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hi, wasn't kmymoney5 available from here too last days?

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Yes, and it actually still should be.

But I submitted a local change to KDE:Unstable:Extra, and apparently forgot to untick the checkbox to delete the source package afterwards.

I undeleted it now, thanks for the heads-up!

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and thanks for fixing back :-)

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Hi wolfi323, is this outdated here? I thought, you provided the git versions for kmymoney here. Is there another place to get it, or can I help to let it built here again? Cheers, Robby.

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No, it's not outdated per se.

But as you can see the build fails.

The reason is that it requires a new libalkimia, which fails to build either because of upstream changes that would require quite large changes to the spec file.

I just haven't found time to fix that yet, and nobody else did either (in KDE:Unstable:Extra)... So please stay tuned.

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