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geoclue2, iw, kernel-firmware, libarchive, libqt5-qtbase, lirc, orc, oxygen-icon-theme, perl-Parse-RecDescent, scout, strace, vim, vsftpd, wireless-regdb, xerces-c

- {author: msmeissn, id: 332201, package: libarchive}
- {author: namtrac, id: 334354, package: wireless-regdb}
- {author: namtrac, id: 334356, package: iw}
- {author: coolo, id: 334363, package: perl-Parse-RecDescent}
- {author: factory-maintainer, id: 334376, package: vsftpd}
- {author: pluskalm, id: 334578, package: strace}
- {author: pluskalm, id: 334608, package: geoclue2}
- {author: tittiatcoke, id: 334653, package: oxygen-icon-theme}
- {author: namtrac, id: 334657, package: xerces-c}
- {author: tiwai, id: 334705, package: orc}
- {author: coolo, id: 334915, package: kernel-firmware}
- {author: hennevogel, id: 334972, package: lirc}
- {author: dimstar_suse, id: 335011, package: scout}
- {author: namtrac, id: 335135, package: vim}
- {author: sumski, id: 337515, package: libqt5-qtbase}

Comments for openSUSE:Factory:Staging:C (2)

Stephan Kulow coolo wrote about 2 hours ago

<!--- osc staging select ---> The list of requests tracked in openSUSE:Factory:Staging:C has changed:

  • Request#332201 for package libarchive submitted by @msmeissn
  • Request#334354 for package wireless-regdb submitted by @namtrac
  • Request#334356 for package iw submitted by @namtrac
  • Request#334363 for package perl-Parse-RecDescent submitted by @coolo
  • Request#334376 for package vsftpd submitted by @factory-maintainer
  • Request#334578 for package strace submitted by @pluskalm
  • Request#334608 for package geoclue2 submitted by @pluskalm
  • Request#334653 for package oxygen-icon-theme submitted by @tittiatcoke
  • Request#334657 for package xerces-c submitted by @namtrac
  • Request#334705 for package orc submitted by @tiwai
  • Request#334915 for package kernel-firmware submitted by @coolo
  • Request#334972 for package lirc submitted by @hennevogel
  • Request#335011 for package scout submitted by @dimstar_suse
  • Request#335135 for package vim submitted by @namtrac
  • Request#337515 for package libqt5-qtbase submitted by @sumski
Alberto Planas Dominguez aplanas wrote about 1 hour ago

<!-- openQA status --> * Build failed kscreen (x86_64) * Build failed libkvkontakte (x86_64) * Build failed k3b (x86_64) * Build failed libkscreen (x86_64) * Build failed skanlite (x86_64) * Build failed installation-images-openSUSE (i586, x86_64)