File python312.changes of Package python312

Fri Feb 23 01:06:42 UTC 2024 - Matej Cepl <>

- (bsc#1219666, CVE-2023-6597) Add
  CVE-2023-6597-TempDir-cleaning-symlink.patch (patch from
  gh#python/cpython!99930) fixing symlink bug in cleanup of

Tue Feb 20 18:12:05 UTC 2024 - Matej Cepl <>

- Switch to %%autopatch. Let’s try it as an experiment, and if we
  need conditional patch, we should put condition inside of it.
- Remove double definition of /usr/bin/idle%%{version} in

Thu Feb 15 10:29:07 UTC 2024 - Daniel Garcia <>

- Add upstream patch libexpat260.patch, Fix tests for XMLPullParser
  with Expat 2.6.0, gh#python/cpython#115288

Mon Feb 12 13:32:43 UTC 2024 - Matej Cepl <>

- (bsc#1210638, CVE-2023-27043) Add
  CVE-2023-27043-email-parsing-errors.patch, which rejects
  malformed addresses in email.parseaddr() (gh#python/cpython!111116)
  Detect email address parsing errors and return empty tuple to
  indicate the parsing error (old API). Add an optional 'strict'
  parameter to getaddresses() and parseaddr() functions. Patch by
  Thomas Dwyer.
Thu Feb  8 07:08:51 UTC 2024 - Daniel Garcia <>

- Update to 3.12.2:
  - Security
    - gh-113659: Skip .pth files with names starting with a dot or
      hidden file attribute.
  - Core and Builtins
    - gh-114887: Changed socket type validation in
      create_datagram_endpoint() to accept all non-stream sockets.
      This fixes a regression in compatibility with raw sockets.
    - gh-114388: Fix a RuntimeWarning emitted when assign an
      integer-like value that is not an instance of int to an
      attribute that corresponds to a C struct member of type T_UINT
      and T_ULONG. Fix a double RuntimeWarning emitted when assign a
      negative integer value to an attribute that corresponds to a C
      struct member of type T_UINT.
    - gh-113703: Fix a regression in the codeop module that was
      causing it to incorrectly identify incomplete f-strings. Patch
      by Pablo Galindo
    - gh-89811: Check for a valid tp_version_tag before performing
      bytecode specializations that rely on this value being usable.
    - gh-113602: Fix an error that was causing the parser to try to
      overwrite existing errors and crashing in the process. Patch by
      Pablo Galindo
    - gh-113297: Fix segfault in the compiler on with statement with
      19 context managers.
    - gh-106905: Use per AST-parser state rather than global state to
      track recursion depth within the AST parser to prevent potential
      race condition due to simultaneous parsing.
    - The issue primarily showed up in 3.11 by multithreaded users of
      ast.parse(). In 3.12 a change to when garbage collection can be
      triggered prevented the race condition from occurring.
    - gh-112943: Correctly compute end column offsets for multiline
      tokens in the tokenize module. Patch by Pablo Galindo
    - gh-112716: Fix SystemError in the import statement and in
      __reduce__() methods of builtin types when __builtins__ is not a
    - gh-94606: Fix UnicodeEncodeError when
      email.message.get_payload() reads a message with a Unicode
      surrogate character and the message content is not well-formed
      for surrogateescape encoding. Patch by Sidney Markowitz.
  - Library
    - gh-114965: Update bundled pip to 24.0
    - gh-114959: tarfile no longer ignores errors when trying to
      extract a directory on top of a file.
    - gh-109475: Fix support of explicit option value “–” in argparse
      (e.g. --option=--).
    - gh-110190: Fix ctypes structs with array on Windows ARM64
      platform by setting MAX_STRUCT_SIZE to 32 in stgdict. Patch by
      Diego Russo
    - gh-113280: Fix a leak of open socket in rare cases when error
      occurred in ssl.SSLSocket creation.
    - gh-77749: email.policy.EmailPolicy.fold() now always encodes
      non-ASCII characters in headers if utf8 is false.
    - gh-114492: Make the result of termios.tcgetattr() reproducible
      on Alpine Linux. Previously it could leave a random garbage in
      some fields.
    - gh-113267: Revert changes in gh-106584 which made calls of
      TestResult methods startTest() and stopTest() unbalanced.
    - gh-75128: Ignore an OSError in
      asyncio.BaseEventLoop.create_server() when IPv6 is available but
      the interface cannot actually support it.
    - gh-114257: Dismiss the FileNotFound error in
      ctypes.util.find_library() and just return None on Linux.
    - gh-114328: The tty.setcbreak() and new tty.cfmakecbreak() no
      longer clears the terminal input ICRLF flag. This fixes a
      regression introduced in 3.12 that no longer matched how OSes
      define cbreak mode in their stty(1) manual pages.
    - gh-101438: Avoid reference cycle in ElementTree.iterparse. The
      iterator returned by ElementTree.iterparse may hold on to a file
      descriptor. The reference cycle prevented prompt clean-up of the
      file descriptor if the returned iterator was not exhausted.
    - gh-104522: OSError raised when run a subprocess now only has
      filename attribute set to cwd if the error was caused by a
      failed attempt to change the current directory.
    - gh-114149: Enum: correctly handle tuple subclasses in custom
    - gh-109534: Fix a reference leak in
      asyncio.selector_events.BaseSelectorEventLoop when SSL
      handshakes fail. Patch contributed by Jamie Phan.
    - gh-114077: Fix possible OverflowError in
      socket.socket.sendfile() when pass count larger than 2 GiB on
      32-bit platform.
    - gh-114014: Fixed a bug in fractions.Fraction where an invalid
      string using d in the decimals part creates a different error
      compared to other invalid letters/characters. Patch by Jeremiah
      Gabriel Pascual.
    - gh-113951: Fix the behavior of tag_unbind() methods of
      tkinter.Text and tkinter.Canvas classes with three arguments.
      Previously, widget.tag_unbind(tag, sequence, funcid) destroyed
      the current binding for sequence, leaving sequence unbound, and
      deleted the funcid command. Now it removes only funcid from the
      binding for sequence, keeping other commands, and deletes the
      funcid command. It leaves sequence unbound only if funcid was
      the last bound command.
    - gh-113877: Fix tkinter method winfo_pathname() on 64-bit
    - gh-113661: unittest runner: Don’t exit 5 if tests were skipped.
      The intention of exiting 5 was to detect issues where the test
      suite wasn’t discovered at all. If we skipped tests, it was
      correctly discovered.
    - gh-113781: Silence unraisable AttributeError when warnings are
      emitted during Python finalization.
    - gh-112932: Restore the ability for zipfile to extractall from
      zip files with a “/” directory entry in them as is commonly
      added to zips by some wiki or bug tracker data exporters.
    - gh-113594: Fix UnicodeEncodeError in email when re-fold lines
      that contain unknown-8bit encoded part followed by
      non-unknown-8bit encoded part.
    - gh-113538: In asyncio.StreamReaderProtocol.connection_made(),
      there is callback that logs an error if the task wrapping the
      “connected callback” fails. This callback would itself fail if
      the task was cancelled. Prevent this by checking whether the
      task was cancelled first. If so, close the transport but don’t
      log an error.
    - gh-85567: Fix resource warnings for unclosed files in pickle and
      pickletools command line interfaces.
    - gh-101225: Increase the backlog for
      multiprocessing.connection.Listener objects created by
      multiprocessing.manager and multiprocessing.resource_sharer to
      significantly reduce the risk of getting a connection refused
      error when creating a multiprocessing.connection.Connection to
    - gh-113543: Make sure that webbrowser.MacOSXOSAScript sends audit event.
    - gh-113028: When a second reference to a string appears in the
      input to pickle, and the Python implementation is in use, we are
      guaranteed that a single copy gets pickled and a single object
      is shared when reloaded. Previously, in protocol 0, when a
      string contained certain characters (e.g. newline) it resulted
      in duplicate objects.
    - gh-113421: Fix multiprocessing logger for %(filename)s.
    - gh-111784: Fix segfaults in the _elementtree module. Fix first
      segfault during deallocation of _elementtree.XMLParser instances
      by keeping strong reference to pyexpat module in module state
      for capsule lifetime. Fix second segfault which happens in the
      same deallocation process by keeping strong reference to
      _elementtree module in XMLParser structure for _elementtree
      module lifetime.
    - gh-113407: Fix import of unittest.mock when CPython is built
      without docstrings.
    - gh-113320: Fix regression in Python 3.12 where Protocol classes
      that were not marked as runtime-checkable would be unnecessarily
      introspected, potentially causing exceptions to be raised if the
      protocol had problematic members. Patch by Alex Waygood.
    - gh-113358: Fix rendering tracebacks for exceptions with a broken
    - gh-113214: Fix an AttributeError during asyncio SSL protocol
      aborts in SSL-over-SSL scenarios.
    - gh-113246: Update bundled pip to 23.3.2.
    - gh-113199: Make http.client.HTTPResponse.read1 and
      http.client.HTTPResponse.readline close IO after reading all
      data when content length is known. Patch by Illia Volochii.
    - gh-113188: Fix shutil.copymode() and shutil.copystat() on
      Windows. Previously they worked differenly if dst is a symbolic
      link: they modified the permission bits of dst itself rather
      than the file it points to if follow_symlinks is true or src is
      not a symbolic link, and did not modify the permission bits if
      follow_symlinks is false and src is a symbolic link.
    - gh-61648: Detect line numbers of properties in doctests.
    - gh-112559: signal.signal() and signal.getsignal() no longer call
      repr on callable handlers. and no longer call repr on the task results.
      Patch by Yilei Yang.
    - gh-110190: Fix ctypes structs with array on PPC64LE platform by
      setting MAX_STRUCT_SIZE to 64 in stgdict. Patch by Diego Russo.
    - gh-79429: Ignore FileNotFoundError when remove a temporary
      directory in the multiprocessing finalizer.
    - gh-81194: Fix a crash in socket.if_indextoname() with specific
      value (UINT_MAX). Fix an integer overflow in
      socket.if_indextoname() on 64-bit non-Windows platforms.
    - gh-112343: Improve handling of pdb convenience variables to
      avoid replacing string contents.
    - gh-111615: Fix a regression caused by a fix to gh-93162 whereby
      you couldn’t configure a QueueHandler without specifying
    - gh-111049: Fix crash during garbage collection of the io.BytesIO
      buffer object.
    - gh-110345: Show the Tcl/Tk patchlevel (rather than version) in
    - gh-109858: Protect zipfile from “quoted-overlap” zipbomb. It now
      raises BadZipFile when try to read an entry that overlaps with
      other entry or central directory.
    - gh-114440: On Windows, closing the connection writer when
      cleaning up a broken multiprocessing.Queue queue is now done for
      all queues, rather than only in concurrent.futures manager
      thread. This can prevent a deadlock when a multiprocessing
      worker process terminates without cleaning up. This completes
      the backport of patches by Victor Stinner and Serhiy Storchaka.
    - gh-38807: Fix race condition in trace. Instead of checking if a
      directory exists and creating it, directly call os.makedirs()
      with the kwarg exist_ok=True.
    - gh-75705: Set unixfrom envelope in mailbox.mbox and
    - gh-106233: Fix stacklevel in InvalidTZPathWarning during
      zoneinfo module import.
    - gh-105102: Allow ctypes.Union to be nested in ctypes.Structure
      when the system endianness is the opposite of the classes.
    - gh-104282: Fix null pointer dereference in
      lzma._decode_filter_properties() due to improper handling of BCJ
      filters with properties of zero length. Patch by Radislav
    - gh-102512: When os.fork() is called from a foreign thread (aka
      _DummyThread), the type of the thread in a child process is
      changed to _MainThread. Also changed its name and daemonic
      status, it can be now joined.
    - bpo-35928: io.TextIOWrapper now correctly handles the decoding
      buffer after read() and write().
    - bpo-26791: shutil.move() now moves a symlink into a directory
      when that directory is the target of the symlink. This provides
      the same behavior as the mv shell command. The previous behavior
      raised an exception. Patch by Jeffrey Kintscher.
    - bpo-36959: Fix some error messages for invalid ISO format string
      combinations in strptime() that referred to directives not
      contained in the format string. Patch by Gordon P. Hemsley.
    - bpo-18060: Fixed a class inheritance issue that can cause
      segfaults when deriving two or more levels of subclasses from a
      base class of Structure or Union.
  - Documentation
    - gh-110746: Improved markup for valid options/values for methods
      ttk.treeview.column and ttk.treeview.heading, and for Layouts.
    - gh-95649: Document that the asyncio module contains code taken
      from v0.16.0 of the uvloop project, as well as the required MIT
      licensing information.
  - Tests
    - gh-109980: Fix test_tarfile_vs_tar in test_shutil for macOS,
      where system tar can include more information in the archive
      than shutil.make_archive.
    - gh-105089: Fix
      test in AIX by doing a bitwise AND of 0xFFFF on mode , so that
      it will be in sync with zinfo.external_attr
    - bpo-40648: Test modes that file can get with chmod() on Windows.
  - Build
    - gh-112305: Fixed the check-clean-src step performed on out of
      tree builds to detect errant $(srcdir)/Python/frozen_modules/*.h
      files and recommend appropriate source tree cleanup steps to get
      a working build again.
    - gh-112867: Fix the build for the case that
    - bpo-11102: The os.major(), os.makedev(), and os.minor()
      functions are now available on HP-UX v3.
    - bpo-36351: Do not set ipv6type when cross-compiling.
  - IDLE
    - gh-96905: In idlelib code, stop redefining built-ins ‘dict’ and
    - gh-72284: Improve the lists of features, editor key bindings,
      and shell key bingings in the IDLE doc.
    - gh-113903: Fix rare failure of test.test_idle, in
    - gh-113729: Fix the “Help -> IDLE Doc” menu bug in 3.11.7 and
    - gh-113269: Fix test_editor hang on macOS Catalina.
    - gh-112898: Fix processing unsaved files when quitting IDLE on
    - gh-103820: Revise IDLE bindings so that events from mouse button
      4/5 on non-X11 windowing systems (i.e. Win32 and Aqua) are not
      mistaken for scrolling.
    - bpo-13586: Enter the selected text when opening the “Replace”
  - Tools/Demos
    - gh-109991: Update GitHub CI workflows to use OpenSSL 3.0.13 and
      multissltests to use 1.1.1w, 3.0.13, 3.1.5, and 3.2.1.
    - gh-115015: Fix a bug in Argument Clinic that generated incorrect
      code for methods with no parameters that use the METH_METHOD |
      METH_FASTCALL | METH_KEYWORDS calling convention. Only the
      positional parameter count was checked; any keyword argument
      passed would be silently accepted.

- Refresh patches:
  - bpo-31046_ensurepip_honours_prefix.patch
  - fix_configure_rst.patch
  - no-skipif-doctests.patch
  - python-3.3.0b1-fix_date_time_compiler.patch
  - python-3.3.0b1-localpath.patch
  - python-3.3.0b1-test-posix_fadvise.patch
  - skip-test_pyobject_freed_is_freed.patch
  - subprocess-raise-timeout.patch

Fri Dec 15 09:51:22 UTC 2023 - Daniel Garcia <>

- Update patch fix_configure_rst.patch
- Update to 3.12.1 (CVE-2023-6507, bsc#1217939):
  - Core and Builtins
    - gh-112125: Fix None.__ne__(None) returning NotImplemented
      instead of False
    - gh-112625: Fixes a bug where a bytearray object could be
      cleared while iterating over an argument in the
      bytearray.join() method that could result in reading memory
      after it was freed.
    - gh-105967: Workaround a bug in Apple’s macOS platform zlib
      library where zlib.crc32() and binascii.crc32() could produce
      incorrect results on multi-gigabyte inputs. Including when
      using zipfile on zips containing large data.
    - gh-112356: Stopped erroneously deleting a LOAD_NULL bytecode
      instruction when optimized twice.
    - gh-111058: Change coro.cr_frame/gen.gi_frame to return None
      after the coroutine/generator has been closed. This fixes a bug
      where getcoroutinestate() and getgeneratorstate() return the
      wrong state for a closed coroutine/generator.
    - gh-112388: Fix an error that was causing the parser to try to
      overwrite tokenizer errors. Patch by pablo Galindo
    - gh-112387: Fix error positions for decoded strings with
      backwards tokenize errors. Patch by Pablo Galindo
    - gh-112367: Avoid undefined behaviour when using the perf
      trampolines by not freeing the code arenas until shutdown.
      Patch by Pablo Galindo
    - gh-112243: Don’t include comments in f-string debug
      expressions. Patch by Pablo Galindo
    - gh-112266: Change docstrings of __dict__ and __weakref__.
    - gh-111654: Fix runtime crash when some error happens in opcode
    - gh-109181: Speed up Traceback object creation by lazily compute
      the line number. Patch by Pablo Galindo
    - gh-102388: Fix a bug where iso2022_jp_3 and iso2022_jp_2004
      codecs read out of bounds
    - gh-111366: Fix an issue in the codeop that was causing
      SyntaxError exceptions raised in the presence of invalid syntax
      to not contain precise error messages. Patch by Pablo Galindo
    - gh-111380: Fix a bug that was causing SyntaxWarning to appear
      twice when parsing if invalid syntax is encountered later.
      Patch by Pablo galindo
    - gh-94438: Fix a regression that prevented jumping across is
      None and is not None when debugging. Patch by Savannah
    - gh-110938: Fix error messages for indented blocks with
      functions and classes with generic type parameters. Patch by
      Pablo Galindo
    - gh-109894: Fixed crash due to improperly initialized static
      MemoryError in subinterpreter.
    - gh-110782: Fix crash when typing.TypeVar is constructed with a
      keyword argument. Patch by Jelle Zijlstra.
    - gh-110696: Fix incorrect error message for invalid argument
      unpacking. Patch by Pablo Galindo
    - gh-110543: Fix regression in Python 3.12 where
      types.CodeType.replace() would produce a broken code object if
      called on a module or class code object that contains a
      comprehension. Patch by Jelle Zijlstra.
    - gh-110514: Add PY_THROW to sys.setprofile() events
    - gh-110455: Guard assert(tstate->thread_id > 0) with #ifndef
      HAVE_PTHREAD_STUBS. This allows for for pydebug builds to work
      under WASI which (currently) lacks thread support.
    - gh-110259: Correctly identify the format spec in f-strings
      (with single or triple quotes) that have multiple lines in the
      expression part and include a formatting spec. Patch by Pablo
    - gh-110237: Fix missing error checks for calls to PyList_Append
      in _PyEval_MatchClass.
    - gh-109889: Fix the compiler’s redundant NOP detection algorithm
      to skip over NOPs with no line number when looking for the next
      instruction’s lineno.
    - gh-109853: sys.path[0] is now set correctly for
    - gh-105716: Subinterpreters now correctly handle the case where
      they have threads running in the background. Before, such
      threads would interfere with cleaning up and destroying them,
      as well as prevent running another script.
    - gh-109793: The main thread no longer exits prematurely when a
      subinterpreter is cleaned up during runtime finalization. The
      bug was a problem particularly because, when triggered, the
      Python process would always return with a 0 exitcode, even if
      it failed.
    - gh-109596: Fix some tokens in the grammar that were incorrectly
      marked as soft keywords. Also fix some repeated rule names and
      ensure that repeated rules are not allowed. Patch by Pablo
    - gh-109351: Fix crash when compiling an invalid AST involving a
      named (walrus) expression.
    - gh-109216: Fix possible memory leak in BUILD_MAP.
    - gh-109207: Fix a SystemError in __repr__ of symtable entry
    - gh-109179: Fix bug where the C traceback display drops notes
      from SyntaxError.
    - gh-109052: Use the base opcode when comparing code objects to
      avoid interference from instrumentation
    - gh-88943: Improve syntax error for non-ASCII character that
      follows a numerical literal. It now points on the invalid
      non-ASCII character, not on the valid numerical literal.
    - gh-106931: Statically allocated string objects are now interned
      globally instead of per-interpreter. This fixes a situation
      where such a string would only be interned in a single
      interpreter. Normal string objects are unaffected.

