Packages of the latest stable Samba release with the unsupported and deprecated SMB1 enabled. Use at your own risk! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

DO NOT use these packages unless you understand the risks you are taking. These should only be used in an isolated and controlled network. SMB1 is insecure!
Read this article before proceeding:
We provide this build only for old devices which only support SMB1, such as old network printers and certain scientific equipment.
SMB1 is slowly being removed from Samba. These packages MAY NOT WORK. There is ZERO guarantee associated with using these.


This project does not contain any packages

Name From
ads network:samba:STABLE
cifs-utils network:samba:STABLE
krb5 network:samba:STABLE
ksmbd-tools network:samba:STABLE
ldapsmb network:samba:STABLE
ldb network:samba:STABLE
libhimmelblau network:samba:STABLE
samba network:samba:STABLE
samba-doc network:samba:STABLE
samba-krb-printing network:samba:STABLE
talloc network:samba:STABLE
tdb network:samba:STABLE
tevent network:samba:STABLE
yast2-samba-provision network:samba:STABLE
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