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Parent projects of Maemo:Mer:Devel

Parent project Description
Maemo Maemo
Maemo:Mer Maemo Community distribution

Subprojects of Maemo:Mer:Devel

Subproject Description
2.0 Temporary repository for the Debian based Mer experiment
2.0:Test2 Second attempt at Mer^2 arch
Apps Mer Applications and Applets
Base Mer system base
GLES2 Maemo packages for GLES 2.0
HW Development area for Hardware specific code
HW:Beagle Development area for Beagle specific code
HW:Beagle:Devel Beagle HW Devel area
HW:Freerunner Freerunner HW
HW:Freerunner:Devel Freerunner HW Devel
HW:Marvell Marvell specific HW
HW:Marvell:Devel Marvell specific HW Devel
HW:N8x0 Development area for N8x0 specific code
HW:N8x0:Devel N8x0 HW Devel area
HW:N900 Nokia N900 hardware repository for Mer
HW:N900:Devel Development repository
HW:SmartQ SmartQ specific HW
HW:SmartQ:Devel SmartQ specific HW Devel
HW:TouchBook TouchBook Hardware packages
HW:TouchBook:Devel TouchBook Hardware packages - Devel area
MaemoCommon Maemo and Hildon Packages
MaemoCommon:L10n L10n shared with Maemo
Qt Qt on Mer
Qt:Fremantle Fremantle variant
UI Mer User interface & Behaviour
Unmodified Unmodified / Universe