  - Library
    - gh-79325: Fix an infinite recursion error in
      tempfile.TemporaryDirectory() cleanup on Windows.
    - gh-112645: Remove deprecation error on passing onerror to
    - gh-112618: Fix a caching bug relating to typing.Annotated.
      Annotated[str, True] is no longer identical to Annotated[str,
    - gh-112334: Fixed a performance regression in 3.12’s subprocess
      on Linux where it would no longer use the fast-path vfork()
      system call when it should have due to a logic bug, instead
      always falling back to the safe but slower fork().
    - Also fixed a related 3.12 security regression: If a value of
      extra_groups=[] was passed to subprocess.Popen or related APIs,
      the underlying setgroups(0, NULL) system call to clear the
      groups list would not be made in the child process prior to
      exec(). This has been assigned CVE-2023-6507.
    - This was identified via code inspection in the process of fixing
      the first bug.
    - gh-110190: Fix ctypes structs with array on Arm platform by
      setting MAX_STRUCT_SIZE to 32 in stgdict. Patch by Diego Russo.
    - gh-112578: Fix a spurious RuntimeWarning when executing the
      zipfile module.
    - gh-112509: Fix edge cases that could cause a key to be present
      in both the __required_keys__ and __optional_keys__ attributes
      of a typing.TypedDict. Patch by Jelle Zijlstra.
    - gh-112414: Fix regression in Python 3.12 where calling repr() on
      a module that had been imported using a custom loader could fail
      with AttributeError. Patch by Alex Waygood.
    - gh-112358: Revert change to struct.Struct initialization that
      broke some cases of subclassing.
    - gh-94722: Fix bug where comparison between instances of DocTest
      fails if one of them has None as its lineno.
    - gh-112105: Make readline.set_completer_delims() work with
    - gh-111942: Fix SystemError in the TextIOWrapper constructor with
      non-encodable “errors” argument in non-debug mode.
    - gh-109538: Issue warning message instead of having RuntimeError
      be displayed when event loop has already been closed at
    - gh-111942: Fix crashes in io.TextIOWrapper.reconfigure() when
      pass invalid arguments, e.g. non-string encoding.
    - gh-111460: curses: restore wide character support (including
      curses.unget_wch() and get_wch()) on macOS, which was
      unavailable due to a regression in Python 3.12.
    - gh-103791: contextlib.suppress now supports suppressing
      exceptions raised as part of a BaseExceptionGroup, in addition
      to the recent support for ExceptionGroup.
    - gh-111804: Remove posix.fallocate() under WASI as the underlying
      posix_fallocate() is not available in WASI preview2.
    - gh-111841: Fix truncating arguments on an embedded null
      character in os.putenv() and os.unsetenv() on Windows.
    - gh-111541: Fix doctest for SyntaxError not-builtin subclasses.
    - gh-110894: Call loop exception handler for exceptions in
      client_connected_cb of asyncio.start_server() so that
      applications can handle it. Patch by Kumar Aditya.
    - gh-111531: Fix reference leaks in bind_class() and bind_all()
      methods of tkinter widgets.
    - gh-111356: Added io.text_encoding(), io.DEFAULT_BUFFER_SIZE, and
      io.IncrementalNewlineDecoder to io.__all__.
    - gh-111342: Fixed typo in math.sumprod().
    - gh-68166: Remove mention of not supported “vsapi” element type
      in tkinter.ttk.Style.element_create(). Add tests for
      element_create() and other ttk.Style methods. Add examples for
      element_create() in the documentation.
    - gh-75666: Fix the behavior of tkinter widget’s unbind() method
      with two arguments. Previously, widget.unbind(sequence, funcid)
      destroyed the current binding for sequence, leaving sequence
      unbound, and deleted the funcid command. Now it removes only
      funcid from the binding for sequence, keeping other commands,
      and deletes the funcid command. It leaves sequence unbound only
      if funcid was the last bound command.
    - gh-79033: Another attempt at fixing
      asyncio.Server.wait_closed(). It now blocks until both
      conditions are true: the server is closed, and there are no more
      active connections. (This means that in some cases where in
      3.12.0 this function would incorrectly have returned
      immediately, it will now block; in particular, when there are no
      active connections but the server hasn’t been closed yet.)
    - gh-111295: Fix time not checking for errors when initializing.
    - gh-111253: Add error checking during _socket module init.
    - gh-111251: Fix _blake2 not checking for errors when
    - gh-111174: Fix crash in io.BytesIO.getbuffer() called repeatedly
      for empty BytesIO.
    - gh-111187: Postpone removal version for
      locale.getdefaultlocale() to Python 3.15.
    - gh-111159: Fix doctest output comparison for exceptions with
    - gh-110910: Fix invalid state handling in asyncio.TaskGroup and
      asyncio.Timeout. They now raise proper RuntimeError if they are
      improperly used and are left in consistent state after this.
    - gh-111092: Make turtledemo run without default root enabled.
    - gh-110488: Fix a couple of issues in
      pathlib.PurePath.with_name(): a single dot was incorrectly
      considered a valid name, and in PureWindowsPath, a name with an
      NTFS alternate data stream, like a:b, was incorrectly considered
    - gh-110392: Fix tty.setraw() and tty.setcbreak(): previously they
      returned partially modified list of the original tty attributes.
      tty.cfmakeraw() and tty.cfmakecbreak() now make a copy of the
      list of special characters before modifying it.
    - gh-110590: Fix a bug in _sre.compile() where TypeError would be
      overwritten by OverflowError when the code argument was a list
      of non-ints.
    - gh-65052: Prevent pdb from crashing when trying to display
      undisplayable objects
    - gh-110519: Deprecation warning about non-integer number in
      gettext now alwais refers to the line in the user code where
      gettext function or method is used. Previously it could refer to
      a line in gettext code.
    - gh-110395: Ensure that select.kqueue() objects correctly appear
      as closed in forked children, to prevent operations on an
      invalid file descriptor.
    - gh-110378: contextmanager() and asynccontextmanager() context
      managers now close an invalid underlying generator object that
      yields more then one value.
    - gh-110365: Fix termios.tcsetattr() bug that was overwritting
      existing errors during parsing integers from term list.
    - gh-109653: Fix a Python 3.12 regression in the import time of
      random. Patch by Alex Waygood.
    - gh-110196: Add __reduce__ method to IPv6Address in order to keep
    - gh-110036: On Windows, multiprocessing Popen.terminate() now
      catchs PermissionError and get the process exit code. If the
      process is still running, raise again the PermissionError.
      Otherwise, the process terminated as expected: store its exit
      code. Patch by Victor Stinner.
    - gh-110038: Fixed an issue that caused to
      not return all the ready events in some cases when a file
      descriptor is registered for both read and write.
    - gh-109631: re functions such as re.findall(), re.split(), and re.sub() which perform short repeated matches
      can now be interrupted by user.
    - gh-109747: Improve errors for unsupported look-behind patterns.
      Now re.error is raised instead of OverflowError or RuntimeError
      for too large width of look-behind pattern.
    - gh-109818: Fix reprlib.recursive_repr() not copying
      __type_params__ from decorated function.
    - gh-109047: concurrent.futures: The executor manager thread now
      catches exceptions when adding an item to the call queue. During
      Python finalization, creating a new thread can now raise
      RuntimeError. Catch the exception and call terminate_broken() in
      this case. Patch by Victor Stinner.
    - gh-109782: Ensure the signature of os.path.isdir() is identical
      on all platforms. Patch by Amin Alaee.
    - gh-109590: shutil.which() will prefer files with an extension in
      PATHEXT if the given mode includes os.X_OK on win32. If no
      PATHEXT match is found, a file without an extension in PATHEXT
      can be returned. This change will have shutil.which() act more
      similarly to previous behavior in Python 3.11.
    - gh-109786: Fix possible reference leaks and crash when re-enter
      the __next__() method of itertools.pairwise.
    - gh-109593: Avoid deadlocking on a reentrant call to the
      multiprocessing resource tracker. Such a reentrant call, though
      unlikely, can happen if a GC pass invokes the finalizer for a
      multiprocessing object such as SemLock.
    - gh-109613: Fix os.stat() and os.DirEntry.stat(): check for
      exceptions. Previously, on Python built in debug mode, these
      functions could trigger a fatal Python error (and abort the
      process) when a function succeeded with an exception set. Patch
      by Victor Stinner.
    - gh-109375: The pdb alias command now prevents registering
      aliases without arguments.
    - gh-107219: Fix a race condition in concurrent.futures. When a
      process in the process pool was terminated abruptly (while the
      future was running or pending), close the connection write end.
      If the call queue is blocked on sending bytes to a worker
      process, closing the connection write end interrupts the send,
      so the queue can be closed. Patch by Victor Stinner.
    - gh-50644: Attempts to pickle or create a shallow or deep copy of
      codecs streams now raise a TypeError. Previously, copying failed
      with a RecursionError, while pickling produced wrong results
      that eventually caused unpickling to fail with a RecursionError.
    - gh-108987: Fix _thread.start_new_thread() race condition. If a
      thread is created during Python finalization, the newly spawned
      thread now exits immediately instead of trying to access freed
      memory and lead to a crash. Patch by Victor Stinner.
    - gh-108791: Improved error handling in pdb command line
      interface, making it produce more concise error messages.
    - gh-105829: Fix concurrent.futures.ProcessPoolExecutor deadlock
    - gh-106584: Fix exit code for unittest if all tests are skipped.
      Patch by Egor Eliseev.
    - gh-102956: Fix returning of empty byte strings after seek in
      zipfile module
    - gh-84867: unittest.TestLoader no longer loads test cases from
      exact unittest.TestCase and unittest.FunctionTestCase classes.
    - gh-91133: Fix a bug in tempfile.TemporaryDirectory cleanup,
      which now no longer dereferences symlinks when working around
      file system permission errors.
    - gh-73561: Omit the interface scope from an IPv6 address when
      used as Host header by http.client.
    - gh-86826: zipinfo now supports the full range of values in the
      TZ string determined by RFC 8536 and detects all invalid
      formats. Both Python and C implementations now raise exceptions
      of the same type on invalid data.
    - bpo-43153: On Windows, tempfile.TemporaryDirectory previously
      masked a PermissionError with NotADirectoryError during
      directory cleanup. It now correctly raises PermissionError if
      errors are not ignored. Patch by Andrei Kulakov and Ken Jin.
    - bpo-35332: The shutil.rmtree() function now ignores errors when
      calling os.close() when ignore_errors is True, and os.close() no
      longer retried after error.
    - bpo-41422: Fixed memory leaks of pickle.Pickler and
      pickle.Unpickler involving cyclic references via the internal
      memo mapping.
    - bpo-40262: The ssl.SSLSocket.recv_into() method no longer
      requires the buffer argument to implement __len__ and supports
      buffers with arbitrary item size.

  - Documentation
    - gh-111699: Relocate smtpd deprecation notice to its own section
      rather than under locale in What’s New in Python 3.12 document
    - gh-108826: dis module command-line interface is now mentioned in
      documentation. Test- s
    - gh-112769: The tests now correctly compare zlib version when
      zlib.ZLIB_RUNTIME_VERSION contains non-integer suffixes. For
      example zlib-ng defines the version as 1.3.0.zlib-ng.
    - gh-110367: Make regrtest --verbose3 option compatible with
      --huntrleaks -jN options. The ./python -m test -j1 -R 3:3
      --verbose3 command now works as expected. Patch by Victor
    - gh-111165: Remove no longer used functions run_unittest() and
      run_doctest() from the module.
    - gh-110932: Fix regrtest if the SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH environment
      variable is defined: use the variable value as the random seed.
      Patch by Victor Stinner.
    - gh-110995: test_gdb: Fix detection of gdb built without Python
      scripting support. Patch by Victor Stinner.
    - gh-110918: Test case matching patterns specified by options
      --match, --ignore, --matchfile and --ignorefile are now tested
      in the order of specification, and the last match determines
      whether the test case be run or ignored.
    - gh-110647: Fix test_stress_modifying_handlers() of test_signal.
      Patch by Victor Stinner.
    - gh-103053: Fix test_tools.test_freeze on FreeBSD: run “make
      distclean” instead of “make clean” in the copied source
      directory to remove also the “python” program. Patch by Victor
    - gh-110167: Fix a deadlock in test_socket when server fails with
      a timeout but the client is still running in its thread. Don’t
      hold a lock to call cleanup functions in doCleanups(). One of
      the cleanup function waits until the client completes, whereas
      the client could deadlock if it called addCleanup() in such
      situation. Patch by Victor Stinner.
    - gh-110388: Add tests for tty.
    - gh-81002: Add tests for termios.
    - gh-110267: Add tests for pickling and copying PyStructSequence
      objects. Patched by Xuehai Pan.
    - gh-110031: Skip test_threading tests using thread+fork if Python
      is built with Address Sanitizer (ASAN). Patch by Victor Stinner.
    - gh-110088: Fix test_asyncio timeouts: don’t measure the maximum
      duration, a test should not measure a CI performance. Only
      measure the minimum duration when a task has a timeout or delay.
      Add CLOCK_RES to test_asyncio.utils. Patch by Victor Stinner.
    - gh-109974: Fix race conditions in test_threading lock tests.
      Wait until a condition is met rather than using time.sleep()
      with a hardcoded number of seconds. Patch by Victor Stinner.
    - gh-110033: Fix test_interprocess_signal() of test_signal. Make
      sure that the subprocess.Popen object is deleted before the test
      raising an exception in a signal handler. Otherwise,
      Popen.__del__() can get the exception which is logged as
      Exception ignored in: ... and the test fails. Patch by Victor
    - gh-109594: Fix test_timeout() of
      test_concurrent_futures.test_wait. Remove the future which may
      or may not complete depending if it takes longer than the
      timeout ot not. Keep the second future which does not complete
      before wait() timeout. Patch by Victor Stinner.
    - gh-109972: Split file into a test_gdb package made
      of multiple tests, so tests can now be run in parallel. Patch by
      Victor Stinner.
    - gh-103053: Skip test_freeze_simple_script() of
      test_tools.test_freeze if Python is built with ./configure
      --enable-optimizations, which means with Profile Guided
      Optimization (PGO): it just makes the test too slow. The freeze
      tool is tested by many other CIs with other (faster) compiler
      flags. Patch by Victor Stinner.
    - gh-109580: Skip test_perf_profiler if Python is built with ASAN,
      MSAN or UBSAN sanitizer. Python does crash randomly in this test
      on such build. Patch by Victor Stinner.
    - gh-104736: Fix test_gdb on Python built with LLVM clang 16 on
      Linux ppc64le (ex: Fedora 38). Search patterns in gdb “bt”
      command output to detect when gdb fails to retrieve the
      traceback. For example, skip a test if Backtrace stopped: frame
      did not save the PC is found. Patch by Victor Stinner.
    - gh-108927: Fixed order dependence in running tests in the same
      process when a test that has submodules (e.g. test_importlib)
      follows a test that imports its submodule (e.g.
      test_importlib.util) and precedes a test (e.g. test_unittest or
      test_compileall) that uses that submodule.

  - Build
    - gh-112088: Add Tools/build/ script to
      regenerate the configure with an Ubuntu container image. The container image
      (tiran/cpython_autoconf) is no longer used. Patch by Victor
    - gh-111046: For wasi-threads, memory is now exported to fix
      compatibility issues with some wasm runtimes.
    - gh-103053: “make check-clean-src” now also checks if the
      “python” program is found in the source directory: fail with an
      error if it does exist. Patch by Victor Stinner.
    - gh-109191: Fix compile error when building with recent versions
      of libedit.

  - IDLE
    - bpo-35668: Add docstrings to the IDLE debugger module. Fix two
      bugs: initialize Idb.botframe (should be in Bdb); in
      Idb.in_rpc_code, check whether prev_frame is None before trying
      to use it. Greatly expand test_debugger.

  - C API
    - gh-106560: Fix redundant declarations in the public C API.
      Declare PyBool_Type and PyLong_Type only once. Patch by Victor
    - gh-112438: Fix support of format units “es”, “et”, “es#”, and
      “et#” in nested tuples in PyArg_ParseTuple()-like functions.
    - gh-109521: PyImport_GetImporter() now sets RuntimeError if it
      fails to get sys.path_hooks or sys.path_importer_cache or they
      are not list and dict correspondingly. Previously it could
      return NULL without setting error in obscure cases, crash or
      raise SystemError if these attributes have wrong type.

