Samba packages built with the embedded Heimdal Kerberos

The MIT Kerberos build of Samba as an AD DC is experimental. This project builds Samba with its embedded Heimdal Kerberos version.

This project does not contain any packages

Name From
ads network:samba:STABLE
cifs-utils network:samba:STABLE
krb5 network:samba:STABLE
ksmbd-tools network:samba:STABLE
ldapsmb network:samba:STABLE
ldb network:samba:STABLE
samba network:samba:STABLE
samba-doc network:samba:STABLE
samba-krb-printing network:samba:STABLE
talloc network:samba:STABLE
tdb network:samba:STABLE
tevent network:samba:STABLE
yast2-samba-provision network:samba:STABLE
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no 15.4 builds :(

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