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Subprojects of X11

Subproject Description
Bumblebee Bumblebee project
Cinnamon Empty master Cinnamon project
Cinnamon:Current The latest official release of Cinnamon
Cinnamon:Factory Development branch of Cinnamon
Compiz Compiz 0.8.x Packages
Compiz:Compiz-0.8 Compiz 0.8.x Packages
Compiz:Compiz-0.9 Compiz 0.9.x Packages
Deepin Deepin Desktop and Applications.
Enlightenment X11 Enlightenment
Enlightenment:E17:Factory Enlightenment 17 and EFL 1.7 realease project
Enlightenment:EWebKit EFL WebKit port packagement project
Enlightenment:Factory Enlightenment 17 and EFL devel project
Enlightenment:Nightly Enlightenment - nightly builds
Enlightenment:Testing Enlightenment Testing Repo
Enlightenment:Testing:42.2 Leap 42.2 Enlightenment test repo.
Enlightenment:Unstable Enlightenment Unstable Packages
FOX FOX Toolkit related project
GNUstep GNUstep
MATE Empty master MATE project
MATE:Current The latest official release of MATE
MATE:Factory Development branch of MATE
MATE:Next Next version of MATE (this is not for end-users!)
Pantheon Pantheon Desktop
QtDesktop QtDesktop
RemoteDesktop Remote Desktop software
RemoteDesktop:x2go X2Go (replaces NX)
RemoteDesktop:x2go:snapshot x2go (replaces NX)
Sugar Sugar is the core of the OLPC Human Interface.
Unity Ubuntu Ayatana
Utilities X11 Utilities
Wayland Wayland Project
XOrg X.Org development
common:Factory devel repository for Factory updates
lxde Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment
windowmanagers Various window managers
wxWidgets wxWidgets Packages
wxWidgets:debug Debug Variants of wxWidgets Packages
xfce Xfce Desktop Enviroment