Thu Nov 16 10:02:18 UTC 2023 - Daniel Garcia <>

- Remove F00251-change-user-install-location.patch, that patch breaks
  the python-rpm-macros usage with multibuild

Mon Oct  2 17:15:53 UTC 2023 - Matej Cepl <>

- Update to the final release of 3.12.0:
  Python 3.12 is the latest stable release of the Python
  programming language, with a mix of changes to the language and
  the standard library. The library changes focus on cleaning up
  deprecated APIs, usability, and correctness. Of note, the
  distutils package has been removed from the standard library.
  Filesystem support in os and pathlib has seen a number of
  improvements, and several modules have better performance.
  The language changes focus on usability, as f-strings have had
  many limitations removed and ‘Did you mean …’ suggestions
  continue to improve. The new type parameter syntax and type
  statement improve ergonomics for using generic types and type
  aliases with static type checkers.
  This article doesn’t attempt to provide a complete
  specification of all new features, but instead gives
  a convenient overview. For full details, you should refer to
  the documentation, such as the Library Reference and Language
  Reference. If you want to understand the complete
  implementation and design rationale for a change, refer to the
  PEP for a particular new feature; but note that PEPs usually
  are not kept up-to-date once a feature has been fully
  - New syntax features:
      - PEP 695, type parameter syntax and the type statement
  - New grammar features:
      - PEP 701, f-strings in the grammar
  - Interpreter improvements:
      - PEP 684, a unique per-interpreter GIL
      - PEP 669, low impact monitoring
      - Improved ‘Did you mean …’ suggestions for NameError,
        ImportError, and SyntaxError exceptions
  - Python data model improvements:
      - PEP 688, using the buffer protocol from Python
  - Significant improvements in the standard library:
      - The pathlib.Path class now supports subclassing
      - The os module received several improvements for Windows
      - A command-line interface has been added to the sqlite3
      - isinstance() checks against runtime-checkable protocols
        enjoy a speed up of between two and 20 times
      - The asyncio package has had a number of performance
        improvements, with some benchmarks showing a 75% speed
      - A command-line interface has been added to the uuid
      - Due to the changes in PEP 701, producing tokens via the
        tokenize module is up to up to 64% faster.
  - Security improvements:
      - Replace the builtin hashlib implementations of SHA1,
        SHA3, SHA2-384, SHA2-512, and MD5 with formally verified
        code from the HACL* project. These builtin
        implementations remain as fallbacks that are only used
        when OpenSSL does not provide them.
  - C API improvements:
      - PEP 697, unstable C API tier
      - PEP 683, immortal objects
  - CPython implementation improvements:
      - PEP 709, comprehension inlining
      - CPython support for the Linux perf profiler
      - Implement stack overflow protection on supported
  - New typing features:
      - PEP 692, using TypedDict to annotate **kwargs
      - PEP 698, typing.override() decorator
  - Important deprecations, removals or restrictions:
      - PEP 623: Remove wstr from Unicode objects in Python’s
        C API, reducing the size of every str object by at least
        8 bytes.
      - PEP 632: Remove the distutils package. See the migration
        guide for advice replacing the APIs it provided. The
        third-party Setuptools package continues to provide
        distutils, if you still require it in Python 3.12 and
      - gh-95299: Do not pre-install setuptools in virtual
        environments created with venv. This means that
        distutils, setuptools, pkg_resources, and easy_install
        will no longer available by default; to access these run
        pip install setuptools in the activated virtual
      - The asynchat, asyncore, and imp modules have been
        removed, along with several unittest.TestCase method
- Refresh bluez-devel-vendor.tar.xz from bluez-devel 5.69-1.1.

Wed Sep 20 07:14:17 UTC 2023 - Daniel Garcia <>

- Update to 3.12.0rc3:
  - Core and Builtins
    - gh-109496: On a Python built in debug mode, Py_DECREF() now
      calls _Py_NegativeRefcount() if the object is a dangling pointer
      to deallocated memory: memory filled with 0xDD “dead byte” by
      the debug hook on memory allocators. The fix is to check the
      reference count before checking for _Py_IsImmortal(). Patch by
      Victor Stinner.
    - gh-109371: Deopted instructions correctly for tool
      initialization and modified the incorrect assertion in
      instrumentation, when a previous tool already sets INSTRUCTION
    - gh-105658: Fix bug where the line trace of an except block
      ending with a conditional includes an excess event with the line
      of the conditional expression.
    - gh-109219: Fix compiling type param scopes that use a name which
      is also free in an inner scope.
    - gh-109341: Fix crash when compiling an invalid AST involving a
    - gh-109195: Fix source location for the LOAD_* instruction
      preceding a LOAD_SUPER_ATTR to load the super global (or
      shadowing variable) so that it encompasses only the name super
      and not the following parentheses.
    - gh-109118: Disallow nested scopes (lambdas, generator
      expressions, and comprehensions) within PEP 695 annotation
      scopes that are nested within classes.
    - gh-109114: Relax the detection of the error message for invalid
      lambdas inside f-strings to not search for arbitrary replacement
      fields to avoid false positives. Patch by Pablo Galindo
    - gh-109118: Fix interpreter crash when a NameError is raised
      inside the type parameters of a generic class.
    - gh-108976: Fix crash that occurs after de-instrumenting a code
      object in a monitoring callback.
    - gh-108732: Make iteration variables of module- and class-scoped
      comprehensions visible to pdb and other tools that use
      frame.f_locals again.
    - gh-108959: Fix caret placement for error locations for subscript
      and binary operations that involve non-semantic parentheses and
      spaces. Patch by Pablo Galindo
  - Library
    - gh-108682: Enum: require names=() or type=... to create an empty
      enum using the functional syntax.
    - gh-108843: Fix an issue in ast.unparse() when unparsing
      f-strings containing many quote types.
  - Documentation
    - gh-102823: Document the return type of x // y when x and y have
      type float.
  - Tests
    - gh-109396: Fix test_socket.test_hmac_sha1() in FIPS mode. Use a
      longer key: FIPS mode requires at least of at least 112 bits.
      The previous key was only 32 bits. Patch by Victor Stinner.
    - gh-104736: Fix test_gdb on Python built with LLVM clang 16 on
      Linux ppc64le (ex: Fedora 38). Search patterns in gdb “bt”
      command output to detect when gdb fails to retrieve the
      traceback. For example, skip a test if Backtrace stopped: frame
      did not save the PC is found. Patch by Victor Stinner.
    - gh-109237: Fix test_site.test_underpth_basic() when the working
      directory contains at least one non-ASCII character: encode the
      ._pth file to UTF-8 and enable the UTF-8 Mode to use UTF-8 for
      the child process stdout. Patch by Victor Stinner.
    - gh-109230: Fix test_pyexpat.test_exception(): it can now be run
      from a directory different than Python source code directory.
      Before, the test failed in this case. Skip the test if
      Modules/pyexpat.c source is not available. Skip also the test on
      Python implementations other than CPython. Patch by Victor
    - gh-109015: Fix test_asyncio, test_imaplib and test_socket tests
      on FreeBSD if the TCP blackhole is enabled (sysctl
      net.inet.tcp.blackhole). Skip the few tests which failed with
      ETIMEDOUT which such non standard configuration. Currently, the
      FreeBSD GCP image enables TCP and UDP blackhole (sysctl
      net.inet.tcp.blackhole=2 and sysctl net.inet.udp.blackhole=1).
      Patch by Victor Stinner.
    - gh-91960: Skip test_gdb if gdb is unable to retrieve Python
      frame objects: if a frame is <optimized out>. When Python is
      built with “clang -Og”, gdb can fail to retrive the frame
      parameter of _PyEval_EvalFrameDefault(). In this case, tests
      like py_bt() are likely to fail. Without getting access to
      Python frames, is mostly clueless on retrieving
      the Python traceback. Moreover, test_gdb is no longer skipped on
      macOS if Python is built with Clang. Patch by Victor Stinner.
    - gh-108962: Skip test_tempfile.test_flags() if chflags() fails
      with “OSError: [Errno 45] Operation not supported” (ex: on
      FreeBSD 13). Patch by Victor Stinner.
    - gh-108851: Fix test_tomllib recursion tests for WASI buildbots:
      reduce the recursion limit and compute the maximum nested
      array/dict depending on the current available recursion limit.
      Patch by Victor Stinner.
    - gh-108851: Add get_recursion_available() and
      get_recursion_depth() functions to the module.
      Patch by Victor Stinner.
    - gh-108834: Add --fail-rerun option option to regrtest: if a test
      failed when then passed when rerun in verbose mode, exit the
      process with exit code 2 (error), instead of exit code 0
      (success). Patch by Victor Stinner.
    - gh-108834: Rename regrtest --verbose2 option (-w) to --rerun.
      Keep --verbose2 as a deprecated alias. Patch by Victor Stinner.
    - gh-108834: When regrtest reruns failed tests in verbose mode
      (./python -m test --rerun), tests are now rerun in fresh worker
      processes rather than being executed in the main process. If a
      test does crash or is killed by a timeout, the main process can
      detect and handle the killed worker process. Tests are rerun in
      parallel if the -jN option is used to run tests in parallel.
      Patch by Victor Stinner.
    - gh-103186: Suppress and assert expected RuntimeWarnings in
  - Build
    - gh-108740: Fix a race condition in make regen-all. The
      deepfreeze.c source and files generated by Argument Clinic are
      now generated or updated before generating “global objects”.
      Previously, some identifiers may miss depending on the order in
      which these files were generated. Patch by Victor Stinner.
- Python 3.12.0 release candidate 2:
  - Security
    - gh-108310: Fixed an issue where instances of ssl.SSLSocket were
      vulnerable to a bypass of the TLS handshake and included
      protections (like certificate verification) and treating sent
      unencrypted data as if it were post-handshake TLS encrypted
      data. Security issue reported as CVE-2023-40217 by Aapo Oksman.
      Patch by Gregory P. Smith.
    - gh-107774: PEP 669 specifies that
      sys.monitoring.register_callback will generate an audit event.
      Pre-releases of Python 3.12 did not generate the audit event.
      This is now fixed.
  - Core and Builtins
    - gh-108520: Fix
      multiprocessing.synchronize.SemLock.__setstate__() to properly
      initialize multiprocessing.synchronize.SemLock._is_fork_ctx.
      This fixes a regression when passing a SemLock accross nested
    - Rename multiprocessing.synchronize.SemLock.is_fork_ctx to
      multiprocessing.synchronize.SemLock._is_fork_ctx to avoid
      exposing it as public API.
    - gh-108654: Restore locals shadowed by an inlined comprehension
      if the comprehension raises an exception.
    - gh-108487: Change an assert that would cause a spurious crash in
      a devious case that should only trigger deoptimization.
    - gh-106176: Use a WeakValueDictionary to track the lists
      containing the modules each thread is currently importing. This
      helps avoid a reference leak from keeping the list around longer
      than necessary. Weakrefs are used as GC can’t interrupt the
    - gh-107901: Fix missing line number on JUMP_BACKWARD at the end
      of a for loop.
    - gh-108390: Raise an exception when setting a non-local event
    - Fixes crash when tracing in recursive calls to Python classes.
    - gh-91051: Fix abort / segfault when using all eight type watcher
      slots, on platforms where char is signed by default.
    - gh-107724: In pre-release versions of 3.12, up to rc1, the
      sys.monitoring callback function for the PY_THROW event was
      missing the third, exception argument. That is now fixed.
    - gh-107080: Trace refs builds (--with-trace-refs) were crashing
      when used with isolated subinterpreters. The problematic global
      state has been isolated to each interpreter. Other fixing the
      crashes, this change does not affect users.
    - gh-77377: Ensure that multiprocessing synchronization objects
      created in a fork context are not sent to a different process
      created in a spawn context. This changes a segfault into an
      actionable RuntimeError in the parent process.
  - Library
    - gh-108469: ast.unparse() now supports new f-string syntax
      introduced in Python 3.12. Note that the f-string quotes are
      reselected for simplicity under the new syntax. (Patch by Steven
    - gh-108682: Enum: raise TypeError if super().__new__() is called
      from a custom __new__.
    - gh-108295: Fix crashes related to use of weakrefs on
    - gh-64662: Fix support for virtual tables in
      sqlite3.Connection.iterdump(). Patch by Aviv Palivoda.
    - gh-108111: Fix a regression introduced in gh-101251 for 3.12,
      resulting in an incorrect offset calculation in
    - gh-105736: Harmonized the pure Python version of OrderedDict
      with the C version. Now, both versions set up their internal
      state in __new__. Formerly, the pure Python version did the set
      up in __init__.
    - gh-108083: Fix bugs in the constructor of sqlite3.Connection and
      sqlite3.Connection.close() where exceptions could be leaked.
      Patch by Erlend E. Aasland.
    - gh-107963: Fix multiprocessing.set_forkserver_preload() to check
      the given list of modules names. Patch by Dong-hee Na.
    - gh-106242: Fixes os.path.normpath() to handle embedded null
      characters without truncating the path.
    - gh-107913: Fix possible losses of errno and winerror values in
      OSError exceptions if they were cleared or modified by the
      cleanup code before creating the exception object.
    - gh-107845: tarfile.data_filter() now takes the location of
      symlinks into account when determining their target, so it will
      no longer reject some valid tarballs with
    - gh-107805: Fix signatures of module-level generated functions in
    - gh-107715: Fix doctest.DocTestFinder.find() in presence of class
      names with special characters. Patch by Gertjan van Zwieten.
    - gh-100814: Passing a callable object as an option value to a
      Tkinter image now raises the expected TclError instead of an
    - gh-106684: Close asyncio.StreamWriter when it is not closed by
      application leading to memory leaks. Patch by Kumar Aditya.
    - gh-107396: tarfiles; Fixed use before assignment of
      self.exception for gzip decompression
    - gh-106052: re module: fix the matching of possessive quantifiers
      in the case of a subpattern containing backtracking.
    - gh-100061: Fix a bug that causes wrong matches for regular
      expressions with possessive qualifier.
    - gh-99203: Restore following CPython <= 3.10.5 behavior of
      shutil.make_archive(): do not create an empty archive if
      root_dir is not a directory, and, in that case, raise
      FileNotFoundError or NotADirectoryError regardless of format
      choice. Beyond the brought-back behavior, the function may now
      also raise these exceptions in dry_run mode.
  - Documentation
    - gh-105052: Update timeit doc to specify that time in seconds is just the default.
  - Tests
    - gh-89392: Removed support of test_main() function in tests. They
      now always use normal unittest test runner.
    - gh-108388: Convert test_concurrent_futures to a package of 7
      sub-tests. Patch by Victor Stinner.
    - gh-108388: Split test_multiprocessing_fork,
      test_multiprocessing_forkserver and test_multiprocessing_spawn
      into test packages. Each package is made of 4 sub-tests:
      processes, threads, manager and misc. It allows running more
      tests in parallel and so reduce the total test duration. Patch
      by Victor Stinner.
    - gh-105776: Fix test_cppext when the C compiler command -std=c11
      option: remove -std= options from the compiler command. Patch by
      Victor Stinner.
    - gh-107178: Add the C API test for functions in the Mapping
      Protocol, the Sequence Protocol and some functions in the Object
  - Build
    - gh-63760: Fix Solaris build: no longer redefine the
      gethostname() function. Solaris defines the function since 2005.
      Patch by Victor Stinner, original patch by Jakub Kulík.
    - gh-107814: When calling find_python.bat with -q it did not
      properly silence the output of nuget. That is now fixed.
  - Windows
    - gh-107565: Update Windows build to use OpenSSL 3.0.10.
    - gh-106242: Fixes realpath() to behave consistently when passed a
      path containing an embedded null character on Windows. In strict
      mode, it now raises OSError instead of the unexpected
      ValueError, and in non-strict mode will make the path absolute.
    - gh-106844: Fix integer overflow and truncating by the null
      character in _winapi.LCMapStringEx() which affects
  - macOS
    - gh-107565: Update macOS installer to use OpenSSL 3.0.10.
  - Tools/Demos
    - gh-107565: Update multissltests and GitHub CI workflows to use
      OpenSSL 1.1.1v, 3.0.10, and 3.1.2.
    - gh-95065: Argument Clinic now supports overriding automatically
      generated signature by using directive @text_signature.
  - C API
    - gh-107916: C API functions PyErr_SetFromErrnoWithFilename(),
      PyErr_SetExcFromWindowsErrWithFilename() and
      PyErr_SetFromWindowsErrWithFilename() save now the error code
      before calling PyUnicode_DecodeFSDefault().
    - gh-107915: Such C API functions as PyErr_SetString(),
      PyErr_Format(), PyErr_SetFromErrnoWithFilename() and many others
      no longer crash or ignore errors if it failed to format the
      error message or decode the filename. Instead, they keep a
      corresponding error.
    - gh-107810: Improve DeprecationWarning for uses of PyType_Spec
      with metaclasses that have custom tp_new.

Thu Aug 10 09:33:26 UTC 2023 - Dirk Müller <>

- restrict PEP668 to ALP/Tumbleweed 

Mon Aug  7 07:31:27 UTC 2023 - Daniel Garcia <>

- Refresh all patches
- Drop Revert-gh105127-left-tests.patch, in upstream now
- Update to 3.12.0rc1:
  - Reverted the :mod:`email.utils` security improvement change
    released in 3.12beta4 that unintentionally caused
    :mod:`email.utils.getaddresses` to fail to parse email addresses
    with a comma in the quoted name field. See :gh:`106669`.
  - Start initializing ob_digit during creation of
    :c:type:`PyLongObject` objects. Patch by Illia Volochii.
  - Increase C recursion limit for functions other than the main
    interpreter from 800 to 1500. This should allow functions like
    list.__repr__ and json.dumps to handle all the inputs that they
    could prior to 3.12
  - Fix potential unaligned memory access on C APIs involving returned
    sequences of char * pointers within the :mod:`grp` and
    :mod:`socket` modules. These were revealed using a
    -fsaniziter=alignment build on ARM macOS. Patch by Christopher
  - Add the exception as the third argument to PY_UNIND callbacks in
    sys.monitoring. This makes the PY_UNWIND callback consistent with
    the other exception hanlding callbacks.
  - Raise a ValueError when a monitoring callback funtion returns
    DISABLE for events that cannot be disabled locally.
  - Add a RERAISE event to sys.monitoring, which occurs when an
    exception is reraised, either explicitly by a plain raise
    statement, or implicitly in an except or finally block.
  - Unsupported modules now always fail to be imported.
  - Fix classmethod-style :func:`super` method calls (i.e., where the
    second argument to :func:`super`, or the implied second argument
    drawn from self/cls in the case of zero-arg super, is a type) when
    the target of the call is not a classmethod.
  - Python no longer crashes due an infrequent race when initialzing
    per-interpreter interned strings. The crash would manifest when
    the interpreter was finalized.
  - Python no longer crashes due to an infrequent race in setting
    Py_FileSystemDefaultEncoding and Py_FileSystemDefaultEncodeErrors
    (both deprecated), when simultaneously initializing two isolated
    subinterpreters. Now they are only set during runtime
  - Fix a segmentation fault caused by a use-after-free bug in
    frame_dealloc when the trashcan delays the deallocation of a
  - No longer suppress arbitrary errors in the __annotations__ getter
    and setter in the type and module types.
  - Propagate frozen_modules to multiprocessing spawned process
  - Prevent out-of-bounds memory access during mmap.find() calls.
  - Seems that in some conditions, OpenSSL will return
    SSL_ERROR_SYSCALL instead of SSL_ERROR_SSL when a certification
    verification has failed, but the error parameters will still
    now detecting this situation and raising the appropiate
    ssl.SSLCertVerificationError. Patch by Pablo Galindo
  - Fix :func:`types.get_original_bases` to only return
    :attr:`!__orig_bases__` if it is present on cls directly. Patch by
    James Hilton-Balfe.
  - Prevent memory leak and use-after-free when using pointers to
    pointers with ctypes
  - Make :func:`gettext.pgettext` search plural definitions when
    translation is not found.
  - Document behavior of :func:`shutil.disk_usage` for non-mounted
    filesystems on Unix.
  - Do not report MultipartInvariantViolationDefect defect when the
    :class:`email.parser.Parser` class is used to parse emails with
  - Fix invalid result from :meth:`PurePath.relative_to` method when
    attempting to walk a ".." segment in other with walk_up enabled. A
    :exc:`ValueError` exception is now raised in this case.
  - Fix potential missing NULL check of d2i_SSL_SESSION result in
  - Update the bundled copy of pip to version 23.2.1.
  - Fixed several bugs in zipfile.Path, including: in Path.match`,
    Windows separators are no longer honored (and never were meant to
    be); Fixed ``name/suffix/suffixes/stem operations when no filename
    is present and the Path is not at the root of the zipfile;
    Reworked glob for performance and more correct matching behavior.
  - Add __copy__ and __deepcopy__ in :mod:`enum`
  - Revert a change to :func:`colorsys.rgb_to_hls` that caused
    division by zero for certain almost-white inputs. Patch by Terry
    Jan Reedy.
  - Instances of :class:`typing.TypeVar`, :class:`typing.ParamSpec`,
    :class:`typing.ParamSpecArgs`, :class:`typing.ParamSpecKwargs`,
    and :class:`typing.TypeVarTuple` once again support weak
    references, fixing a regression introduced in Python 3.12.0 beta
    1. Patch by Jelle Zijlstra.
  - Detect possible memory allocation failure in the libtommath
    function :c:func:`mp_init` used by the _tkinter module.
  - Fix crash when calling repr with a manually constructed SignalDict
    object. Patch by Charlie Zhao.
  - Change the default return value of
    :meth:`http.client.HTTPConnection.get_proxy_response_headers` to
    be None and not {}.
  - Ensure gettext(msg) retrieve translations even if a plural form
    exists. In other words: gettext(msg) == ngettext(msg, '', 1).
  - Add documentation for :c:type:`PyInterpreterConfig` and
    :c:func:`Py_NewInterpreterFromConfig`. Also clarify some of the
    nearby docs relative to per-interpreter GIL.
  - Document the :mod:`curses` module variables :const:`~curses.LINES`
    and :const:`~curses.COLS`.
  - Add a number of standard external names to nitpick_ignore.
  - Add documentation on how to localize the :mod:`argparse` module.
  - test_logging: Fix test_udp_reconnection() by increasing the
    timeout from 100 ms to 5 minutes (LONG_TIMEOUT). Patch by Victor
  - test_capi: Fix test_no_FatalError_infinite_loop() to no longer
    write a coredump, by using Patch
    by Victor Stinner.
  - Avoid creating a reference to the test object in
  - Moved tests for zipfile.Path into Lib/test/test_zipfile/_path.
    Made zipfile._path a package.
  - Check for linux/limits.h before including it in
  - Detect MPI compilers in :file:`configure`.
  - Add experimental wasi-threads support. Patch by Takashi Yamamoto.
  - Update Windows build to use OpenSSL 3.0.9
  - Update macOS installer to use OpenSSL 3.0.9.
  - Fix bugs in the Argument Clinic destination <name> clear command;
    the destination buffers would never be cleared, and the
    destination directive parser would simply continue to the fault
    handler after processing the command. Patch by Erlend E. Aasland.
  - freeze now fetches CONFIG_ARGS from the original CPython instance
    the Makefile uses to call utility scripts. Patch by Ijtaba
  - :c:func:`PyModule_AddObjectRef` is now only available in the
    limited API version 3.10 or later.

