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Subprojects of Cloud

Subproject Description
CloudStack CloudStack
CloudStack:Testing CloudStack Testing
CompatibleOne CompatibleOne
EC2 Packages related to EC2
Eucalyptus Eucalyptus Cloud
Images Images for public clouds
Images:Leap_42.1 Cloud Images based on Leap 42.1
Images:openSUSE_13.1 Cloud images based on openSUSE 13.1
Images:openSUSE_13.2 Cloud images based on openSUSE 13.2
OpenNebula openNebula Cloud environment
OpenNebula:Testing OpenNebula Testing
OpenStack:Essex OpenStack Essex (Stable branch)
OpenStack:Factory Preparation for Factory submission
OpenStack:Folsom OpenStack Folsom (Stable branch)
OpenStack:Grizzly OpenStack Grizzly (Stable branch)
OpenStack:Havana OpenStack Havana (Stable branch)
OpenStack:Havana:Staging OpenStack Havana (Staging)
OpenStack:Icehouse OpenStack Icehouse (Stable branch)
OpenStack:Icehouse:Staging OpenStack Icehouse (Staging)
OpenStack:Juno OpenStack Juno (Stable branch)
OpenStack:Juno:Staging OpenStack Juno (Staging)
OpenStack:Kilo OpenStack Kilo (Stable branch)
OpenStack:Kilo:Staging OpenStack Kilo (Staging)
OpenStack:Liberty OpenStack Liberty (Stable branch)
OpenStack:Liberty:Staging OpenStack Liberty (Staging)
OpenStack:Liberty:cisco-apic Subproject for cisco ACI / APIC related packages for Liberty
OpenStack:Master OpenStack (Devel)
OpenStack:Master:cisco-apic Subproject for cisco ACI / APIC related packages
OpenStack:Mitaka OpenStack Mitaka (Stable branch)
OpenStack:Mitaka:Staging OpenStack Mitaka (Staging)
OpenStack:Upstream Preparation for Upstream unification
OpenStack:Upstream:Fedora_22 Fedora 22 overlay
OpenStack:Upstream:Master Using the master branch from openstack/rpm-packaging
OpenStack:Upstream:Mitaka Using the stable/mitaka branch from openstack/rpm-packaging
OpenStack:Upstream:Mitaka:SLE_12_SP1 SLE12-SP1 additions for building OpenStack Mitaka
OpenStack:Upstream:SLE_12_SP1 SLE_12_SP1 specific backports
Seafile Seafile