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bluedevil5, breeze, kcm_sddm, kde-cli-tools5, kde-gtk-config5, kde-user-manager, kgamma5, khelpcenter5, khotkeys5, kinfocenter5, kio, kmenuedit5, kscreen5, ksshaskpass5, ksysguard5, kwayland, kwayland-integration, kwin5, kwrited5, libkdecor

- {author: sumski, id: 336375, package: kio}
- {author: sumski, id: 336768, package: bluedevil5}
- {author: sumski, id: 336769, package: breeze}
- {author: sumski, id: 336770, package: kcm_sddm}
- {author: sumski, id: 336772, package: kde-gtk-config5}
- {author: sumski, id: 336773, package: kde-user-manager}
- {author: sumski, id: 336774, package: khelpcenter5}
- {author: sumski, id: 336775, package: khotkeys5}
- {author: sumski, id: 336776, package: kinfocenter5}
- {author: sumski, id: 336777, package: kmenuedit5}
- {author: sumski, id: 336778, package: kscreen5}
- {author: sumski, id: 336779, package: ksshaskpass5}
- {author: sumski, id: 336780, package: ksysguard5}
- {author: sumski, id: 336781, package: kwayland}
- {author: sumski, id: 336782, package: kwayland-integration}
- {author: sumski, id: 336783, package: kwin5}
- {author: sumski, id: 336784, package: kwrited5}
- {author: sumski, id: 336785, package: libkdecoration2}
- {author: sumski, id: 336786, package: libkscreen2}
- {author: sumski, id: 336787, package: libksysguard5}
- {author: sumski, id: 336788, package: milou5}
- {author: sumski, id: 336789, package: oxygen5}
- {author: sumski, id: 336790, package: plasma-nm5}
- {author: sumski, id: 336791, package: plasma5-addons}
- {author: sumski, id: 336792, package: plasma5-desktop}
- {author: sumski, id: 336793, package: plasma5-mediacenter}
- {author: sumski, id: 336795, package: plasma5-pa}
- {author: sumski, id: 336796, package: plasma5-sdk}
- {author: sumski, id: 336797, package: plasma5-session}
- {author: sumski, id: 336798, package: plasma5-workspace}
- {author: sumski, id: 336799, package: plasma5-workspace-wallpapers}
- {author: sumski, id: 336800, package: polkit-kde-agent-5}
- {author: sumski, id: 336801, package: powerdevil5}
- {author: sumski, id: 336802, package: systemsettings5}
- {author: sumski, id: 336804, package: kgamma5}
- {author: sumski, id: 336805, package: plasma5-openSUSE}
- {author: sumski, id: 336814, package: kde-cli-tools5}

Comments for openSUSE:Factory:Staging:G (2)

Stephan Kulow coolo wrote about 16 hours ago

<!--- osc staging select ---> The list of requests tracked in openSUSE:Factory:Staging:G has changed:

  • Request#336375 for package kio submitted by @sumski
  • Request#336768 for package bluedevil5 submitted by @sumski
  • Request#336769 for package breeze submitted by @sumski
  • Request#336770 for package kcm_sddm submitted by @sumski
  • Request#336771 for package kde-cli-tools5 submitted by @sumski
  • Request#336772 for package kde-gtk-config5 submitted by @sumski
  • Request#336773 for package kde-user-manager submitted by @sumski
  • Request#336774 for package khelpcenter5 submitted by @sumski
  • Request#336775 for package khotkeys5 submitted by @sumski
  • Request#336776 for package kinfocenter5 submitted by @sumski
  • Request#336777 for package kmenuedit5 submitted by @sumski
  • Request#336778 for package kscreen5 submitted by @sumski
  • Request#336779 for package ksshaskpass5 submitted by @sumski
  • Request#336780 for package ksysguard5 submitted by @sumski
  • Request#336781 for package kwayland submitted by @sumski
  • Request#336782 for package kwayland-integration submitted by @sumski
  • Request#336783 for package kwin5 submitted by @sumski
  • Request#336784 for package kwrited5 submitted by @sumski
  • Request#336785 for package libkdecoration2 submitted by @sumski
  • Request#336786 for package libkscreen2 submitted by @sumski
  • Request#336787 for package libksysguard5 submitted by @sumski
  • Request#336788 for package milou5 submitted by @sumski
  • Request#336789 for package oxygen5 submitted by @sumski
  • Request#336790 for package plasma-nm5 submitted by @sumski
  • Request#336791 for package plasma5-addons submitted by @sumski
  • Request#336792 for package plasma5-desktop submitted by @sumski
  • Request#336793 for package plasma5-mediacenter submitted by @sumski
  • Request#336795 for package plasma5-pa submitted by @sumski
  • Request#336796 for package plasma5-sdk submitted by @sumski
  • Request#336797 for package plasma5-session submitted by @sumski
  • Request#336798 for package plasma5-workspace submitted by @sumski
  • Request#336799 for package plasma5-workspace-wallpapers submitted by @sumski
  • Request#336800 for package polkit-kde-agent-5 submitted by @sumski
  • Request#336801 for package powerdevil5 submitted by @sumski
  • Request#336802 for package systemsettings5 submitted by @sumski
  • Request#336804 for package kgamma5 submitted by @sumski
  • Request#336805 for package plasma5-openSUSE submitted by @sumski
Alberto Planas Dominguez aplanas wrote about 5 hours ago

<!-- openQA status --> * Build failed Test-DVD-x86_64 (x86_64)