Fri Aug  4 06:37:41 UTC 2023 - Dirk Müller <>

- add to label this build as PEP-668 managed

Thu Aug  3 14:13:30 UTC 2023 - Matej Cepl <>

- Add Revert-gh105127-left-tests.patch (gh#python/cpython!106941)
  partially reverting CVE-2023-27043-email-parsing-errors.patch,
  because of the regression in gh#python/cpython#106669.

Tue Jul 11 22:20:22 UTC 2023 - Matej Cepl <>

- Update to 3.12.0b4:
  - gh-issue-102988: CVE-2023-27043 (bsc#1210638): Prevent
    :func:`email.utils.parseaddr` and
    :func:`email.utils.getaddresses` from returning the realname
    portion of an invalid RFC2822 email header in the email
    address portion of the 2-tuple returned after being parsed by
  - gh-issue-106396: When the format specification of an
    f-string expression is empty, the parser now generates an
    empty :class:`ast.JoinedStr` node for it instead of an
    one-element :class:`ast.JoinedStr` with an empty string
  - gh-issue-106145: Make ``end_lineno`` and ``end_col_offset``
    required on ``type_param`` ast nodes.
  - gh-issue-105979: Fix crash in :func:`!_imp.get_frozen_object`
    due to improper exception handling.
  - gh-issue-98931: Ensure custom :exc:`SyntaxError` error
    messages are raised for invalid imports with multiple
    targets. Patch by Pablo Galindo
  - gh-issue-105908: Fixed bug where :gh:`99111` breaks future
    import ``barry_as_FLUFL`` in the Python REPL.
  - gh-issue-105340: Include the comprehension iteration
    variable in ``locals()`` inside a module- or class-scope
  - gh-issue-105486: Change the repr of ``ParamSpec`` list of
    args in ``types.GenericAlias``.
  - gh-issue-101006: Improve error handling when read
    :mod:`marshal` data.
  - gh-issue-106524: Fix crash in :func:`!_sre.template` with
    templates containing invalid group indices.
  - gh-issue-106510: Improve debug output for atomic groups in
    regular expressions.
  - gh-issue-106503: Fix ref cycle in
    :class:`!asyncio._SelectorSocketTransport` by removing
    ``_write_ready`` in ``close``.
  - gh-issue-105497: Fix flag mask inversion when unnamed flags
  - gh-issue-90876: Prevent :mod:`multiprocessing.spawn` from
    failing to *import* in environments where ``sys.executable``
    is ``None``.  This regressed in 3.11 with the addition of
    support for path-like objects in multiprocessing.
  - gh-issue-106292: Check for an instance-dict
    cached value in the :meth:`__get__` method of
    :func:`functools.cached_property`. This better matches the
    pre-3.12 behavior and improves compatibility for users
    subclassing :func:`functools.cached_property` and adding a
    :meth:`__set__` method.
  - gh-issue-106330: Fix incorrect matching of empty paths in
    :meth:`pathlib.PurePath.match`. This bug was introduced in
    Python 3.12.0 beta 1.
  - gh-issue-102541: Make pydoc.doc catch bad module ImportError
    when output stream is not None.
  - gh-issue-106152: Added PY_THROW event hook for
    :mod:`cProfile` for generators
  - gh-issue-106075: Added `asyncio.taskgroups.__all__` to
    `asyncio.__all__` for export in star imports.
  - gh-issue-105987: Fix crash due to improper reference counting
    in :mod:`asyncio` eager task factory internal routines.
  - gh-issue-105974: Fix bug where a :class:`typing.Protocol`
    class that had one or more non-callable members would
    raise :exc:`TypeError` when :func:`issubclass` was called
    against it, even if it defined a custom ``__subclasshook__``
    method. The behaviour in Python 3.11 and lower -- which has
    now been restored -- was not to raise :exc:`TypeError` in
    these situations if a custom ``__subclasshook__`` method was
    defined. Patch by Alex Waygood.
  - gh-issue-96145: Reverted addition of ``json.AttrDict``.
  - gh-issue-105497: Fix flag inversion when alias/mask members
  - gh-issue-104554: Add RTSPS scheme support in urllib.parse
  - gh-issue-94777: Fix hanging :mod:`multiprocessing`
    ``ProcessPoolExecutor`` when a child process crashes while
    data is being written in the call queue.
  - gh-issue-106232: Make timeit doc command lines compatible
    with Windows by using double quotes for arguments.  This
    works on linux and macOS also.
  - gh-issue-101634: When running the Python test suite with
    ``-jN`` option, if a worker stdout cannot be decoded from
    the locale encoding report a failed testn so the exitcode is
    non-zero. Patch by Victor Stinner.
  - gh-issue-106118: Fix compilation for platforms without
    :data:`!O_CLOEXEC`. The issue was introduced with Python
    3.12b1 in :gh:`103295`. Patch by Erlend Aasland.
  - gh-issue-104692: Include ``commoninstall`` as a prerequisite
    for ``bininstall``
    This ensures that ``commoninstall`` is completed before
    ``bininstall`` is started when parallel builds are used (``make
    -j install``), and so the ``python3`` symlink is only installed
    after all standard library modules are installed.
  - gh-issue-106359: Argument Clinic now explicitly forbids
    "kwarg splats" in function calls used as annotations.
  - gh-issue-105227: The new :c:func:`PyType_GetDict` provides
    the dictionary for the given type object that is normally
    exposed by ``cls.__dict__``. Normally it's sufficient to
    use :c:member:`~PyTypeObject.tp_dict`, but for the static
    builtin types :c:member:`!tp_dict` is now always ``NULL``.
    :c:func:`!PyType_GetDict()` provides the correct dict object

Wed Jun 28 19:59:03 UTC 2023 - Matej Cepl <>

- Update to 3.12.0b3:
  - gh-103142: The version of OpenSSL used in Windows and
    Mac installers has been upgraded to 1.1.1u to address
    CVE-2023-2650, CVE-2023-0465, CVE-2023-0466, CVE-2023-0464,
    as well as CVE-2023-0286, CVE-2022-4303, and CVE-2022-4303
    fixed previously in 1.1.1t (gh-101727).
  - gh-102153: urllib.parse.urlsplit() now strips leading C0
    control and space characters following the specification for
    URLs defined by WHATWG in response to CVE-2023-24329.
  - gh-99889: Fixed a security in flaw in uu.decode() that could
    allow for directory traversal based on the input if no
    out_file was specified.
  - gh-104049: Do not expose the local on-disk
    location in directory indexes produced by
  - gh-103935: trace.__main__ now uses io.open_code() for files
    to be executed instead of raw open().
  - gh-102953: The extraction methods in tarfile, and
    shutil.unpack_archive(), have a new filter argument that
    allows limiting tar features than may be surprising or
    dangerous, such as creating files outside the destination
    directory. See Extraction filters for details.
- Remove upstreamed patches:
  - 00398-fix-stack-overwrite-on-32-bit-in-perf-map-test-harness-gh-104811-104823.patch

Thu Jun  1 11:42:58 UTC 2023 - Daniel Garcia <>

- Add 00398-fix-stack-overwrite-on-32-bit-in-perf-map-test-harness-gh-104811-104823.patch

Wed May 31 08:54:44 UTC 2023 - Daniel Garcia <>

- Refresh all patches
- Update to 3.12.0b1:
  Full changelog can be found here

Sun Apr 30 18:11:57 UTC 2023 - Matej Cepl <>

- Why in the world we download from HTTP?

Thu Apr 27 16:59:09 UTC 2023 - Daniel Garcia <>

- Ignore failing test test_freeze_simple_script, it fails because it
  cannot import _sysconfigdata__linux_x86_64-linux-gnu that's not
  present in the test environment, it fails without bundled libs.
- Remove non existing paths:
  * %{sitedir}/tkinter/test
  * %{sitedir}/sqlite3/test
  * %{dynlib _curses_panel}

Wed Apr 26 10:55:38 UTC 2023 - Daniel Garcia <>

- Update to 3.12.0a7:
  Full changelog can be found here

Mon Mar 27 15:10:19 UTC 2023 - Matej Cepl <>

- Switch off obsoleting previous interpreters.

Sat Mar 25 22:02:04 UTC 2023 - Matej Cepl <>

- Update to 3.12.0a6:
  - Many new features for Python 3.12 are still being planned and
    written. Among the new major new features and changes so far:
    - Even more improved error messages. More exceptions
      potentially caused by typos now make suggestions to the
    - Support for the Linux perf profiler to report Python
      function names in traces.
    - The deprecated wstr and wstr_length members of the C
      implementation of unicode objects were removed, per PEP
    - In the unittest module, a number of long deprecated methods
      and classes were removed. (They had been deprecated since
      Python 3.1 or 3.2).
    - The deprecated smtpd and distutils modules have been
      removed (see PEP 594 and PEP 632. The setuptools package
      (installed by default in virtualenvs and many other places)
      continues to provide the distutils module.
    - A number of other old, broken and deprecated functions,
      classes and methods have been removed.
    - Invalid backslash escape sequences in strings now warn
      with SyntaxWarning instead of DeprecationWarning, making
      them more visible. (They will become syntax errors in the
    - The internal representation of integers has changed in
      preparation for performance enhancements. (This should not
      affect most users as it is an internal detail, but it may
      cause problems for Cython-generated code.)
- Add the refreshed version of
  F00251-change-user-install-location.patch (updated from
  Fedora), which works together with the installation schemes in
- Remove distutils-reproducible-compile.patch, which is not
  applicable anymore (because distutils was removed from the
  standard library).
- Remove upstreamed support-expat-CVE-2022-25236-patched.patch

Fri Mar  3 17:23:35 UTC 2023 - Matej Cepl <>

- Update to 3.11.2:
  Bug fixes, no changes in API and no security bugs.

Wed Mar  1 20:50:04 UTC 2023 - Matej Cepl <>

- Add python310 Obsoletes line to obsolete_python_versioned macro.

Tue Feb 21 11:34:49 UTC 2023 - Matej Cepl <>

- Add provides for readline and sqlite3 to the main Python

Thu Jan 26 13:28:24 UTC 2023 - Thorsten Kukuk <>

- Disable NIS for new products, it's deprecated and gets removed

Tue Jan 24 12:23:34 UTC 2023 - Dirk Müller <>

- build GLIBC hwcaps optimized versions of the interpreter

Tue Jan 10 11:11:56 UTC 2023 - Matej Cepl <>

- Don't fail on Sphinx build warnings.
- For jsc#PED-1570, providing Python 3.11 for SLE-15-SP5.

