File passt.spec of Package passt

# spec file for package passt
# PASST - Plug A Simple Socket Transport
#  for qemu/UNIX domain socket mode
# PASTA - Pack A Subtle Tap Abstraction
#  for network namespace/tap device mode
# Copyright (c) 2022 Red Hat GmbH
# Author: Stefano Brivio <>
# All modifications and additions to the file contributed by third parties
# remain the property of their copyright owners, unless otherwise agreed
# upon. The license for this file, and modifications and additions to the
# file, is the same license as for the pristine package itself (unless the
# license for the pristine package is not an Open Source License, in which
# case the license is the MIT License). An "Open Source License" is a
# license that conforms to the Open Source Definition (Version 1.9)
# published by the Open Source Initiative.
# Copyright (c) 2022, Dario Faggioli <>
# Copyright (c) 2024, SUSE LLC
# Please submit bugfixes or comments via

# We currently have SELinux only on Tumbleweed and in ALP
# but there's no apparmor in ALP
%if 0%{?suse_version} > 1600
# TW
%bcond_without selinux
%bcond_without apparmor
%if 0%{?suse_version} == 1600
%bcond_without selinux
%bcond_with apparmor
# Leap & SLE
%bcond_with selinux
%bcond_without apparmor

Name:           passt
Version:        20240510.7288448
Release:        0
Summary:        User-mode networking daemons for virtual machines and namespaces
License:        GPL-2.0-or-later AND BSD-3-Clause
Group:          System/Daemons
Source:         %{name}-%{version}.tar.zst

BuildRequires:  zstd
BuildRequires:  gcc, make
%if %{with selinux}
BuildRequires:  checkpolicy, selinux-policy-devel
Requires:       (%{name}-selinux = %{version}-%{release} if selinux-policy-targeted)
%if %{with apparmor}
BuildRequires:  apparmor-abstractions, apparmor-rpm-macros, libapparmor-devel

passt implements a translation layer between a Layer-2 network interface and
native Layer-4 sockets (TCP, UDP, ICMP/ICMPv6 echo) on a host. It doesn't
require any capabilities or privileges, and it can be used as a simple
replacement for Slirp.

pasta (same binary as passt, different command) offers equivalent functionality,
for network namespaces: traffic is forwarded using a tap interface inside the
namespace, without the need to create further interfaces on the host, hence not
requiring any capabilities or privileges.

%if %{with selinux}
%package    selinux
BuildArch:  noarch
Summary:    SELinux support for passt and pasta
Requires:   %{name} = %{version}-%{release}
Requires:   selinux-policy
Requires(post): %{name}
Requires(post): policycoreutils
Requires(preun): %{name}
Requires(preun): policycoreutils

%description selinux
This package adds SELinux enforcement to passt(1) and pasta(1).


%make_build VERSION=%{version}-%{release}

%make_install prefix=%{_prefix} bindir=%{_bindir} mandir=%{_mandir} docdir=%{_docdir}/%{name}
%ifarch x86_64
ln -sr %{buildroot}%{_mandir}/man1/passt.1 %{buildroot}%{_mandir}/man1/passt.avx2.1
ln -sr %{buildroot}%{_mandir}/man1/pasta.1 %{buildroot}%{_mandir}/man1/pasta.avx2.1

%if %{with apparmor}
pushd contrib/apparmor
mkdir -p %{buildroot}%{_sysconfdir}/apparmor.d/abstractions
install -m 0644 usr.bin.{passt,pasta} %{buildroot}%{_sysconfdir}/apparmor.d/
install -m 0644 abstractions/{passt,pasta} %{buildroot}%{_sysconfdir}/apparmor.d/abstractions
# apparmor doesn't apply different profiles
# to symlinks, override here with hard links
ln -f passt %{buildroot}%{_bindir}/pasta
%ifarch x86_64
ln -f passt.avx2 %{buildroot}%{_bindir}/pasta.avx2

%if %{with selinux}
pushd contrib/selinux
make -f %{_datadir}/selinux/devel/Makefile
install -p -m 644 -D passt.pp %{buildroot}%{_datadir}/selinux/packages/%{name}/passt.pp
install -p -m 644 -D passt.if %{buildroot}%{_datadir}/selinux/devel/include/distributed/passt.if
install -p -m 644 -D pasta.pp %{buildroot}%{_datadir}/selinux/packages/%{name}/pasta.pp

%if %{with apparmor}
%apparmor_reload %{_sysconfdir}/apparmor.d/usr.bin.passt
%apparmor_reload %{_sysconfdir}/apparmor.d/usr.bin.pasta

%if %{with selinux}
%post selinux
semodule -i %{_datadir}/selinux/packages/%{name}/passt.pp 2>/dev/null || :
semodule -i %{_datadir}/selinux/packages/%{name}/pasta.pp 2>/dev/null || :

%preun selinux
semodule -r passt 2>/dev/null || :
semodule -r pasta 2>/dev/null || :

%license LICENSES/{GPL-2.0-or-later.txt,BSD-3-Clause.txt}
%dir %{_docdir}/%{name}
%doc %{_docdir}/%{name}/
%doc %{_docdir}/%{name}/
%if %{with apparmor}
%dir %{_sysconfdir}/apparmor.d
%dir %{_sysconfdir}/apparmor.d/abstractions/
%config(noreplace) %{_sysconfdir}/apparmor.d/usr.bin.passt
%config(noreplace) %{_sysconfdir}/apparmor.d/usr.bin.pasta
%config(noreplace) %{_sysconfdir}/apparmor.d/abstractions/pas*
%ifarch x86_64

%if %{with selinux}
%files selinux
%dir %{_datadir}/selinux/packages/%{name}
%dir %{_datadir}/selinux/devel/include/distributed

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