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IPython, alsa, apache-rpm-macros, bayonne2, frameworkintegration, libmicrohttpd, libyui-qt, linuxrc, perl-ExtUtils-LibBuilder, purpose, python3-IPython, servletapi4, sfml, sssd, yast2-installation

- {author: posophe, id: 334643, package: bayonne2}
- {author: TheBlackCat, id: 334917, package: python3-IPython}
- {author: TheBlackCat, id: 334918, package: IPython}
- {author: jengelh, id: 335893, package: sssd}
- {author: coolo, id: 335900, package: perl-ExtUtils-LibBuilder}
- {author: yast-team, id: 335904, package: yast2-installation}
- {author: namtrac, id: 335924, package: alsa}
- {author: factory-maintainer, id: 335931, package: apache-rpm-macros}
- {author: yast-team, id: 335946, package: libyui-qt}
- {author: sumski, id: 335990, package: frameworkintegration}
- {author: sumski, id: 336046, package: purpose}
- {author: namtrac, id: 336053, package: libmicrohttpd}
- {author: scarabeus_iv, id: 336084, package: servletapi4}
- {author: dstoecker, id: 336883, package: sfml}
- {author: snwint, id: 337131, package: linuxrc}

Comments for openSUSE:Factory:Staging:D (2)

Max Lin mlin7442 wrote 1 day ago

<!--- osc staging select ---> The list of requests tracked in openSUSE:Factory:Staging:D has changed:

  • Request#334643 for package bayonne2 submitted by @posophe
  • Request#334917 for package python3-IPython submitted by @TheBlackCat
  • Request#334918 for package IPython submitted by @TheBlackCat
  • Request#335893 for package sssd submitted by @jengelh
  • Request#335900 for package perl-ExtUtils-LibBuilder submitted by @coolo
  • Request#335904 for package yast2-installation submitted by @yast-team
  • Request#335924 for package alsa submitted by @namtrac
  • Request#335928 for package linuxrc submitted by @snwint
  • Request#335931 for package apache-rpm-macros submitted by @factory-maintainer
  • Request#335946 for package libyui-qt submitted by @yast-team
  • Request#335990 for package frameworkintegration submitted by @sumski
  • Request#336046 for package purpose submitted by @sumski
  • Request#336053 for package libmicrohttpd submitted by @namtrac
  • Request#336084 for package servletapi4 submitted by @scarabeus_iv
  • Request#336883 for package sfml submitted by @dstoecker
Alberto Planas Dominguez aplanas wrote about 3 hours ago

<!-- openQA status --> * Build failed kscreen (x86_64, ppc64le) * Build failed libkvkontakte (x86_64, ppc64le) * Build failed opencv-qt5 (ppc64le) * Build failed k3b (x86_64) * Build failed libkscreen (x86_64, ppc64le) * Build failed libqt5-qtwebkit (ppc64le)* and more (4) ...