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brp-extract-appdata, build-compare, libtool, ncurses, pam, pcre, texinfo

- {author: coolo, id: 304881, package: pcre}
- {author: factory-maintainer, id: 304911, package: texinfo}
- {author: psmt, id: 305263, package: libtool}
- {author: dimstar, id: 305291, package: brp-extract-appdata}
- {author: WernerFink, id: 305304, package: ncurses}
- {author: factory-maintainer, id: 305340, package: pam}
- {author: factory-maintainer, id: 305449, package: build-compare}

Comments for openSUSE:Factory:Staging:B (2)

Alberto Planas Dominguez aplanas wrote 2 days ago
  • Build failed intlfonts (i586)
Max Lin mlin7442 wrote about 6 hours ago

The list of requests tracked in openSUSE:Factory:Staging:B has changed: