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python-applicationinsights, python-azure-batch, python-azure-cognitiveservices-knowledge-qnamaker, python-azure-cognitiveservices-language-spellcheck, python-azure-cognitiveservices-language-textanalytics, python-azure-cognitiveservices-sea

- {author: rjschwei, id: 694365, package: python-applicationinsights, type: submit}
- {author: rjschwei, id: 694366, package: python-azure-batch, type: submit}
- {author: rjschwei, id: 694368, package: python-azure-cognitiveservices-language-spellcheck,
  type: submit}
- {author: rjschwei, id: 694369, package: python-azure-cognitiveservices-language-textanalytics,
  type: submit}
- {author: rjschwei, id: 694372, package: python-azure-cognitiveservices-search-customsearch,
  type: submit}
- {author: rjschwei, id: 694373, package: python-azure-cognitiveservices-search-entitysearch,
  type: submit}
- {author: rjschwei, id: 694374, package: python-azure-cognitiveservices-search-imagesearch,
  type: submit}
- {author: rjschwei, id: 694375, package: python-azure-cognitiveservices-search-newssearch,
  type: submit}
- {author: rjschwei, id: 694376, package: python-azure-cognitiveservices-search-videosearch,
  type: submit}
- {author: rjschwei, id: 694377, package: python-azure-cognitiveservices-search-websearch,
  type: submit}
- {author: rjschwei, id: 694378, package: python-azure-cognitiveservices-vision-computervision,
  type: submit}
- {author: rjschwei, id: 694379, package: python-azure-cognitiveservices-vision-contentmoderator,
  type: submit}
- {author: rjschwei, id: 694380, package: python-azure-cognitiveservices-vision-customvision,
  type: submit}
- {author: rjschwei, id: 694382, package: python-azure-datalake-store, type: submit}
- {author: rjschwei, id: 694383, package: python-azure-eventgrid, type: submit}
- {author: rjschwei, id: 694386, package: python-azure-graphrbac, type: submit}
- {author: rjschwei, id: 694388, package: python-azure-keyvault, type: submit}
- {author: rjschwei, id: 694389, package: python-azure-mgmt-advisor, type: submit}
- {author: rjschwei, id: 694390, package: python-azure-mgmt-applicationinsights, type: submit}
- {author: rjschwei, id: 694391, package: python-azure-mgmt-authorization, type: submit}
- {author: rjschwei, id: 694392, package: python-azure-mgmt-batch, type: submit}
- {author: rjschwei, id: 694393, package: python-azure-mgmt-batchai, type: submit}
- {author: rjschwei, id: 694394, package: python-azure-mgmt-billing, type: submit}
- {author: rjschwei, id: 694395, package: python-azure-mgmt-cdn, type: submit}
- {author: rjschwei, id: 694396, package: python-azure-mgmt-cognitiveservices, type: submit}
- {author: rjschwei, id: 694397, package: python-azure-mgmt-commerce, type: submit}
- {author: rjschwei, id: 694398, package: python-azure-mgmt-compute, type: submit}
- {author: rjschwei, id: 694399, package: python-azure-mgmt-consumption, type: submit}
- {author: rjschwei, id: 694400, package: python-azure-mgmt-containerinstance, type: submit}
- {author: rjschwei, id: 694401, package: python-azure-mgmt-containerregistry, type: submit}
- {author: rjschwei, id: 694402, package: python-azure-mgmt-containerservice, type: submit}
- {author: rjschwei, id: 694404, package: python-azure-mgmt-datafactory, type: submit}
- {author: rjschwei, id: 694405, package: python-azure-mgmt-datalake-analytics, type: submit}
- {author: rjschwei, id: 694406, package: python-azure-mgmt-datalake-store, type: submit}
- {author: rjschwei, id: 694407, package: python-azure-mgmt-devtestlabs, type: submit}
- {author: rjschwei, id: 694409, package: python-azure-mgmt-dns, type: submit}
- {author: rjschwei, id: 694410, package: python-azure-mgmt-documentdb, type: submit}
- {author: rjschwei, id: 694412, package: python-azure-mgmt-eventgrid, type: submit}
- {author: rjschwei, id: 694413, package: python-azure-mgmt-eventhub, type: submit}
- {author: rjschwei, id: 694415, package: python-azure-mgmt-hanaonazure, type: submit}
- {author: rjschwei, id: 694420, package: python-azure-mgmt-hdinsight, type: submit}
- {author: rjschwei, id: 694421, package: python-azure-mgmt-iotcentral, type: submit}
- {author: rjschwei, id: 694422, package: python-azure-mgmt-iothub, type: submit}
- {author: rjschwei, id: 694423, package: python-azure-mgmt-iothubprovisioningservices,
  type: submit}
