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- {author: WernerFink, id: 293920, package: texlive-filesystem}
- {author: WernerFink, id: 293948, package: texlive}
- {author: WernerFink, id: 297118, package: texlive-specs-a}
- {author: WernerFink, id: 297119, package: texlive-specs-b}
- {author: WernerFink, id: 297120, package: texlive-specs-c}
- {author: WernerFink, id: 297121, package: texlive-specs-d}
- {author: WernerFink, id: 297122, package: texlive-specs-e}
- {author: WernerFink, id: 297123, package: texlive-specs-f}
- {author: WernerFink, id: 297124, package: texlive-specs-g}
- {author: WernerFink, id: 297125, package: texlive-specs-h}
- {author: WernerFink, id: 297126, package: texlive-specs-i}
- {author: WernerFink, id: 297127, package: texlive-specs-j}
- {author: WernerFink, id: 297128, package: texlive-specs-k}
- {author: WernerFink, id: 297129, package: texlive-specs-l}
- {author: WernerFink, id: 297130, package: texlive-specs-m}
- {author: WernerFink, id: 297131, package: texlive-specs-n}
- {author: WernerFink, id: 297132, package: texlive-specs-o}
- {author: WernerFink, id: 297133, package: texlive-specs-p}
- {author: WernerFink, id: 297134, package: texlive-specs-q}
- {author: WernerFink, id: 297135, package: texlive-specs-r}
- {author: WernerFink, id: 297136, package: texlive-specs-s}
- {author: WernerFink, id: 297138, package: texlive-specs-u}
- {author: WernerFink, id: 297139, package: texlive-specs-v}
- {author: WernerFink, id: 297140, package: texlive-specs-w}
- {author: WernerFink, id: 297141, package: texlive-specs-x}
- {author: WernerFink, id: 297142, package: texlive-specs-y}
- {author: WernerFink, id: 297143, package: texlive-specs-z}
- {author: WernerFink, id: 297150, package: texlive-specs-t}

Comments for openSUSE:Factory:Staging:D (4)

Alberto Planas Dominguez aplanas wrote 18 days ago
  • Build failed texlive-specs-m (x86_64)
Dr. Werner Fink WernerFink wrote 18 days ago

Found a bug in detection of the Provides 'tex(...)'. New TeXLive package tar balls may not use texmf-dist/ as used in the TeXLive database and this was not detected in my perl script

Dr. Werner Fink WernerFink wrote 18 days ago

I've found this by looking at the results of preinstallimage-texlive-basics which was ``nothing provides texlive-misc >= 2014 needed by texlive-luatex''
As texlive-misc is gone and the null.tex is now in texlive-knuth-lib

Max Lin mlin7442 wrote 17 days ago

found another one issue,

can't install texlive-collection-latexextra-2014.92.svn33862-63.1.noarch:
package texlive-collection-latexextra-2014.92.svn33862-63.1.noarch requires texlive-pas-cours >= 2014, but none of the providers can be installed
nothing provides tex(macro-patrons.tex) needed by texlive-pas-cours-2014.97.1.06svn32444-1.2.noarch
nothing provides tex(macro-solides.tex) needed by texlive-pas-cours-2014.97.1.06svn32444-1.2.noarch
nothing provides tex(macro-styles.tex) needed by texlive-pas-cours-2014.97.1.06svn32444-1.2.noarch

Max Lin mlin7442 wrote 17 days ago

The list of requests tracked in openSUSE:Factory:Staging:D has changed:

Max Lin mlin7442 wrote 16 days ago

@WernerFink the repochecker script found below,

can't install texlive-rubik-doc-2014.99.2.0svn32919-1.3.noarch:
  nothing provides /usr/bin/bash needed by texlive-rubik-doc-2014.99.2.0svn32919-1.3.noarch