Qubes OS openSUSE requirements


Various packages that are needed to build and run Qubes OS under openSUSE. Packages are sourced from Factory or from Leap 15.2/15.3 Updates (if they need to be compatible with existing packages).

Major included components:
- Python 3.8 and all required Python modules compiled against it (some Qubes OS components now require 3.7 at minimum)
- dnf (contains a Python subpackage)
- samba (contains a Python subpackage)
- salt (contains a Python subpackage)
- xapps (contains a Python subpackage)
- bind (contains a Python subpackage)
- unbound (builds against Python and is required by gnutls)
- xen (tools require Python)
- xss-lock (required by some GUI tools)
- pmount (required by some GUI tools)

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