- {author: rjschwei, id: 694424, package: python-azure-mgmt-keyvault, type: submit}
- {author: rjschwei, id: 694425, package: python-azure-mgmt-loganalytics, type: submit}
- {author: rjschwei, id: 694426, package: python-azure-mgmt-logic, type: submit}
- {author: rjschwei, id: 694444, package: python-azure-mgmt-machinelearningcompute,
  type: submit}
- {author: rjschwei, id: 694445, package: python-azure-mgmt-managementgroups, type: submit}
- {author: rjschwei, id: 694446, package: python-azure-mgmt-managementpartner, type: submit}
- {author: rjschwei, id: 694447, package: python-azure-mgmt-maps, type: submit}
- {author: rjschwei, id: 694448, package: python-azure-mgmt-marketplaceordering, type: submit}
- {author: rjschwei, id: 694449, package: python-azure-mgmt-media, type: submit}
- {author: rjschwei, id: 694450, package: python-azure-mgmt-monitor, type: submit}
- {author: rjschwei, id: 694451, package: python-azure-mgmt-msi, type: submit}
- {author: rjschwei, id: 694452, package: python-azure-mgmt-network, type: submit}
- {author: rjschwei, id: 694453, package: python-azure-mgmt-notificationhubs, type: submit}
- {author: rjschwei, id: 694455, package: python-azure-mgmt-powerbiembedded, type: submit}
- {author: rjschwei, id: 694456, package: python-azure-mgmt-rdbms, type: submit}
- {author: rjschwei, id: 694457, package: python-azure-mgmt-recoveryservices, type: submit}
- {author: rjschwei, id: 694458, package: python-azure-mgmt-recoveryservicesbackup,
  type: submit}
- {author: rjschwei, id: 694459, package: python-azure-mgmt-redis, type: submit}
- {author: rjschwei, id: 694460, package: python-azure-mgmt-relay, type: submit}
- {author: rjschwei, id: 694461, package: python-azure-mgmt-reservations, type: submit}
- {author: rjschwei, id: 694462, package: python-azure-mgmt-resource, type: submit}
- {author: rjschwei, id: 694463, package: python-azure-mgmt-scheduler, type: submit}
- {author: rjschwei, id: 694464, package: python-azure-mgmt-search, type: submit}
- {author: rjschwei, id: 694465, package: python-azure-mgmt-servermanager, type: submit}
- {author: rjschwei, id: 694466, package: python-azure-mgmt-servicebus, type: submit}
- {author: rjschwei, id: 694467, package: python-azure-mgmt-servicefabric, type: submit}
- {author: rjschwei, id: 694468, package: python-azure-mgmt-sql, type: submit}
- {author: rjschwei, id: 694469, package: python-azure-mgmt-storage, type: submit}
- {author: rjschwei, id: 694470, package: python-azure-mgmt-subscription, type: submit}
- {author: rjschwei, id: 694489, package: python-azure-mgmt-trafficmanager, type: submit}
- {author: rjschwei, id: 694519, package: python-azure-mgmt-web, type: submit}
- {author: rjschwei, id: 694532, package: python-azure-monitor, type: submit}
- {author: rjschwei, id: 694533, package: python-azure-multiapi-storage, type: submit}
- {author: rjschwei, id: 694549, package: python-azure-sdk, type: submit}
- {author: rjschwei, id: 694550, package: python-azure-servicebus, type: submit}
- {author: rjschwei, id: 694551, package: python-azure-servicefabric, type: submit}
- {author: rjschwei, id: 694552, package: python-azure-servicemanagement-legacy, type: submit}
- {author: rjschwei, id: 694556, package: python-azure-storage-blob, type: submit}
- {author: rjschwei, id: 694558, package: python-azure-storage-file, type: submit}
- {author: rjschwei, id: 694560, package: python-azure-storage-nspkg, type: submit}
- {author: rjschwei, id: 694562, package: python-azure-storage-queue, type: submit}
- {author: rjschwei, id: 694563, package: python-msrest, type: submit}
- {author: rjschwei, id: 694564, package: python-msrestazure, type: submit}
- {author: rjschwei, id: 694565, package: python-pydocumentdb, type: submit}
- {author: rjschwei, id: 694567, package: python-azure-mgmt-kusto, type: submit}
- {author: rjschwei, id: 694568, package: python-azure-mgmt, type: submit}
- {author: rjschwei, id: 694570, package: python-azure-cognitiveservices-search-customimagesearch,
  type: submit}
- {author: rjschwei, id: 694571, package: python-azure-cognitiveservices-knowledge-qnamaker,
  type: submit}
- {author: rjschwei, id: 694573, package: python-azure-mgmt-cosmosdb, type: submit}
- {author: rjschwei, id: 696896, package: python-azure-mgmt-nspkg, type: submit}
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dimstar_suse wrote 8 days ago