Thu Dec  8 14:59:50 UTC 2022 - Matej Cepl <>

- Update to 3.11.1:
  - python -m http.server no longer allows terminal control
    characters sent within a garbage request to be printed
    to the stderr server lo This is done by changing the
    http.server BaseHTTPRequestHandler .log_message method to
    replace control characters with a \xHH hex escape before
  - Avoid publishing list of active per-interpreter audit hooks
    via the gc module
  - The IDNA codec decoder used on DNS hostnames by socket or
    asyncio related name resolution functions no longer involves
    a quadratic algorithm. This prevents a potential CPU denial
    of service if an out-of-spec excessive length hostname
    involving bidirectional characters were decoded. Some
    protocols such as urllib http 3xx redirects potentially allow
    for an attacker to supply such a name (CVE-2022-45061).
  - Update bundled libexpat to 2.5.0
  - Fix a shell code injection vulnerability in the example script. The script no
    longer uses a shell to run openssl commands. Issue reported
    and initial fix by Caleb Shortt. Patch by Victor Stinner.
  - Fix a crash when an object which does not have a dictionary
    frees its instance values.
  - Fix a bug in the tokenizer that could cause infinite
    recursion when showing syntax warnings that happen in the
    first line of the source. Patch by Pablo Galindo
  - Fix an issue that could cause frames to be visible to Python
    code as they are being torn down, possibly leading to memory
    corruption or hard crashes of the interpreter.
  - Fix a reference bug in _imp.create_builtin() after the
    creation of the first sub-interpreter for modules builtins
    and sys. Patch by Victor Stinner.
  - Fixed a bug that was causing a buffer overflow if the
    tokenizer copies a line missing the newline caracter from a
    file that is as long as the available tokenizer buffer. Patch
    by Pablo galindo
  - Fix bug where an ExceptionGroup subclass can wrap a
  - Fix zip path for venv created from a non-installed python on
    POSIX platforms.
  - Fix an issue that could potentially cause incorrect error
    handling for some bytecode instructions.
  - Fix an issue that prevented PyThreadState and
    PyInterpreterState memory from being freed properly.
  - Fix failure in except* with unhashable exceptions.
  - Fix calculation of sys._base_executable when inside a POSIX
    virtual environment using copies of the python binary when
    the base installation does not provide the executable name
    used by the venv. Calculation will fall back to alternative
    names (“python<MAJOR>”, “python<MAJOR>.<MINOR>”).
  - Update faulthandler to emit an error message with the proper
    unexpected signal number. Patch by Dong-hee Na.
  - Fix location of SyntaxError for a try block with both except
    and except*.
  - Fix the error reporting positions of specialized traceback
    anchors when the source line contains Unicode characters.
  - Fix subscription of type aliases containing bare generic
    types or types like TypeVar: for example tuple[A, T][int] and
    tuple[TypeVar, T][int], where A is a generic type, and T is a
    type variable.
  - Lower the recursion depth for marshal on WASI to support
    wasmtime 2.0/main.
  - Fix multiple crashes in debug mode when str subclasses are
    used instead of str itself.
  - Fix an issue where member descriptors (such as those for
    __slots__) could behave incorrectly or crash instead of
    raising a TypeError when accessed via an instance of an
    invalid type.
  - Suppress ImportError for invalid query for help()
    command. Patch by Dong-hee Na.
  - Fix detection of MAC addresses for uuid on certain OSs. Patch
    by Chaim Sanders
  - Print exception class name instead of its string
    representation when raising errors from ctypes calls.
  - os.sched_yield() now release the GIL while calling
    sched_yield(2). Patch by Dong-hee Na.
  - Fix an issue that could delay the specialization of PRECALL
  - Bugfix: PyFunction_GetAnnotations() should return a borrowed
    reference. It was returning a new reference.
  - Ensure that all Python frame objects are backed by “complete”
  - Fixed a missing incref/decref pair in
    Exception.__setstate__(). Patch by Ofey Chan.
  - Fix the Python path configuration used to initialized
    sys.path at Python startup. Paths are no longer encoded
    to UTF-8/strict to avoid encoding errors if it contains
    surrogate characters (bytes paths are decoded with the
    surrogateescape error handler). Patch by Victor Stinner.
  - Fix overly-broad source position information for chained
    comparisons used as branching conditions.
  - At Python exit, sometimes a thread holding the GIL can
    wait forever for a thread (usually a daemon thread) which
    requested to drop the GIL, whereas the thread already
    exited. To fix the race condition, the thread which requested
    the GIL drop now resets its request before exiting. Issue
    discovered and analyzed by Mingliang ZHAO. Patch by Victor
  - Fix a possible assertion failure, fatal error, or SystemError
    if a line tracing event raises an exception while opcode
    tracing is enabled.
  - Fix undefined behaviour in C code of null pointer arithmetic.
  - Make sure that all frame objects created are created from
    valid interpreter frames. Prevents the possibility of invalid
    frames in backtraces and signal handlers.
  - Disable incorrect pickling of the C implemented classmethod
  - On WASI ENOTCAPABLE is now mapped to PermissionError. The
    errno modules exposes the new error number. now
    ignores PermissionError when it cannot open landmark files
    pybuilddir.txt and pyenv.cfg.
  - Allow pdb to locate source for frozen modules in the standard
  - Raise ValueError instead of SystemError when methods of
    uninitialized io.IncrementalNewlineDecoder objects are
    called. Patch by Oren Milman.
  - Fix a possible assertion failure in io.FileIO when the opener
    returns an invalid file descriptor.
  - Also escape s in the http.server
    BaseHTTPRequestHandler.log_message so that it is technically
    possible to parse the line and reconstruct what the original
    data was. Without this a xHH is ambiguious as to if it is a
    hex replacement we put in or the characters r”x” came through
    in the original request line.
  - asyncio.get_event_loop() now only emits a deprecation warning
    when a new event loop was created implicitly. It no longer
    emits a deprecation warning if the current event loop was
  - Fix bug when calling trace.CoverageResults with valid infile.
  - Fix a bug in handling class cleanups in
    unittest.TestCase. Now addClassCleanup() uses separate lists
    for different TestCase subclasses, and doClassCleanups() only
    cleans up the particular class.
  - Release the GIL when calling termios APIs to avoid blocking
  - Fix ast.increment_lineno() to also cover ast.TypeIgnore when
    changing line numbers.
  - Fix bug in urllib.parse.urlparse() that causes URL schemes
    that begin with a digit, a plus sign, or a minus sign to be
    parsed incorrectly.
  - Check the number of arguments in substitution in user
    generics containing a TypeVarTuple and one or more TypeVar.
  - Fix substitution of ParamSpec followed by TypeVarTuple in
    generic aliases.
  - Fix substitution of TypeVarTuple and ParamSpec together in
    user generics.
  - Fixed bug where inspect.signature() reported incorrect
    arguments for decorated methods.
  - Fix SystemError in ctypes when exception was not set during
  - Remove older version of
    _SSLProtocolTransport.get_write_buffer_limits in
  - fix negative numbers failing in verify()
  - Fix statistics.NormalDist pickle with 0 and 1 protocols.
  - is now correctly activated when combined with
    other assignment values. E.g. ONE = auto(), 'some text' will
    now evaluate as (1, 'some text').
  - Update the bundled copy of pip to version 22.3.1.
  - Clean up refleak on failed module initialisation in _zoneinfo
  - Clean up refleaks on failed module initialisation in in
  - Clean up refleak on failed module initialisation in _io.
  - Fix memory leak in math.dist() when both points don’t have
    the same dimension. Patch by Kumar Aditya.
  - [3.11] Applied changes from importlib_metadata 4.11.4
    through 4.13, including compatibility and robustness
    fixes for Distribution objects without _normalized_name,
    disallowing invalid inputs to Distribution.from_name, and
    refined behaviors in PathDistribution._name_from_stem and
  - Fix argument typechecks in _overlapped.WSAConnect() and
    _overlapped.Overlapped.WSASendTo() functions.
  - Prevent crashing in traceback when retrieving the byte-offset
    for some source files that contain certain unicode
  - Fix internal error in the re module which in very rare
    circumstances prevented compilation of a regular expression
    containing a conditional expression without the “else”
  - Fix asyncio.StreamWriter.drain() to call
    protocol.connection_lost callback only once on Windows.
  - Add a mutex to unittest.mock.NonCallableMock to protect
    concurrent access to mock attributes.
  - Fix hang on Windows in subprocess.wait_closed() in asyncio
    with ProactorEventLoop. Patch by Kumar Aditya.
  - Fix infinite loop in unittest when a self-referencing chained
    exception is raised
  - tkinter.Text.count() raises now an exception for options
    starting with “-” instead of silently ignoring them.
  - On uname_result, restored expectation that _fields and
    _asdict would include all six properties including processor.
  - A createSocket() method was added to SysLogHandler.
  - Fix bug in urllib.parse.urlparse() that causes certain port
    numbers containing whitespace, underscores, plus and minus
    signs, or non-ASCII digits to be incorrectly accepted.
  - Allow venv to pass along PYTHON* variables to ensurepip and
    pip when they do not impact path resolution
  - On macOS, fix a crash in syslog.syslog() in multi-threaded
    applications. On macOS, the libc syslog() function is not
    thread-safe, so syslog.syslog() no longer releases the GIL to
    call it. Patch by Victor Stinner.
  - Allow BUILTINS to be a valid field name for frozen
  - Wrap network errors consistently in urllib FTP support, so
    the test suite doesn’t fail when a network is available but
    the public internet is not reachable.
  - Make sure patch.dict() can be applied on async functions.
  - Earlier in 3.11 we deprecated
    asyncio.Task.cancel("message"). We realized we were too
    harsh, and have undeprecated it.
  - Change deprecate warning message in unittest from It is
    deprecated to return a value!=None to It is deprecated to
    return a value that is not None from a test case
  - Fixes AttributeError when subprocess.check_output() is used
    with argument input=None and either of the arguments encoding
    or errors are used.
  - Fix is_private properties in the ipaddress module. Previously
    non-private networks ( would return True from this
    method; now they correctly return False.
  - Avoid spurious tracebacks from asyncio when default executor
    cleanup is delayed until after the event loop is closed (e.g.
    as the result of a keyboard interrupt).
  - Avoid a crash in the C version of
    asyncio.Future.remove_done_callback() when an evil argument
    is passed.
  - Remove tokenize.NL check from tabnanny.
  - Fix generation of the default name of
    tkinter.Checkbutton. Previously, checkbuttons in different
    parent widgets could have the same short name and share
    the same state if arguments “name” and “variable” are not
    specified. Now they are globally unique.
  - Update bundled libexpat to 2.4.9
  - Fix race condition in asyncio where process_exited() called
    before the pipe_data_received() leading to inconsistent
    output. Patch by Kumar Aditya.
  - Fixed check in multiprocessing.resource_tracker that
    guarantees that the length of a write to a pipe is not
    greater than PIPE_BUF.
  - Corrected type annotation for dataclass attribute
    pstats.FunctionProfile.ncalls to be str.
  - Fix repr of Any subclasses.
  - Work around missing socket functions in socket’s __repr__.
  - In inspect, fix overeager replacement of “typing.” in
    formatting annotations.
  - Fix handling of bytes path-like objects in os.ismount().
  - Fix handling compiler warnings (SyntaxWarning and
    DeprecationWarning) in codeop.compile_command() when checking
    for incomplete input. Previously it emitted warnings and
    raised a SyntaxError. Now it always returns None for
    incomplete input without emitting any warnings.
  - To avoid apparent memory leaks when asyncio.open_connection()
    raises, break reference cycles generated by local exception
    and future instances (which has exception instance as its
    member var). Patch by Dong Uk, Kang.
  - Fixed flickering of the turtle window when the tracer is
    turned off. Patch by Shin-myoung-serp.
  - Fix asyncio subprocess transport to kill process cleanly
    when process is blocked and avoid RuntimeError when loop is
    closed. Patch by Kumar Aditya.
  - Prevent error when activating venv in nested fish instances.
  - now returns None when called on an empty
  - Document the optional callback parameter of WeakMethod. Patch
    by Géry Ogam.
  - Restrict use of sockets instead of pipes for stdin of
    subprocesses created by asyncio to AIX platform only.
  - shutil.copytree() now applies the ignore_dangling_symlinks
    argument recursively.
  - Fix IndexError in argparse.ArgumentParser when a store_true
    action is given an explicit argument.
  - Document that calling variadic functions with ctypes requires
    special care on macOS/arm64 (and possibly other platforms).
  - Remove extra row
  - Clarified the conflicting advice given in the ast
    documentation about ast.literal_eval() being “safe” for use
    on untrusted input while at the same time warning that it
    can crash the process. The latter statement is true and is
    deemed unfixable without a large amount of work unsuitable
    for a bugfix. So we keep the warning and no longer claim that
    literal_eval is safe.
  - Restructured the documentation for the os.wait* family of
    functions, and improved the docs for os.waitid() with more
    explanation of the possible argument constants.
  - Skip test_normalization() of test_unicodedata if it
    fails to download NormalizationTest.txt file from Patch by Victor Stinner.
  - Correct test_marsh on (32 bit) x86: test_deterministic sets
    was failing.
  - Optional big memory tests in test_sqlite3 now catch the
    correct sqlite.DataError exception type in case of too large
    strings and/or blobs passed.
  - Fix a bug in the typing tests where a test relying
    on CPython-specific implementation details was not
    decorated with @cpython_only and was not skipped on other
  - Add tests for star-unpacking with PEP 646, and some other
    miscellaneous PEP 646 tests.
  - Added explicit coverage of Py_Initialize (and hence
    Py_InitializeEx) back to the embedding tests (all other
    embedding tests migrated to Py_InitializeFromConfig in Python
  - Some C API tests were moved into the new Lib/test/test_capi/
  - Fix -Wimplicit-int, -Wstrict-prototypes, and
    -Wimplicit-function-declaration compiler warnings in
    configure checks.
  - Fix a compilation issue with GCC 12 on macOS.
  - Fix -Wimplicit-int compiler warning in configure check for
  - Fix a possible fd leak in Programs/_freeze_module.c
    introduced in Python 3.11.
  - Fix build with PYTHON_FOR_REGEN=python3.8.
  - Specify the full path to the source location for make
    docclean (needed for cross-builds).
  - Don’t use vendored libmpdec headers if --with-system-libmpdec
    is passed to configure. Don’t use vendored libexpat headers
    if --with-system-expat is passed to !configure.
  - Fix the build process of clang compiler for _bootstrap_python
    if LTO optimization is applied. Patch by Matthias Görgens and
    Dong-hee Na.
  - wasm32-emscripten builds for browsers now include
    concurrent.futures for asyncio and unittest.mock.
  - wasm32-emscripten platform no longer builds resource module,
    getresuid(), getresgid(), and their setters. The APIs are
    stubs and not functional.
  - Updated pegen regeneration script on Windows to find and
    use Python 3.9 or higher. Prior to this, pegen regeneration
    already required 3.9 or higher, but the script may have used
    lower versions of Python.
  - Fix a bug in the previous bugfix that caused IDLE to
    not start when run with 3.10.8, 3.12.0a1, and at least
    Microsoft Python 3.10.2288.0 installed without the Lib/test
    package. 3.11.0 was never affected.
  - The script now pre-builds Emscripten ports,
    checks for broken EMSDK versions, and warns about pkg-config
    env vars.
  - The new tool Tools/wasm/ automates configure,
    compile, and test steps for building CPython on WebAssembly
  - Fix handling of module docstrings in Tools/i18n/
  - PyBUF_* constants were marked as part of Limited API
    of Python 3.11+. These were available in 3.11.0 with
    Py_LIMITED_API defined for 3.11, and are necessary to use the
    buffer API.
  - Fix use-after-free in Py_SetPythonHome(NULL),
    Py_SetProgramName(NULL) and _Py_SetProgramFullPath(NULL)
    function calls. Issue reported by Benedikt Reinartz. Patch by
    Victor Stinner.
  - Py_InitializeEx now correctly calls PyConfig_Clear after
    initializing the interpreter (the omission didn’t cause a
    memory leak only because none of the dynamically allocated
    config fields are populated by the wrapper function)
- Removed upstreamed patches:
  - 98437-sphinx.locale._-as-gettext-in-pyspecific.patch
  - CVE-2022-45061-DoS-by-IDNA-decode.patch

Wed Nov  9 18:31:23 UTC 2022 - Matej Cepl <>

- Add CVE-2022-45061-DoS-by-IDNA-decode.patch to avoid
  CVE-2022-45061 (bsc#1205244) allowing DoS by IDNA decoding
  extremely long domain names.

Tue Oct 25 08:39:47 UTC 2022 - Matej Cepl <>

- Update to 3.11.0 (overall changes from 3.10.*):
  - General changes
    - PEP 657 -- Include Fine-Grained Error Locations in
    - PEP 654 -- Exception Groups and except*
    - PEP 680 -- tomllib: Support for Parsing TOML in the
      Standard Library
    - gh-90908 -- Introduce task groups to asyncio
    - gh-34627 -- Atomic grouping ((?>...)) and possessive
      quantifiers (*+, ++, ?+, {m,n}+) are now supported in
      regular expressions.
    - The Faster CPython Project is already yielding some
      exciting results. Python 3.11 is up to 10-60% faster than
      Python 3.10. On average, we measured a 1.22x speedup on the
      standard benchmark suite. See Faster CPython for details.
  - Typing and typing language changes
    - PEP 673 -- Self Type
    - PEP 646 -- Variadic Generics
    - PEP 675 -- Arbitrary Literal String Type
    - PEP 655 -- Marking individual TypedDict items as required
      or potentially-missing
    - PEP 681 -- Data Class Transforms
- (just changes from 3.11.0rc2):
  - Fix multiplying a list by an integer (list *= int): detect
    the integer overflow when the new allocated length is close
    to the maximum size. Issue reported by Jordan Limor. Patch by
    Victor Stinner.
  - On Linux the multiprocessing module returns to using
    filesystem backed unix domain sockets for communication
    with the forkserver process instead of the Linux abstract
    socket namespace. Only code that chooses to use the
    “forkserver” start method is affected. Abstract sockets have
    no permissions and could allow any user on the system in the
    same network namespace (often the whole system) to inject
    code into the multiprocessing forkserver process. This was
    a potential privilege escalation. Filesystem based socket
    permissions restrict this to the forkserver process user as
    was the default in Python 3.8 and earlier. This prevents
    Linux CVE-2022-42919.
  - Fix an issue where several frame objects could be backed by
    the same interpreter frame, possibly leading to corrupted
    memory and hard crashes of the interpreter.
  - Fix possible data corruption or crashes when accessing the
    f_back member of newly-created generator or coroutine frames.
  - Fix a crash occurring when PyEval_GetFrame() is called while
    the topmost Python frame is in a partially-initialized state.
  - Fix command line parsing: reject -X int_max_str_digits option
    with no value (invalid) when the PYTHONINTMAXSTRDIGITS
    environment variable is set to a valid limit. Patch by Victor
  - Fix undefined behaviour in _testcapimodule.c.
  - When ValueError is raised if an integer is larger than the
    limit, mention the sys.set_int_max_str_digits() function in
    the error message. Patch by Victor Stinner.
  - Correctly raise SyntaxError on exception groups (PEP 654) on
    python versions prior to 3.11
  - Document some places where an assignment expression needs
  - Update the bundled copies of pip and setuptools to versions
    22.3 and 65.5.0 respectively.
  - fix Flag to use boundary CONFORM
  - This restores previous Flag behavior of allowing flags with
    non-sequential values to be combined; e.g.
  - class Skip(Flag): TWO = 2 EIGHT = 8
  - Skip.TWO | Skip.EIGHT -> <Skip.TWO|EIGHT: 10>
  - Fix ! in c domain ref target syntax via a patch, so
    it works as intended to disable ref target resolution.
  - Update tutorial introduction output to use 3.10+ SyntaxError
    invalid range.

Fri Oct 21 10:14:03 UTC 2022 - Matej Cepl <>

- Add 98437-sphinx.locale._-as-gettext-in-pyspecific.patch to
  allow building of documentation with the latest Sphinx 5.3.0

Thu Sep 15 08:43:07 UTC 2022 - Matej Cepl <>

- Update to 3.11.0rc2:
  - Converting between int and str in bases other than 2
    (binary), 4, 8 (octal), 16 (hexadecimal), or 32 such as base
    10 (decimal) now raises a ValueError if the number of digits
    in string form is above a limit to avoid potential denial of
    service attacks due to the algorithmic complexity. This is
    a mitigation for CVE-2020-10735.
    This new limit can be configured or disabled by environment
    variable, command line flag, or sys APIs. See the integer
    string conversion length limitation documentation. The
    default limit is 4300 digits in string form.
  - Fix case of undefined behavior in ceval.c
  - Do not expose KeyWrapper in _functools.
  - Ensure that tracing, sys.setrace(), is turned on
    immediately. In pre-release versions of 3.11, some tracing
    events might have been lost when turning on tracing in a
    __del__ method or interrupt.
  - Fix use after free in trace refs build mode. Patch by Kumar
  - When loading a file with invalid UTF-8 inside a multi-line
    string, a correct SyntaxError is emitted.
  - Make sure that incomplete frames do not show up in
    tracemalloc traces.
  - Remove two cases of undefined behavior, by adding NULL
  - Fix possible NULL pointer dereference in
    _PyThread_CurrentFrames. Patch by Kumar Aditya.
  - Fix AttributeError missing name and obj attributes in
    object.__getattribute__(). Patch by Philip Georgi.
  - Loading a file with invalid UTF-8 will now report the broken
    character at the correct location.
  - Fixed a bug that caused _PyCode_GetExtra to return garbage
    for negative indexes. Patch by Pablo Galindo
  - Fix a deadlock in PyGILState_Ensure() when allocating new
    thread state. Patch by Kumar Aditya.
  - PyType_Ready() now initializes ht_cached_keys and performs
    additional checks to ensure that type objects are properly
    configured. This avoids crashes in 3rd party packages that
    don’t use regular API to create new types.
  - Skip over incomplete frames in PyThreadState_GetFrame().
  - Fix format string in _PyPegen_raise_error_known_location that
    can lead to memory corruption on some 64bit systems. The
    function was building a tuple with i (int) instead of n
    (Py_ssize_t) for Py_ssize_t arguments.
  - Fix misleading contents of error message when converting an
    all-whitespace string to float.
  - ast.parse() will no longer parse function definitions with
    positional-only params when passed feature_version less than
    (3, 8). Patch by Shantanu Jain.
  - Fix incorrect error message in the io module.
  - Fix the faulthandler implementation of
    faulthandler.register(signal, chain=True) if the sigaction()
    function is not available: don’t call the previous signal
    handler if it’s NULL. Patch by Victor Stinner.
  - Correct conversion of numbers.Rational’s to float.
  - Fix TypeVarTuple.__typing_prepare_subst__. TypeError was not
    raised when using more than one TypeVarTuple, like [*T, *V]
    in type alias substitutions.
  - Fix asyncio.streams.StreamReaderProtocol to keep a strong
    reference to the created task, so that it’s not garbage
  - Fix a performance regression in logging
    TimedRotatingFileHandler. Only check for special files when
    the rollover time has passed.
  - Fix unused localName parameter in the Attr class in
  - Fix incorrect condition that causes to
    be wrong on pthread platforms.
  - Remove an incompatible change from bpo-28080 that caused a
    regression that ignored the utf8 in ZipInfo.flag_bits. Patch
    by Pablo Galindo.
  - Fix asyncio.Runner to call asyncio.set_event_loop() only
    once to avoid calling attach_loop() multiple times on child
    watchers. Patch by Kumar Aditya.
  - Fix unittest.IsolatedAsyncioTestCase to set event loop before
    calling setup functions. Patch by Kumar Aditya.
  - When a task catches asyncio.CancelledError and raises some
    other error, the other error should generally not silently be
  - Fail gracefully if EPERM or ENOSYS is raised when loading
    crypt methods. This may happen when trying to load MD5 on a
    Linux kernel with FIPS enabled.
  - Allow asyncio.StreamWriter.drain() to be awaited concurrently
    by multiple tasks. Patch by Kumar Aditya.
  - Fix ast.unparse() when ImportFrom.level is None
  - Improve discoverability of the higher level
    concurrent.futures module by providing clearer links from the
    lower level threading and multiprocessing modules.
  - What’s New 3.11 now has instructions for how to provide
    compiler and linker flags for Tcl/Tk and OpenSSL on RHEL 7
    and CentOS 7.
  - Mitigate the inherent race condition from using
    find_unused_port() in testSockName() by trying to find an
    unused port a few times before failing. Patch by Ross Burton.
  - Build and test with OpenSSL 1.1.1q
- Use support-expat-CVE-2022-25236-patched.patch from the current
  version of gh#python/cpython#93900 instead of the old
- Reapply fix_configure_rst.patch.

