
tree-sitter-xml editors
treeline editors
vim editors
vim-plugin-jedi editors
vim-plugins editors
vis editors
vym editors
wordgrinder editors
wxhexeditor editors
xcoral editors
xmlcopyeditor editors
xslide editors
zed editors
zile editors
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