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flatpak, gedit-plugins, gjs, gnome-color-manager, gnome-documents, gnome-themes-standard, libnotify, vte

- {author: XRevan86, id: 482043, package: libnotify}
- {author: dimstar, id: 482187, package: gnome-documents}
- {author: Zaitor, id: 482347, package: gnome-color-manager}
- {author: Zaitor, id: 482348, package: flatpak}
- {author: Zaitor, id: 482349, package: gnome-themes-standard}
- {author: Zaitor, id: 482351, package: vte}
- {author: Zaitor, id: 482352, package: gjs}
- {author: Zaitor, id: 482353, package: gedit-plugins}
  group: GNOME:Factory
  strategy: {name: devel}

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Jimmy Berry jberry_factory wrote 1 day ago

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