Mon Sep  5 08:43:49 UTC 2022 - Andreas Schwab <>

- Increase testsuite timeout for test_freeze_simple_script

Sat Aug 20 21:31:40 UTC 2022 - Matej Cepl <>

- fix to refer to the python 3.11 package versions

Sat Aug 20 14:05:21 UTC 2022 - Matej Cepl <>

- Update to 3.11.0rc1:
  - Core and Builtins
    - Update code object hashing and equality to consider all
      debugging and exception handling tables. This fixes an
      issue where certain non-identical code objects could be
      “deduplicated” during compilation.
    - _PyPegen_Parser_New now properly detects token memory
      allocation errors. Patch by Honglin Zhu.
    - Run Python code in tracer/profiler function at full
      speed. Fixes slowdown in earlier versions of 3.11.
    - Emit a warning in debug mode if an object does not call
      PyObject_GC_UnTrack() before deallocation. Patch by Pablo
    - Prevented crashes in the AST constructor when
      compiling some absurdly long expressions like
      "+0"*1000000. RecursionError is now raised instead. Patch
      by Pablo Galindo
    - ast.AST node positions are now validated when provided to
      compile() and other related functions. If invalid positions
      are detected, a ValueError will be raised.
    - Fix error detection in some builtin functions when keyword
      argument name is an instance of a str subclass with
      overloaded __eq__ and __hash__. Previously it could cause
      SystemError or other undesired behavior.
  - Library
    - Update bundled pip to 22.2.2.
    - Fix asyncio.TaskGroup to propagate exception when
      asyncio.CancelledError was replaced with another exception
      by a context manger. Patch by Kumar Aditya and Guido van
    - Update bundled pip to 22.2.1.
    - Fix GC crash when deallocating _lsprof.Profiler by
      untracking it before calling any callbacks. Patch by Kumar
    - Fix for asyncio.Task implementations without
      uncancel() method. Patch by Kumar Aditya.
    - Fix check for existence of os.EFD_CLOEXEC, os.EFD_NONBLOCK
      and os.EFD_SEMAPHORE flags on older kernel versions where
      these flags are not present. Patch by Kumar Aditya.
    - Fix to cancel the
      currently waiting on future on an error - e.g. TimeoutError
      or KeyboardInterrupt.
    - Ensure that timeouts scheduled with asyncio.Timeout that
      have already expired are delivered promptly.
    - Suppress writing an XML declaration in open files
      in ElementTree.write() with encoding='unicode' and
    - Fix findtext in the xml module to only give an empty string
      when the text attribute is set to None.
  - Documentation
    - Fix stylesheet not working in Windows CHM htmlhelp docs
      and add warning that they are deprecated. Contributed by
      C.A.M. Gerlach.
    - Update library documentation with availability information
      on WebAssembly platforms wasm32-emscripten and wasm32-wasi.
    - Use consistent syntax for platform availability. The
      directive now supports a content body and emits a warning
      when it encounters an unknown platform.
    - Document a limitation in ThreadPoolExecutor where its exit
      handler is executed before any handlers in atexit.
  - Tests
    - Lib/test/test_asyncio/ exposed a bug in the
      macOS kernel where intense concurrent load on non-blocking
      sockets occasionally causes errno.ENOBUFS (“No buffer space
      available”) to be emitted. FB11063974 filed with Apple, in
      the mean time as a workaround buffer size used in tests on
      macOS is decreased to avoid intermittent failures. Patch by
      Fantix King.
    - Fix problem with test_ssl test_get_ciphers on systems that
      require perfect forward secrecy (PFS) ciphers.
    - Add a regression test for re exponentional slowdown when
      using rjsmin.
  - Build
    - Fix a regression in configure script that caused some
      header checks to ignore custom CPPFLAGS. The regression was
      introduced in gh-94802.
    - wasm32-wasi builds no longer depend on WASIX’s pthread
      stubs. Python now has its own stubbed pthread API.
    - Python now detects missing dup function in WASI and works
      around some missing errno, select, and socket constants.
    - Python now skips missing socket functions and methods on
      WASI. WASI can only create sockets from existing fd /
      accept and has no netdb.
    - Platforms wasm32-unknown-emscripten and wasm32-unknown-wasi
      have been promoted to PEP 11 tier 3 platform support.
  - IDLE
    - Document handling of extensions in Save As dialogs.
    - Include prompts when saving Shell (interactive input and
    - Fix the Shell context menu copy-with-prompts bug of copying
      an extra line when one selects whole lines.
    - In the Edit menu, move Select All and add a new separator.
    - Enable using IDLE’s module browser with .pyw files.
    - Add .pyi as a recognized extension for IDLE on macOS. This
      allows opening stub files by double clicking on them in the
  - C API
    - Restore the 3.10 behavior for multiple inheritance of C
      extension classes that store their dictionary at the end of
      the struct.
    - Added PyCode_GetVarnames(), PyCode_GetCellvars() and
      PyCode_GetFreevars() for accessing co_varnames, co_cellvars
      and co_freevars respectively via the C API.

Tue Jul 26 10:37:31 UTC 2022 - Matej Cepl <>

- Update to 3.11.0b5:
  - Core and Builtins
    - gh-93351: ast.AST node positions are now validated when
      provided to compile() and other related functions. If
      invalid positions are detected, a ValueError will be
    - gh-94438: Fix an issue that caused extended opcode
      arguments and some conditional pops to be ignored when
      calculating valid jump targets for assignments to the
      f_lineno attribute of frame objects. In some cases, this
      could cause inconsistent internal state, resulting in a
      hard crash of the interpreter.
    - gh-95060: Undocumented PyCode_Addr2Location function now
      properly returns when addrq argument is less than zero.
    - gh-95113: Replace all EXTENDED_ARG_QUICK instructions
      with basic EXTENDED_ARG instructions in unquickened
      code. Consumers of non-adaptive bytecode should be able to
      handle extended arguments the same way they were handled in
      CPython 3.10 and older.
    - gh-91409: Fix incorrect source location info caused by
      certain optimizations in the bytecode compiler.
    - gh-94036: Fix incorrect source location info for some
      multi-line attribute accesses and method calls.
    - gh-94739: Allow jumping within, out of, and across
      exception handlers in the debugger.
    - gh-94949: ast.parse() will no longer parse parenthesized
      context managers when passed feature_version less than (3,
      9). Patch by Shantanu Jain.
    - gh-94947: ast.parse() will no longer parse assignment
      expressions when passed feature_version less than (3,
      8). Patch by Shantanu Jain.
    - gh-91256: Ensures the program name is known for help text
      during interpreter startup.
    - gh-94869: Fix the column offsets for some expressions in
      multi-line f-strings ast nodes. Patch by Pablo Galindo.
    - gh-94822: Fix an issue where lookups of metaclass
      descriptors may be ignored when an identically-named
      attribute also exists on the class itself.
    - gh-91153: Fix an issue where a bytearray item assignment
      could crash if it’s resized by the new value’s __index__()
    - gh-90699: Fix reference counting bug in
      bool.__repr__(). Patch by Kumar Aditya.
  - Library
    - gh-95087: Fix IndexError in parsing invalid date in the
      email module.
    - gh-95199: Upgrade bundled setuptools to 63.2.0.
    - gh-95194: Upgrade bundled pip to 22.2.
    - gh-95132: Fix a sqlite3 regression where *args and **kwds
      were incorrectly relayed from connect() to the Connection
      factory. The regression was introduced in 3.11a1 with PR
      24421 (gh-85128). Patch by Erlend E. Aasland.`
    - gh-93157: Fix fileinput module didn’t support errors option
      when inplace is true.
    - gh-95105: wsgiref.types.InputStream.__iter__() should
      return Iterator[bytes], not Iterable[bytes]. Patch by
      Shantanu Jain.
    - gh-94857: Fix refleak in
      _io.TextIOWrapper.reconfigure. Patch by Kumar Aditya.
    - gh-94821: Fix binding of unix socket to empty address
      on Linux to use an available address from the abstract
      namespace, instead of “0”.
    - gh-89988: Fix memory leak in pickle.Pickler when looking up
      dispatch_table. Patch by Kumar Aditya.
    - bpo-47025: Drop support for bytes on sys.path.
  - Tests
    - gh-95212: Make multiprocessing test case
      test_shared_memory_recreate parallel-safe.
  - Build
    - gh-94847: Fixed _decimal module build issue on GCC when
      compiling with LTO and pydebug. Debug builds no longer
      force inlining of functions.
    - gh-94841: Fix the possible performance regression of
      PyObject_Free() compiled with MSVC version 1932.
    - gh-94801: configure now uses custom flags like ZLIB_CFLAGS
      and ZLIB_LIBS when searching for headers and libraries.
    - gh-94773: now supports code object with
      frozensets that contain incompatible, unsortable types.
  - C API
    - gh-94930: Fix SystemError raised when
      PyArg_ParseTupleAndKeywords() is used with # in (...) but
      without PY_SSIZE_T_CLEAN defined.
    - gh-94864: Fix PyArg_Parse* with deprecated format units “u”
      and “Z”. It returned 1 (success) when warnings are turned
      into exceptions.
    - gh-94731: Python again uses C-style casts for
      most casting operations when compiled with
      C++. This may trigger compiler warnings, if they
      are enabled with e.g. -Wold-style-cast `` or
      ``-Wzero-as-null-pointer-constant options for g++.

Thu Jul 21 14:19:53 UTC 2022 - Matej Cepl <>

- Switch from %primary_interpreter to prjconf-defined
  %primary_python (gh#openSUSE/python-rpm-macros#127).

Thu Jul 14 15:37:35 UTC 2022 - Matej Cepl <>

- Update to 3.11.0b4:
- Fixes many bugs and adds following more significant changes
- Security
  - gh-68966: The deprecated mailcap module now refuses to inject
    Coreunsafe text (filenames, MIME types, parameters) into
    shell Corecommands. Instead of using such text, it will
    warn and act Coreas if a match was not found (or for test
    commands, as if the Coretest failed). and Builtins
  - gh-93516: Lazily create a table mapping bytecode offsets to
    line numbers to speed up calculation of line numbers when
  - gh-93461: importlib.invalidate_caches() now drops entries
    from sys.path_importer_cache with a relative path as
    name. This solves a caching issue when a process changes its
    current working directory.
  - FileFinder no longer inserts a dot in the path, e.g.
    /egg/./spam is now /egg/spam.
  - gh-93896: Fix and
    unittest.IsolatedAsyncioTestCase to always the set event loop
    as it was done in Python 3.10 and earlier. Patch by Kumar
  - gh-94101: Manual instantiation of ssl.SSLSession objects is
    no longer allowed as it lead to misconfigured instances that
    crashed the interpreter when attributes where accessed on
  - gh-83658: Make multiprocessing.Pool raise an exception if
    maxtasksperchild is not None or a positive int.
  - gh-61162: Clarify sqlite3 behavior when Using the connection
    as a context manager.
  - gh-94538: Fix Argument Clinic output to custom file
    destinations. Patch by Erlend E. Aasland.
  - gh-93937: The following frame functions and type are now
    directly available with #include <Python.h>, it’s no longer
    needed to add #include <frameobject.h>:

Tue May 31 20:54:36 UTC 2022 - Matej Cepl <>

- Update to 3.11.0b2:
  - many small updates
- Add patch support-expat-245.patch:
  * Support Expat >= 2.4.4 (jsc#SLE-21253)

Tue May 10 15:01:18 UTC 2022 - Matej Cepl <>

- Refresh bluez-devel-vendor.tar.xz
- Fix building with system-expat (gh#python/cpython#92875). Nope,
  it didn't work, worked around it.

Mon May  9 15:09:03 UTC 2022 - Matej Cepl <>

- Update to pre-release version 3.11.0b1:
  - PEP 657 – Include Fine-Grained Error Locations in Tracebacks
  - PEP 654 – Exception Groups and except*
  - PEP 673 – Self Type
  - PEP 646 – Variadic Generics
  - PEP 680– tomllib: Support for Parsing TOML in the Standard Library
  - PEP 675– Arbitrary Literal String Type
  - PEP 655– Marking individual TypedDict items as required or potentially-missing
  - bpo-46752– Introduce task groups to asyncio
  - The Faster Cpython Project is already yielding some exciting
    results. Python 3.11 is up to 10-60% faster than Python
    3.10. On average, we measured a 1.22x speedup on the standard
    benchmark suite. See
    for details.

Thu May  5 14:35:56 UTC 2022 - Matej Cepl <>

- Switch primary_interpreter from python38 to python310

Sat Mar 26 22:52:45 UTC 2022 - Matej Cepl <>

- Update to 3.10.4:
  - bpo-46968: Check for the existence of the “sys/auxv.h” header
    in faulthandler to avoid compilation problems in systems
    where this header doesn’t exist. Patch by Pablo Galindo
  - bpo-23691: Protect the re.finditer() iterator from
  - bpo-42369: Fix thread safety of zipfile._SharedFile.tell() to
    avoid a “zipfile.BadZipFile: Bad CRC-32 for file” exception
    when reading a ZipFile from multiple threads.
  - bpo-38256: Fix binascii.crc32() when it is compiled to use
    zlib’c crc32 to work properly on inputs 4+GiB in length
    instead of returning the wrong result. The workaround prior
    to this was to always feed the function data in increments
    smaller than 4GiB or to just call the zlib module function.
  - bpo-39394: A warning about inline flags not at the start of
    the regular expression now contains the position of the flag.
  - bpo-47061: Deprecate the various modules listed by PEP 594:
  - aifc, asynchat, asyncore, audioop, cgi, cgitb, chunk, crypt,
    imghdr, msilib, nntplib, nis, ossaudiodev, pipes, smtpd,
    sndhdr, spwd, sunau, telnetlib, uu, xdrlib
  - bpo-2604: Fix bug where doctests using globals would fail
    when run multiple times.
  - bpo-45997: Fix asyncio.Semaphore re-aquiring FIFO order.
  - bpo-47022: The asynchat, asyncore and smtpd modules have been
    deprecated since at least Python 3.6. Their documentation and
    deprecation warnings and have now been updated to note they
    will removed in Python 3.12 (PEP 594).
  - bpo-46421: Fix a unittest issue where if the command was
    invoked as python -m unittest and the filename(s) began with
    a dot (.), a ValueError is returned.
  - bpo-40296: Fix supporting generic aliases in pydoc.