Requests (dashboard):

  • request#694365 for package python-applicationinsights submitted by rjschwei
  • request#694366 for package python-azure-batch submitted by rjschwei
  • request#694368 for package python-azure-cognitiveservices-language-spellcheck submitted by rjschwei
  • request#694369 for package python-azure-cognitiveservices-language-textanalytics submitted by rjschwei
  • request#694372 for package python-azure-cognitiveservices-search-customsearch submitted by rjschwei
  • request#694373 for package python-azure-cognitiveservices-search-entitysearch submitted by rjschwei
  • request#694374 for package python-azure-cognitiveservices-search-imagesearch submitted by rjschwei
  • request#694375 for package python-azure-cognitiveservices-search-newssearch submitted by rjschwei
  • request#694376 for package python-azure-cognitiveservices-search-videosearch submitted by rjschwei
  • request#694377 for package python-azure-cognitiveservices-search-websearch submitted by rjschwei
  • request#694378 for package python-azure-cognitiveservices-vision-computervision submitted by rjschwei
dimstar_suse wrote 7 days ago

Requests: 47 added, 0 removed; using select command

  • added request#694444 for package python-azure-mgmt-machinelearningcompute submitted by rjschwei
  • added request#694445 for package python-azure-mgmt-managementgroups submitted by rjschwei
  • added request#694446 for package python-azure-mgmt-managementpartner submitted by rjschwei
  • added request#694447 for package python-azure-mgmt-maps submitted by rjschwei
  • added request#694448 for package python-azure-mgmt-marketplaceordering submitted by rjschwei
  • added request#694449 for package python-azure-mgmt-media submitted by rjschwei
  • added request#694450 for package python-azure-mgmt-monitor submitted by rjschwei
  • added request#694451 for package python-azure-mgmt-msi submitted by rjschwei
  • added request#694452 for package python-azure-mgmt-network submitted by rjschwei
  • added request#694453 for package python-azure-mgmt-notificationhubs submitted by rjschwei
  • added request#694454 for package python-azure-mgmt-nspkg submitted by rjschwei
  • added request#694455 for package python-azure-mgmt-powerbiembedded submitted by rjschwei
  • added request#694456 for package python-azure-mgmt-rdbms submitted by rjschwei
  • added request#694457 for package python-azure-mgmt-recoveryservices submitted by rjschwei
  • added request#694458 for package python-azure-mgmt-recoveryservicesbackup submitted by rjschwei
  • added request#694459 for package python-azure-mgmt-redis submitted by rjschwei
  • added request#694460 for package python-azure-mgmt-relay submitted by rjschwei
  • added request#694461 for package python-azure-mgmt-reservations submitted by rjschwei
  • added request#694462 for package python-azure-mgmt-resource submitted by rjschwei
  • added request#694463 for package python-azure-mgmt-scheduler submitted by rjschwei
  • added request#694464 for package python-azure-mgmt-search submitted by rjschwei
  • added request#694465 for package python-azure-mgmt-servermanager submitted by rjschwei
  • added request#694466 for package python-azure-mgmt-servicebus submitted by rjschwei
  • added request#694467 for package python-azure-mgmt-servicefabric submitted by rjschwei
  • added request#694468 for package python-azure-mgmt-sql submitted by rjschwei
  • added request#694469 for package python-azure-mgmt-storage submitted by rjschwei
  • added request#694470 for package python-azure-mgmt-subscription submitted by rjschwei
  • added request#694489 for package python-azure-mgmt-trafficmanager submitted by rjschwei
  • added request#694519 for package python-azure-mgmt-web submitted by rjschwei
  • added request#694532 for package python-azure-monitor submitted by rjschwei
  • added request#694533 for package python-azure-multiapi-storage submitted by rjschwei
  • added request#694549 for package python-azure-sdk submitted by rjschwei
  • added request#694550 for package python-azure-servicebus submitted by rjschwei
  • added request#694551 for package python-azure-servicefabric submitted by rjschwei
  • added request#694552 for package python-azure-servicemanagement-legacy submitted by rjschwei
  • added request#694556 for package python-azure-storage-blob submitted by rjschwei
  • added request#694558 for package python-azure-storage-file submitted by rjschwei
  • added request#694560 for package python-azure-storage-nspkg submitted by rjschwei
  • added request#694562 for package python-azure-storage-queue submitted by rjschwei
  • added request#694563 for package python-msrest submitted by rjschwei
  • added request#694564 for package python-msrestazure submitted by rjschwei
  • added request#694565 for package python-pydocumentdb submitted by rjschwei
  • added request#694567 for package python-azure-mgmt-kusto submitted by rjschwei
  • added request#694568 for package python-azure-mgmt submitted by rjschwei
  • added request#694570 for package python-azure-cognitiveservices-search-customimagesearch submitted by rjschwei
  • added request#694571 for package python-azure-cognitiveservices-knowledge-qnamaker submitted by rjschwei
  • added request#694573 for package python-azure-mgmt-cosmosdb submitted by rjschwei
dimstar_suse wrote 7 days ago

