Forensics Tools and Libraries

This project contains forensic tools and libraries.

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Doing some clean up, I found several packages that were just links to devel:languages:python.

I added devel:languages:python as a secondary repository for the 15.4 repository and deleted the linked packages.

It should not cause any problems.

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I added devel:tools:build as a secondary repository for 15.3 and 15.4. It was needed to build the latest version of libcfile which is a core library of this repo.

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The libyal / plaso team has dropped support for python <= 3.7

I have created a new repo (15.4_py39) for security:forensics that is based on the backports repository. It has 15.4 plus python 3.9

I am no longer supporting Leap 15.3 or older. Only 15.4 and Tumbleweed are being supported (by me).

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