- Update to 3.10.3:
  - bpo-46940: Avoid overriding AttributeError metadata
    information for nested attribute access calls. Patch by Pablo
  - bpo-46852: Rename the private undocumented
    float.__set_format__() method to float.__setformat__() to fix
    a typo introduced in Python 3.7. The method is only used by
    test_float. Patch by Victor Stinner.
  - bpo-46794: Bump up the libexpat version into 2.4.6
  - bpo-46820: Fix parsing a numeric literal immediately (without
    spaces) followed by “not in” keywords, like in 1not in x. Now
    the parser only emits a warning, not a syntax error.
  - bpo-46762: Fix an assert failure in debug builds when a ‘<’,
    ‘>’, or ‘=’ is the last character in an f-string that’s
    missing a closing right brace.
  - bpo-46724: Make sure that all backwards jumps use the
    JUMP_ABSOLUTE instruction, rather than JUMP_FORWARD with an
    argument of (2**32)+offset.
  - bpo-46732: Correct the docstring for the __bool__() method.
    Patch by Jelle Zijlstra.
  - bpo-46707: Avoid potential exponential backtracking when
    producing some syntax errors involving lots of brackets.
    Patch by Pablo Galindo.
  - bpo-40479: Add a missing call to va_end() in
  - bpo-46615: When iterating over sets internally in
    setobject.c, acquire strong references to the resulting items
    from the set. This prevents crashes in corner-cases of
    various set operations where the set gets mutated.
  - bpo-45773: Remove two invalid “peephole” optimizations from
    the bytecode compiler.
  - bpo-43721: Fix docstrings of getter, setter, and deleter to
    clarify that they create a new copy of the property.
  - bpo-46503: Fix an assert when parsing some invalid N escape
    sequences in f-strings.
  - bpo-46417: Fix a race condition on setting a type __bases__
    attribute: the internal function add_subclass() now gets the
    PyTypeObject.tp_subclasses member after calling
    PyWeakref_NewRef() which can trigger a garbage collection
    which can indirectly modify PyTypeObject.tp_subclasses. Patch
    by Victor Stinner.
  - bpo-46383: Fix invalid signature of _zoneinfo’s module_free
    function to resolve a crash on wasm32-emscripten platform.
  - bpo-46070: Py_EndInterpreter() now explicitly untracks all
    objects currently tracked by the GC. Previously, if an object
    was used later by another interpreter, calling
    PyObject_GC_UnTrack() on the object crashed if the previous
    or the next object of the PyGC_Head structure became
    a dangling pointer. Patch by Victor Stinner.
  - bpo-46339: Fix a crash in the parser when retrieving the
    error text for multi-line f-strings expressions that do not
    start in the first line of the string. Patch by Pablo Galindo
  - bpo-46240: Correct the error message for unclosed parentheses
    when the tokenizer doesn’t reach the end of the source when
    the error is reported. Patch by Pablo Galindo
  - bpo-46091: Correctly calculate indentation levels for lines
    with whitespace character that are ended by line continuation
    characters. Patch by Pablo Galindo
  - bpo-43253: Fix a crash when closing transports where the
    underlying socket handle is already invalid on the Proactor
    event loop.
  - bpo-47004: Apply bugfixes from importlib_metadata 4.11.3,
    including bugfix for EntryPoint.extras, which was returning
    match objects and not the extras strings.
  - bpo-46985: Upgrade pip wheel bundled with ensurepip (pip
  - bpo-46968: faulthandler: On Linux 5.14 and newer, dynamically
    determine size of signal handler stack size CPython allocates
    using getauxval(AT_MINSIGSTKSZ). This changes allows for
    Python extension’s request to Linux kernel to use AMX_TILE
    instruction set on Sapphire Rapids Xeon processor to succeed,
    unblocking use of the ISA in frameworks.
  - bpo-46955: Expose asyncio.base_events.Server as
    asyncio.Server. Patch by Stefan Zabka.
  - bpo-23325: The signal module no longer assumes that SIG_IGN
    and SIG_DFL are small int singletons.
  - bpo-46932: Update bundled libexpat to 2.4.7
  - bpo-25707: Fixed a file leak in
    xml.etree.ElementTree.iterparse() when the iterator is not
    exhausted. Patch by Jacob Walls.
  - bpo-44886: Inherit asyncio proactor datagram transport from
  - bpo-46827: Support UDP sockets in asyncio.loop.sock_connect()
    for selector-based event loops. Patch by Thomas Grainger.
  - bpo-46811: Make test suite support Expat >=2.4.5
  - bpo-46252: Raise TypeError if ssl.SSLSocket is passed to
    transport-based APIs.
  - bpo-46784: Fix libexpat symbols collisions with user
    dynamically loaded or statically linked libexpat in embedded
  - bpo-39327: shutil.rmtree() can now work with VirtualBox
    shared folders when running from the guest operating-system.
  - bpo-46756: Fix a bug in
    urllib.request.HTTPPasswordMgr.find_user_password() and
    which allowed to bypass authorization. For example, access to
    URI was allowed if the user was authorized
    for URI
  - bpo-46643: In typing.get_type_hints(), support evaluating
    stringified ParamSpecArgs and ParamSpecKwargs annotations.
    Patch by Gregory Beauregard.
  - bpo-45863: When the tarfile module creates a pax format
    archive, it will put an integer representation of timestamps
    in the ustar header (if possible) for the benefit of older
    unarchivers, in addition to the existing full-precision
    timestamps in the pax extended header.
  - bpo-46676: Make typing.ParamSpec args and kwargs equal to
    themselves. Patch by Gregory Beauregard.
  - bpo-46672: Fix NameError in asyncio.gather() when initial
    type check fails.
  - bpo-46655: In typing.get_type_hints(), support evaluating
    bare stringified TypeAlias annotations. Patch by Gregory
  - bpo-45948: Fixed a discrepancy in the C implementation of the
    xml.etree.ElementTree module. Now, instantiating an
    xml.etree.ElementTree.XMLParser with a target=None keyword
    provides a default xml.etree.ElementTree.TreeBuilder target
    as the Python implementation does.
  - bpo-46521: Fix a bug in the codeop module that was
    incorrectly identifying invalid code involving string quotes
    as valid code.
  - bpo-46581: Brings ParamSpec propagation for GenericAlias in
    line with Concatenate (and others).
  - bpo-46591: Make the IDLE doc URL on the About IDLE dialog
  - bpo-46400: expat: Update libexpat from 2.4.1 to 2.4.4
  - bpo-46487: Add the get_write_buffer_limits method to
    asyncio.transports.WriteTransport and to the SSL transport.
  - bpo-45173: Note the configparser deprecations will be removed
    in Python 3.12.
  - bpo-46539: In typing.get_type_hints(), support evaluating
    stringified ClassVar and Final annotations inside Annotated.
    Patch by Gregory Beauregard.
  - bpo-46491: Allow typing.Annotated to wrap typing.Final and
    typing.ClassVar. Patch by Gregory Beauregard.
  - bpo-46436: Fix command-line option -d/--directory in module
    http.server which is ignored when combined with command-line
    option --cgi. Patch by Géry Ogam.
  - bpo-41403: Make mock.patch() raise a TypeError with
    a relevant error message on invalid arg. Previously it
    allowed a cryptic AttributeError to escape.
  - bpo-46474: In importlib.metadata.EntryPoint.pattern, avoid
    potential REDoS by limiting ambiguity in consecutive
  - bpo-46469: asyncio generic classes now return
    types.GenericAlias in __class_getitem__ instead of the same
  - bpo-46434: pdb now gracefully handles help when __doc__ is
    missing, for example when run with pregenerated optimized
    .pyc files.
  - bpo-46333: The __eq__() and __hash__() methods of
    typing.ForwardRef now honor the module parameter of
    typing.ForwardRef. Forward references from different modules
    are now differentiated.
  - bpo-46246: Add missing __slots__ to
    importlib.metadata.DeprecatedList. Patch by Arie Bovenberg.
  - bpo-46266: Improve day constants in calendar.
  - Now all constants (MONDAY … SUNDAY) are documented, tested,
    and added to __all__.
  - bpo-46232: The ssl module now handles certificates with bit
    strings in DN correctly.
  - bpo-43118: Fix a bug in inspect.signature() that was causing
    it to fail on some subclasses of classes with
    a __text_signature__ referencing module globals. Patch by
    Weipeng Hong.
  - bpo-26552: Fixed case where failing asyncio.ensure_future()
    did not close the coroutine. Patch by Kumar Aditya.
  - bpo-21987: Fix an issue with tarfile.TarFile.getmember()
    getting a directory name with a trailing slash.
  - bpo-20392: Fix inconsistency with uppercase file extensions
    in MimeTypes.guess_type(). Patch by Kumar Aditya.
  - bpo-46080: Fix exception in argparse help text generation if
    a argparse.BooleanOptionalAction argument’s default is
    argparse.SUPPRESS and it has help specified. Patch by Felix
  - bpo-44439: Fix .write() method of a member file in ZipFile,
    when the input data is an object that supports the buffer
    protocol, the file length may be wrong.
  - bpo-45703: When a namespace package is imported before
    another module from the same namespace is created/installed
    in a different sys.path location while the program is
    running, calling the importlib.invalidate_caches() function
    will now also guarantee the new module is noticed.
  - bpo-24959: Fix bug where unittest sometimes drops frames from
    tracebacks of exceptions raised in tests.
  - bpo-44791: Fix substitution of ParamSpec in Concatenate with
    different parameter expressions. Substitution with a list of
    types returns now a tuple of types. Substitution with
    Concatenate returns now a Concatenate with concatenated lists
    of arguments.
  - bpo-14156: argparse.FileType now supports an argument of ‘-’
    in binary mode, returning the .buffer attribute of
    sys.stdin/sys.stdout as appropriate. Modes including ‘x’ and
    ‘a’ are treated equivalently to ‘w’ when argument is ‘-’.
    Patch contributed by Josh Rosenberg
  - bpo-46463: Fixes script used when building the
    CHM documentation file
  - bpo-46913: Fix test_faulthandler.test_sigfpe() if Python is
    built with undefined behavior sanitizer (UBSAN): disable
    UBSAN on the faulthandler_sigfpe() function. Patch by Victor
  - bpo-46708: Prevent default asyncio event loop policy
    modification warning after test_asyncio execution.
  - bpo-46678: The function make_legacy_pyc in
    Lib/test/support/ no longer fails when
    PYTHONPYCACHEPREFIX is set to a directory on a different
    device from where tempfiles are stored.
  - bpo-46616: Ensures test_importlib.test_windows cleans up
    registry keys after completion.
  - bpo-44359: test_ftplib now silently ignores socket errors to
    prevent logging unhandled threading exceptions. Patch by
    Victor Stinner.
  - bpo-46542: Fix a Python crash in test_lib2to3 when using
    Python built in debug mode: limit the recursion limit. Patch
    by Victor Stinner.
  - bpo-46576: test_peg_generator now disables compiler
    optimization when testing compilation of its own C extensions
    to significantly speed up the testing on non-debug builds of
  - bpo-46542: Fix test_json tests checking for RecursionError:
    modify these tests to use support.infinite_recursion(). Patch
    by Victor Stinner.
  - bpo-13886: Skip test_builtin PTY tests on non-ASCII
    characters if the readline module is loaded. The readline
    module changes input() behavior, but test_builtin is not
    intented to test the readline module. Patch by Victor
  - bpo-38472: Fix GCC detection in when
    cross-compiling. The C compiler is now run with LC_ALL=C.
    Previously, the detection failed with a German locale.
  - bpo-46513: configure no longer uses AC_C_CHAR_UNSIGNED macro
    and pyconfig.h no longer defines reserved symbol
  - bpo-45296: Clarify close, quit, and exit in IDLE. In the File
    menu, ‘Close’ and ‘Exit’ are now ‘Close Window’ (the current
    one) and ‘Exit’ is now ‘Exit IDLE’ (by closing all windows).
    In Shell, ‘quit()’ and ‘exit()’ mean ‘close Shell’. If there
    are no other windows, this also exits IDLE.
  - bpo-45447: Apply IDLE syntax highlighting to pyi files. Patch
    by Alex Waygood and Terry Jan Reedy.
  - bpo-46433: The internal function _PyType_GetModuleByDef now
    correctly handles inheritance patterns involving static
  - bpo-14916: Fixed bug in the tokenizer that prevented
    PyRun_InteractiveOne from parsing from the provided FD.

- Remove upstreamed patches:
  - support-expat-245.patch

Tue Feb 22 05:53:06 UTC 2022 - Steve Kowalik <>

- Add patch support-expat-245.patch:
  * Support Expat >= 2.4.5 

Tue Feb 15 23:05:55 UTC 2022 - Matej Cepl <>

- bsc#1195831 Obsolete older "most modern" versions of python
  packages (python39 for python310 and so forth). For next
  versions it is necessary just to edit the macro.

Tue Jan 25 16:09:25 UTC 2022 - Matej Cepl <>

- Remove second superfluous BR rpm-build-python

Tue Jan 25 16:09:25 UTC 2022 - Matej Cepl <>

- Remove second superfluous BR rpm-build-python
- Add fix_configure_rst.patch, which removes duplicate link
  targets and make documentation with old Sphinx in SLE
- Skip test_capi (bsc#1195140 and bpo#37169)

Wed Jan 19 22:01:51 UTC 2022 - Matej Cepl <>

- Update to 3.10.2:
  Bugfix only
  - bpo#46347 memory leak in PyEval_EvalCodeEx (especially
    visible with Cython code)
  - and many others

Wed Dec  8 13:07:25 UTC 2021 - Matej Cepl <>

- Upgrade to 3.10.1 (jsc#SLE-18038):
  - PEP 623 – Deprecate and prepare for the removal of the wstr
    member in PyUnicodeObject.
  - PEP 604 – Allow writing union types as X | Y
  - PEP 612 – Parameter Specification Variables
  - PEP 626 – Precise line numbers for debugging and other tools.
  - PEP 618 – Add Optional Length-Checking To zip.
  - bpo-12782: Parenthesized context managers are now officially
  - PEP 632 – Deprecate distutils module.
  - PEP 613 – Explicit Type Aliases
  - PEP 634 – Structural Pattern Matching: Specification
  - PEP 635 – Structural Pattern Matching: Motivation and
  - PEP 636 – Structural Pattern Matching: Tutorial
  - PEP 644 – Require OpenSSL 1.1.1 or newer
  - PEP 624 – Remove Py_UNICODE encoder APIs
  - PEP 597 – Add optional EncodingWarning
- Patches readjusted:
  - bpo-31046_ensurepip_honours_prefix.patch
  - python-3.3.0b1-fix_date_time_compiler.patch

Sat Dec  4 18:40:28 UTC 2021 - Matej Cepl <>

- Remove pdb_adjust_breakpoints.patch and instead just adjust location
  of the test breakpoint in Lib/test/ via sed, because we
  have shortened Lib/ by removing the shebang (bpo#45964).

Thu Dec  2 13:51:57 UTC 2021 - Matej Cepl <>

- Add pdb_adjust_breakpoints.patch fixing expectd results in

Mon Nov 29 00:17:07 UTC 2021 - Matej Cepl <>

- Remove shebangs from from python-base libraries in _libdir
- Readjust patches:
  - bpo-31046_ensurepip_honours_prefix.patch
  - decimal.patch
  - python-3.3.0b1-fix_date_time_compiler.patch

Tue Nov 16 16:03:43 UTC 2021 - Matej Cepl <>

- Move rpm-build-python construct to correct place.

Wed Oct 13 08:52:47 UTC 2021 - Dominique Leuenberger <>

- BuildRequire rpm-build-python: The provider to inject python(abi)
  has been moved there. rpm-build pulls rpm-build-python
  automatically in when building anything against python3-base, but
  this implies that the initial build of python3-base does not
  trigger the automatic installation.

Tue Oct  5 22:36:51 UTC 2021 - Matej Cepl <>

- Final release of 3.10.0:
  Complete list on,
  but highlights are:
  - PEP 623 – Deprecate and prepare for the removal of the wstr
    member in PyUnicodeObject.
  - PEP 604 – Allow writing union types as X | Y
  - PEP 612 – Parameter Specification Variables
  - PEP 626 – Precise line numbers for debugging and other
  - PEP 618 – Add Optional Length-Checking To zip.
  - PEP 632 – Deprecate distutils module.
  - PEP 613 – Explicit Type Aliases
  - PEP 634 – Structural Pattern Matching: Specification
  - PEP 635 – Structural Pattern Matching: Motivation and
  - PEP 636 – Structural Pattern Matching: Tutorial
  - PEP 644 – Require OpenSSL 1.1.1 or newer
  - PEP 624 – Remove Py_UNICODE encoder APIs
  - PEP 597 – Add optional EncodingWarning
  - bpo-12782: Parenthesized context managers are now officially

Mon Aug 30 12:48:25 UTC 2021 - Matej Cepl <>

- Switch on option --with-system-libmpdec (bsc#1189356).

Fri Aug 27 13:15:03 UTC 2021 - Andreas Schwab <>

- Reenable profileopt with qemu emulation, test_faulthandler is no longer
  run during profiling

Thu Aug 12 15:11:39 UTC 2021 - Andreas Schwab <>

- test_faulthandler is still problematic under qemu linux-user emulation,
  disable it there

Wed Aug 11 05:57:11 UTC 2021 - Matej Cepl <>

- Update to 3.10.0rc1 (the penultimate prerelease), which contains
  plenty of small bugfixes among others:
  - bpo#38605: from __future__ import annotations (PEP 563) used to be
    on this list in previous pre-releases but it has been postponed to
    Python 3.11 due to some compatibility concerns.
  - bpo-44600: Fix incorrect line numbers while tracing some failed
    patterns in match statements. Patch by Charles Burkland.
  - plenty of modifications in types.Union

Wed Jul 21 13:44:48 UTC 2021 - Matej Cepl <>

- Update to 3.10.0b4:
- Remove python3-imp-returntype.patch which has been upstreamed.

Mon Jun  7 15:52:44 UTC 2021 - Matej Cepl <>

- Update to 3.10.0b2:
  - PEP 623 -- Deprecate and prepare for the removal of the wstr
    member in PyUnicodeObject.
  - PEP 604 -- Allow writing union types as X | Y
  - PEP 612 -- Parameter Specification Variables
  - PEP 626 -- Precise line numbers for debugging and other
  - PEP 618 -- Add Optional Length-Checking To zip.
  - bpo-12782: Parenthesized context managers are now officially
  - PEP 632 -- Deprecate distutils module.
  - PEP 613 -- Explicit Type Aliases
  - PEP 634 -- Structural Pattern Matching: Specification
  - PEP 635 -- Structural Pattern Matching: Motivation and
  - PEP 636 -- Structural Pattern Matching: Tutorial
  - PEP 644 -- Require OpenSSL 1.1.1 or newer
  - PEP 624 -- Remove Py_UNICODE encoder APIs
  - PEP 597 -- Add optional EncodingWarning
- Removed patches (assumed upstream):
  - sphinx-update-removed-function.patch

Sat Jun  5 21:21:38 UTC 2021 - Matej Cepl <>

- Revert previous skip over test_capi
- Add skip-test_pyobject_freed_is_freed.patch to skip failing
  test on SLE-15.

Fri Jun  4 21:36:30 UTC 2021 - Dirk Müller <>

- allow build with Sphinx >= 3.x 

Wed Jun  2 13:12:04 UTC 2021 - Dan Čermák <>

- Exclude test_capi on Leap (test fails there)

Fri May 21 15:13:59 UTC 2021 - Matej Cepl <>

- Stop providing "python" symbol (bsc#1185588), which means
  python2 currently.

Wed May  5 15:16:58 UTC 2021 - Matej Cepl <>

- Update to 3.9.5:
  * Security
    - bpo-43434: Creating a sqlite3.Connection object now also
      produces a sqlite3.connect auditing event. Previously this
      event was only produced by sqlite3.connect() calls. Patch
      by Erlend E. Aasland.
    - bpo-43882: The presence of newline or tab characters in
      parts of a URL could allow some forms of attacks.
    - Following the controlling specification for URLs defined by
      WHATWG urllib.parse() now removes ASCII newlines and tabs
      from URLs, preventing such attacks.
    - bpo-43472: Ensures interpreter-level audit hooks receive
      the cpython.PyInterpreterState_New event when called
      through the _xxsubinterpreters module.
    - bpo-36384: ipaddress module no longer accepts any leading
      zeros in IPv4 address strings. Leading zeros are ambiguous
      and interpreted as octal notation by some libraries. For
      example the legacy function socket.inet_aton() treats
      leading zeros as octal notatation. glibc implementation of
      modern inet_pton() does not accept any leading zeros. For
      a while the ipaddress module used to accept ambiguous
      leading zeros.
    - bpo-43075: Fix Regular Expression Denial of Service (ReDoS)
      vulnerability in urllib.request.AbstractBasicAuthHandler.
      The ReDoS-vulnerable regex has quadratic worst-case
      complexity and it allows cause a denial of service when
      identifying crafted invalid RFCs. This ReDoS issue is on
      the client side and needs remote attackers to control the
      HTTP server.
    - bpo-42800: Audit hooks are now fired for frame.f_code,
      traceback.tb_frame, and generator code/frame attribute
  * Core and Builtins
    - bpo-43105: Importlib now resolves relative paths when
      creating module spec objects from file locations.
    - bpo-42924: Fix bytearray repetition incorrectly copying
      data from the start of the buffer, even if the data is
      offset within the buffer (e.g. after reassigning a slice at
      the start of the bytearray to a shorter byte string).
  * Library
    - bpo-43993: Update bundled pip to 21.1.1.
    - bpo-43937: Fixed the turtle module working with non-default
      root window.
    - bpo-43930: Update bundled pip to 21.1 and setuptools to
    - bpo-43920: OpenSSL 3.0.0: load_verify_locations() now
      returns a consistent error message when cadata contains no
      valid certificate.
    - bpo-43607: urllib can now convert Windows paths with \\?\
      prefixes into URL paths.
    - bpo-43284: platform.win32_ver derives the windows version
      from sys.getwindowsversion().platform_version which in turn
      derives the version from kernel32.dll (which can be of
      a different version than Windows itself). Therefore change
      the platform.win32_ver to determine the version using the
      platform module’s _syscmd_ver private function to return an
      accurate version.
    - bpo-42248: [Enum] ensure exceptions raised in _missing__
      are released
    - bpo-43799: OpenSSL 3.0.0: define OPENSSL_API_COMPAT 1.1.1
      to suppress deprecation warnings. Python requires OpenSSL
      1.1.1 APIs.
    - bpo-43794: Add ssl.OP_IGNORE_UNEXPECTED_EOF constants
      (OpenSSL 3.0.0)
    - bpo-43789: OpenSSL 3.0.0: Don’t call the password callback
      function a second time when first call has signaled an
      error condition.
    - bpo-43788: The header files for ssl error codes are now
      OpenSSL version-specific. Exceptions will now show correct
      reason and library codes. The script has
      been rewritten to use OpenSSL’s text file with error codes.
    - bpo-43655: tkinter dialog windows are now recognized as
      dialogs by window managers on macOS and X Window.
    - bpo-43534: turtle.textinput() and turtle.numinput() create
      now a transient window working on behalf of the canvas
    - bpo-43522: Fix problem with hostname_checks_common_name.
      OpenSSL does not copy hostflags from struct SSL_CTX to
      struct SSL.
    - bpo-42967: Allow bytes separator argument in
      urllib.parse.parse_qs and urllib.parse.parse_qsl when
      parsing str query strings. Previously, this raised
      a TypeError.
    - bpo-43176: Fixed processing of a dataclass that inherits
      from a frozen dataclass with no fields. It is now correctly
      detected as an error.
    - bpo-41735: Fix thread locks in zlib module may go wrong in
      rare case. Patch by Ma Lin.
    - bpo-36470: Fix dataclasses with InitVars and replace().
      Patch by Claudiu Popa.
    - bpo-32745: Fix a regression in the handling of ctypes’
      ctypes.c_wchar_p type: embedded null characters would cause
      a ValueError to be raised. Patch by Zackery Spytz.
  * Documentation
    - bpo-43959: The documentation on the PyContextVar C-API was
    - bpo-43938: Update dataclasses documentation to express that
      FrozenInstanceError is derived from AttributeError.
    - bpo-43755: Update documentation to reflect that
      unparenthesized lambda expressions can no longer be the
      expression part in an if clause in comprehensions and
      generator expressions since Python 3.9.
    - bpo-43739: Fixing the example code in
      Doc/extending/extending.rst to declare and initialize the
      pmodule variable to be of the right type.
  * Tests
    - bpo-43961: Fix
      test_logging.test_namer_rotator_inheritance() on Windows:
      use os.replace() rather than os.rename(). Patch by Victor
    - bpo-43842: Fix a race condition in the SMTP test of
      test_logging. Don’t close a file descriptor (socket) from
      a different thread while asyncore.loop() is polling the
      file descriptor. Patch by Victor Stinner.
    - bpo-43811: Tests multiple OpenSSL versions on GitHub
      Actions. Use ccache to speed up testing.
    - bpo-43791: OpenSSL 3.0.0: Disable testing of legacy
      protocols TLS 1.0 and 1.1. Tests are failing with
- Refreshed patches:
  - bpo-31046_ensurepip_honours_prefix.patch
  - python-3.3.0b1-fix_date_time_compiler.patch
- Add vendorized files from bluez-devel to enable building support for

Sun May  2 09:20:06 UTC 2021 - Ben Greiner <>

- Make sure to close the file after the exception
  has been raised in order to avoid ResourceWarnings when the
  failing import is part of a try...except block.

