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crameleon wrote about 1 year ago


Upon realizing the mariadb-galera package in the default repositories does not contain the necessary support libraries (essentially making it useless, from what I can tell), I stumbled across this repository. It seems to contain what I need, but it the galera package is listed as "Experimental", making me wonder whether it is fine to use it in a stable, non rolling, environment, or whether this is only a development repository not intended for production use.

Would appreciate if you could shed some light on who the target audience of your repository is! Thanks a lot!

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kstreitova wrote about 1 year ago

Hello, server:database is a development repository containing various packages. Some of them are also present in openSUSE:Factory which means that they are officially supported. Some of them (which is also case of galera-3 and galera-4 packages) are not in Factory which means that they are not officially supported and all development is dependant on the goodwill of the community. So no updates and fixes are guaranteed and using this is always at your own risk.

However, @darix is taking care of Galera packages very nice so he can tell you more information on how safe it is to use it.

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