Requests: 2 added, 0 removed; using select command

  • added request#694425 for package python-azure-mgmt-loganalytics submitted by rjschwei
  • added request#694426 for package python-azure-mgmt-logic submitted by rjschwei
dimstar_suse wrote 7 days ago

Requests: 34 added, 0 removed; using select command

  • added request#694379 for package python-azure-cognitiveservices-vision-contentmoderator submitted by rjschwei
  • added request#694380 for package python-azure-cognitiveservices-vision-customvision submitted by rjschwei
  • added request#694382 for package python-azure-datalake-store submitted by rjschwei
  • added request#694383 for package python-azure-eventgrid submitted by rjschwei
  • added request#694386 for package python-azure-graphrbac submitted by rjschwei
  • added request#694388 for package python-azure-keyvault submitted by rjschwei
  • added request#694389 for package python-azure-mgmt-advisor submitted by rjschwei
  • added request#694390 for package python-azure-mgmt-applicationinsights submitted by rjschwei
  • added request#694391 for package python-azure-mgmt-authorization submitted by rjschwei
  • added request#694392 for package python-azure-mgmt-batch submitted by rjschwei
  • added request#694393 for package python-azure-mgmt-batchai submitted by rjschwei
  • added request#694394 for package python-azure-mgmt-billing submitted by rjschwei
  • added request#694395 for package python-azure-mgmt-cdn submitted by rjschwei
  • added request#694396 for package python-azure-mgmt-cognitiveservices submitted by rjschwei
  • added request#694397 for package python-azure-mgmt-commerce submitted by rjschwei
  • added request#694398 for package python-azure-mgmt-compute submitted by rjschwei
  • added request#694399 for package python-azure-mgmt-consumption submitted by rjschwei
  • added request#694400 for package python-azure-mgmt-containerinstance submitted by rjschwei
  • added request#694401 for package python-azure-mgmt-containerregistry submitted by rjschwei
  • added request#694402 for package python-azure-mgmt-containerservice submitted by rjschwei
  • added request#694404 for package python-azure-mgmt-datafactory submitted by rjschwei
  • added request#694405 for package python-azure-mgmt-datalake-analytics submitted by rjschwei
  • added request#694406 for package python-azure-mgmt-datalake-store submitted by rjschwei
  • added request#694407 for package python-azure-mgmt-devtestlabs submitted by rjschwei
  • added request#694409 for package python-azure-mgmt-dns submitted by rjschwei
  • added request#694410 for package python-azure-mgmt-documentdb submitted by rjschwei
  • added request#694412 for package python-azure-mgmt-eventgrid submitted by rjschwei
  • added request#694413 for package python-azure-mgmt-eventhub submitted by rjschwei
  • added request#694415 for package python-azure-mgmt-hanaonazure submitted by rjschwei
  • added request#694420 for package python-azure-mgmt-hdinsight submitted by rjschwei
  • added request#694421 for package python-azure-mgmt-iotcentral submitted by rjschwei
  • added request#694422 for package python-azure-mgmt-iothub submitted by rjschwei
  • added request#694423 for package python-azure-mgmt-iothubprovisioningservices submitted by rjschwei
  • added request#694424 for package python-azure-mgmt-keyvault submitted by rjschwei
staging-bot wrote 7 days ago


  • Build failed python-azure-mgmt-machinelearningcompute (x86_64)
  • Build failed python-azure-eventgrid (x86_64)
  • Build failed python-azure-cognitiveservices-knowledge-qnamaker (x86_64)
  • Build failed python-azure-mgmt-sql (x86_64)
  • Build failed python-azure-mgmt-dns (x86_64)
  • Build failed python-azure-mgmt-cognitiveservices (x86_64)* and more (82) ...


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