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PostgreSQL and related packages

This project hosts the openSUSE packages of the PostgreSQL core distribution and related packages such as extensions or administration tools.

Comments for server:database:postgresql (8)

Bruno Friedmann bruno_friedmann wrote 7 months ago

Leap repository is missing

Darin Perusich deadpoint wrote 6 months ago

I've added the repo

Bob Martens boblmartens wrote 3 months ago

Are there any plans to bring PostgreSQL 9.5 into the repo soon?

Reinhard Max rmax wrote 3 months ago

I'll do it as soon as I get to it, but I am currently swamped with other stuff.

Bob Martens boblmartens wrote 3 months ago

That sounds great. Thanks!

Gabriele Fagnani faser1 wrote 28 days ago

SLE_11_SP3 repository is missing ... where can I find it?

Reinhard Max rmax wrote 28 days ago

It is not available from the "Add Repository" menue, but I've now added it manually. Not sure how long it will take until results show up.

Gabriele Fagnani faser1 wrote 25 days ago