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groff, libimagequant, openjpeg2, perl-B-Keywords, pngquant, python-Jinja2, python-oauthlib, python-psutil, python-pytz

- {author: msmeissn, id: 674666, package: pngquant, type: submit}
- {author: frispete, id: 676608, package: openjpeg2, type: submit}
- {author: MargueriteSu, id: 676873, package: groff, type: submit}
- {author: scarabeus_iv, id: 676974, package: python-psutil, type: submit}
- {author: scarabeus_iv, id: 676992, package: python-oauthlib, type: submit}
- {author: mcepl, id: 677152, package: python-pytz, type: submit}
- {author: StefanBruens, id: 677182, package: libimagequant, type: submit}
- {author: lrupp, id: 677226, package: perl-B-Keywords, type: submit}
- {author: tbechtold, id: 677238, package: python-Jinja2, type: submit}
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maxlin_factory wrote 1 day ago

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  • removed request#677106 for package python-idna submitted by scarabeus_iv
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repo-checker wrote about 21 hours ago

Previously reported problems have been resolved.

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