Wed Apr 28 16:39:54 UTC 2021 - Matej Cepl <>

- Update to 3.9.4:
  - bpo#43710: Reverted the fix for
    as it changed the PyThreadState struct size and broke the 3.9.x ABI
    in the 3.9.3 release (visible on 32-bit platforms using binaries
    compiled using an earlier version of Python 3.9.x headers).
  - bpo#26053: Fixed bug where the pdb interactive run command echoed
    the args from the shell command line, even if those have been
    overridden at the pdb prompt.
  - bpo#42988 (bsc#1183374) CVE-2021-3426: Remove the getfile
    feature of the pydoc module which could be abused to read
    arbitrary files on the disk (directory traversal
    vulnerability). Moreover, even source code of Python modules
    can contain sensitive data like passwords. Vulnerability
    reported by David Schwörer.
  - bpo#43285: ftplib no longer trusts the IP address value
    returned from the server in response to the PASV command by
    default. This prevents a malicious FTP server from using the
    response to probe IPv4 address and port combinations on the
    client network. Code that requires the former vulnerable
    behavior may set a trust_server_pasv_ipv4_address attribute
    on their ftplib.FTP instances to True to re-enable it.
  - bpo#43439: Add audit hooks for gc.get_objects(),
    gc.get_referrers() and gc.get_referents(). Patch by Pablo
  - bpo#43660: Fix crash that happens when replacing sys.stderr
    with a callable that can remove the object while an exception
    is being printed. Patch by Pablo Galindo.
  - bpo#43555: Report the column offset for SyntaxError for
    invalid line continuation characters. Patch by Pablo Galindo.
  - bpo#43517: Fix misdetection of circular imports when using
    from pkg.mod import attr, which caused false positives in
    non-trivial multi-threaded code.
  - bpo#35883: Python no longer fails at startup with a fatal
    error if a command line argument contains an invalid Unicode
    character. The Py_DecodeLocale() function now escapes byte
    sequences which would be decoded as Unicode characters
    outside the [U+0000; U+10ffff] range.
  - bpo#43406: Fix a possible race condition where
    PyErr_CheckSignals tries to execute a non-Python signal
  - bpo#42500: Improve handling of exceptions near recursion
    limit. Converts a number of Fatal Errors in RecursionErrors.
  - bpo#43433: xmlrpc.client.ServerProxy no longer ignores query
    and fragment in the URL of the server.
  - bpo#35930: Raising an exception raised in a “future” instance
    will create reference cycles.
  - bpo#43577: Fix deadlock when using ssl.SSLContext debug
    callback with ssl.SSLContext.sni_callback().
  - bpo#43521: ast.unparse can now render NaNs and empty sets.
  - bpo#43423: subprocess.communicate() no longer raises an
    IndexError when there is an empty stdout or stderr IO buffer
    during a timeout on Windows.
  - bpo#27820: Fixed long-standing bug of smtplib.SMTP where
    doing AUTH LOGIN with initial_response_ok=False will fail.
    The cause is that SMTP.auth_login _always_ returns a password
    if provided with a challenge string, thus non-compliant with
    the standard for AUTH LOGIN. Also fixes bug with the test for
  - bpo#43332: Improves the networking efficiency of http.client
    when using a proxy via set_tunnel(). Fewer small send calls
    are made during connection setup.
  - bpo#43399: Fix ElementTree.extend not working on iterators
    when using the Python implementation
  - bpo#43316: The python -m gzip command line application now
    properly fails when detecting an unsupported extension. It
    exits with a non-zero exit code and prints an error message
    to stderr.
  - bpo#43260: Fix TextIOWrapper can not flush internal buffer
    forever after very large text is written.
  - bpo#42782: Fail fast in shutil.move() to avoid creating
    destination directories on failure.
  - bpo#37193: Fixed memory leak in socketserver.ThreadingMixIn
    introduced in Python 3.7.
  - bpo#43199: Answer “Why is there no goto?” in the Design and
    History FAQ.
  - bpo#43407: Clarified that a result from time.monotonic(),
    time.perf_counter(), time.process_time(), or
    time.thread_time() can be compared with the result from any
    following call to the same function - not just the next
    immediate call.
  - bpo#27646: Clarify that ‘yield from <expr>’ works with any
    iterable, not just iterators.
  - bpo#36346: Update some deprecated unicode APIs which are
    documented as “will be removed in 4.0” to “3.12”. See PEP 623
    for detail.
  - bpo#37945: Fix test_getsetlocale_issue1813() of test_locale:
    skip the test if setlocale() fails. Patch by Victor Stinner.
  - bpo#41561: Add workaround for Ubuntu’s custom OpenSSL
    security level policy.
  - bpo#43288: Fix test_importlib to correctly skip Unicode file
    tests if the fileystem does not support them.
  - bpo#43617: Improve Check for presence of
    autoconf-archive package and remove our copies of M4 macros.
  - bpo#42225: Document that IDLE can fail on Unix either from
    misconfigured IP masquerage rules or failure displaying
    complex colored (non-ascii) characters.
  - bpo#43283: Document why printing to IDLE’s Shell is often
    slower than printing to a system terminal and that it can be
    made faster by pre-formatting a single string before

Fri Feb 19 16:58:38 UTC 2021 - Matej Cepl <>

- Update to 3.9.2:
  - bpo#42938 (bsc#1181126): Avoid static buffers when computing
    the repr of ctypes.c_double and ctypes.c_longdouble
    values. This issue was assigned CVE-2021-3177.
  - bpo#42967 (bsc#1182379): Fix web cache poisoning
    vulnerability by defaulting the query args separator to &,
    and allowing the user to choose a custom separator. This
    issue was assigned CVE-2021-23336.
- Upstreamed patches were removed:
  - CVE-2021-3177-buf_ovrfl_PyCArg_repr.patch
  - bsc1167501-invalid-alignment.patch
  - skip_random_failing_tests.patch
  - CVE-2019-5010-null-defer-x509-cert-DOS.patch

Tue Feb  9 01:37:59 UTC 2021 - Steve Kowalik <>

- Add Obsoletes for python3-base when primary interpreter is set to
  properly replace it during upgrades.  (bsc#1181324)

Mon Feb  8 22:02:03 UTC 2021 - Matej Cepl <>

- Update to 3.9.1:
  Security bugs:
  - Prevented potential DoS attack via CPU and RAM exhaustion
    when processing malformed Apple Property List files in binary
  - The plistlib module no longer accepts entity declarations in
    XML plist files to avoid XML vulnerabilities. This should not
    affect users as entity declarations are not used in regular
    plist files.
  - Add volatile to the accumulator variable in
    hmac.compare_digest, making constant-time-defeating
    optimizations less likely.
  Core and Builtins
  - Allow assignment expressions in set literals and set
    comprehensions as per PEP 572. Patch by Pablo Galindo.
  - Fix a regression introduced by the new parser, where an
    unparenthesized walrus operator was not allowed within
    generator expressions.
  - types.GenericAlias objects can now be the targets of
  - Fixed a bug in the PEG parser that was causing crashes in
    debug mode. Now errors are checked in left-recursive rules to
    avoid cases where such errors do not get handled in time and
    appear as long-distance crashes in other places.
  - Fixed a possible crash in the PEG parser when checking for
    the ‘!=’ token in the barry_as_flufl rule. Patch by Pablo
  - Fix handling of errors during creation of PyFunctionObject,
    which resulted in operations on uninitialized memory. Patch
    by Yonatan Goldschmidt.
  - Fix a bug in the parser, where a curly brace following
    a primary didn’t fail immediately. This led to invalid
    expressions like a {b} to throw a SyntaxError with a wrong
    offset, or invalid expressions ending with a curly brace like
    a { to not fail immediately in the REPL.
  - Fix possible buffer overflow in the new parser when checking
    for continuation lines. Patch by Pablo Galindo.
  - Run the parser two times. On the first run, disable all the
    rules that only generate better error messages to gain
    performance. If there’s a parse failure, run the parser
    a second time with those enabled.
  - Document the default implementation of object.__eq__.
  - Fix peephole optimizer misoptimize conditional jump
  - The garbage collector now tracks all user-defined classes.
    Patch by Brandt Bucher.
  - Fixed potential issues with removing not completely
    initialized module from sys.modules when import fails.
  - Star-unpacking is now allowed for with item’s targets in the
    PEG parser.
  - Fixed stack overflow in issubclass() and isinstance() when
    getting the __bases__ attribute leads to infinite recursion.
  - When loading a native module and a load failure occurs,
    prevent a possible UnicodeDecodeError when not running in
    a UTF-8 locale by decoding the load error message using the
    current locale’s encoding.
  - Correctly count control blocks in ‘except’ in compiler.
    Ensures that a syntax error, rather a fatal error, occurs for
    deeply nested, named exception handlers.
  - types.GenericAlias will now raise a TypeError when attempting
    to initialize with a keyword argument. Previously, this would
    cause the interpreter to crash if the interpreter was
    compiled with debug symbols. This does not affect
    interpreters compiled for release. Patch by Ken Jin.
  - CGIHTTPRequestHandler.run_cgi() HTTP_ACCEPT improperly
    parsed. Replace the special purpose getallmatchingheaders
    with generic get_all method and add relevant tests.
  - inspect.findsource() now raises OSError instead of IndexError
    when co_lineno of a code object is greater than the file
    length. This can happen, for example, when a file is edited
    after it was imported. PR by Irit Katriel.
  - Fix handling of trailing comments by inspect.getsource().
  - ChainMap.__iter__ no longer calls __getitem__ on underlying
  - TracebackException no longer holds a reference to the
    exception’s traceback object. Consequently, instances of
    TracebackException for equivalent but non-equal exceptions
    now compare as equal.
  - We fixed an issue in pickle.whichmodule in which importing
    multiprocessing could change the how pickle identifies which
    module an object belongs to, potentially breaking the
    unpickling of those objects.
  - Clarify the error message for asyncio.IncompleteReadError
    when expected is None.
  - Extracting a symlink from a tarball should succeed and
    overwrite the symlink if it already exists. The fix is to
    remove the existing file or symlink before extraction. Based
    on patch by Chris AtLee, Jeffrey Kintscher, and Senthil
  - Fixed The function accepts now the
    representation of the default state as empty sequence (as
    returned by The structure of the result is now
    the same on all platform and does not depend on the value of
  - Fix various issues with typing.Literal parameter handling
    (flatten, deduplicate, use type to cache key). Patch provided
    by Yurii Karabas.
  - Fix the threading.Thread class at fork: do nothing if the
    thread is already stopped (ex: fork called at Python exit).
    Previously, an error was logged in the child process.
  - The onerror callback from shutil.rmtree now receives correct
    function when fails.
  - Fix os.sendfile() on illumos.
  - Fixed writing binary Plist files larger than 4 GiB.
  - The repr() of typing types containing Generic Alias Types
    previously did not show the parameterized types in the
    GenericAlias. They have now been changed to do so.
  - webbrowser: Ignore NotADirectoryError when calling
  - binhex.binhex() consisently writes macOS 9 line endings.
  - Fix a stack overflow error for asyncio Task or Future repr().
  - The overflow occurs under some circumstances when a Task or
    Future recursively returns itself.
  - Fix memory leak in subprocess.Popen() in case an uid (gid)
    specified in user (group, extra_groups) overflows uid_t
  - Improve asyncio.wait function to create the futures set just
    one time.
  - InvalidFileException and RecursionError are now the only
    errors caused by loading malformed binary Plist file
    (previously ValueError and TypeError could be raised in some
    specific cases).
  - Pickling heap types implemented in C with protocols 0 and
    1 raises now an error instead of producing incorrect data.
  - plistlib: fix parsing XML plists with hexadecimal integer
  - Fix an incorrectly formatted error from
    _codecs.charmap_decode() when called with a mapped value
    outside the range of valid Unicode code points. PR by Max
  - Fix pickling pure Python datetime.time subclasses. Patch by
    Dean Inwood.
  - Fixed a bug that was causing ctypes.util.find_library() to
    return None when triying to locate a library in an
    environment when gcc>=9 is available and ldconfig is not.
    Patch by Pablo Galindo
  - C14N 2.0 serialisation in xml.etree.ElementTree failed for
    unprefixed attributes when a default namespace was defined.
  - Fix a bug in the symtable module that was causing
    module-scope global variables to not be reported as both
    local and global. Patch by Pablo Galindo.
  - str() for the type attribute of the tkinter.Event object
    always returns now the numeric code returned by Tk instead of
    the name of the event type.
  - fix tkinter.EventType Enum so all members are strings, and
    none are tuples
  - Fix SQLite3 segfault when backing up closed database. Patch
    contributed by Peter David McCormick.
  - Fix the tarfile module to write only basename of TAR file to
    GZIP compression header.
  - Allow ctypes.wintypes to be imported on non-Windows systems.
  - shutil.which() now ignores empty entries in PATHEXT instead
    of treating them as a match.
  - Fix time-of-check/time-of-action issue in
  - Fix --outfile for cProfile / profile not writing the output
    file in the original directory when the program being
    profiled changes the working directory. PR by Anthony
  - ZipFile truncates files to avoid corruption when a shorter
    comment is provided in append (“a”) mode. Patch by Jan Mazur.
  - Fixed KeyError exception when flattening an email to a string
    attempts to replace a non-existent Content-Transfer-Encoding
  - Fix the URL for the IMAP protocol documents.
  - Document __format__ functionality for IP addresses.
  - Clarify that subscription expressions are also valid for
    certain classes and types in the standard library, and for
    user-defined classes and types if the classmethod
    __class_getitem__() is provided.
  - Documented generic alias type and types.GenericAlias. Also
    added an entry in glossary for generic types.
  - In Programming FAQ “Sequences (Tuples/Lists)” section, add
    “How do you remove multiple items from a list”.
  - Fix RemovedInSphinx40Warning when building the documentation.
    Patch by Dong-hee Na.
  - Update the refcounts info of PyType_FromModuleAndSpec.
  - Fix tarfile’s extractfile documentation
  - Document some restrictions on the default string
    representations of numeric classes.
  - Reenable test_gdb on gdb 9.2 and newer: bug is
    fixed in gdb 10.1.
  - Fix test_asyncio.test_call_later() race condition: don’t
    measure asyncio performance in the call_later() unit test.
    The test failed randomly on the CI.
  - Include _testinternalcapi module in Windows installer for
    test suite
  - Fix test_logging.test_race_between_set_target_and_flush():
    the test now waits until all threads complete to avoid
    leaking running threads.
  - Avoid a test failure in test_lib2to3 if the module has
    already imported at the time the test executes. Patch by
    Pablo Galindo.
  - Tests for CJK codecs no longer call eval() on content
    received via HTTP.
  - Fix test_site.test_license_exists_at_url(): call
    urllib.request.urlcleanup() to reset the global
    urllib.request._opener. Patch by Victor Stinner.
  - test_ssl: skip test_min_max_version_mismatch when TLS 1.0 is
    not available
  - Add tests for SIGINT handling in the runpy module.
  - Fixed a failure in test_tk.test_widgets.ScaleTest happening
    when executing the test with Tk 8.6.10.
  - Fix a race condition in “make regen-all” when make -jN option
    is used to run jobs in parallel. The script now
    only use atomic write to write files. Moveover, generated
    files are now left unchanged if the content does not change,
    to not change the file modification time.
  - Update Py_UNREACHABLE to use __builtin_unreachable() if only
    the compiler is able to use it. Patch by Dong-hee Na.
  - Addressed three compiler warnings found by undefined behavior
    sanitizer (ubsan).
  - Fix reporting offset of the RE error in searchengine.
  - Get docstrings for IDLE calltips more often by using
  - Mostly finish using ttk widgets, mainly for editor, settings,
    and searches. Some patches by Mark Roseman.
  - Use ‘IDLE Shell’ as shell title
  - Rewrite the Calltips doc section.
  - In calltips, stop reminding that ‘/’ marks the end of
    positional-only arguments.
  - Typing opening and closing parentheses inside the parentheses
    of a function call will no longer cause unnecessary
    “flashing” off and on of an existing open call-tip, e.g. when
    typed in a string literal.
  - Fix potential crash in deallocating method objects when
    dynamically allocated PyMethodDef’s lifetime is managed
    through the self argument of a PyCFunction.
  - Py_FileSystemDefaultEncodeErrors and Py_UTF8Mode are
    available again in limited API.
- Readjustet and reapplied patches:
  - CVE-2021-3177-buf_ovrfl_PyCArg_repr.patch
  - bpo-31046_ensurepip_honours_prefix.patch
  - python-3.3.0b1-fix_date_time_compiler.patch
  - skip_random_failing_tests.patch
  - sphinx-update-removed-function.patch

Fri Jan 29 17:22:48 UTC 2021 - Matej Cepl <>

- Add CVE-2021-3177-buf_ovrfl_PyCArg_repr.patch fixing
  bsc#1181126 (CVE-2021-3177) buffer overflow in PyCArg_repr in
  _ctypes/callproc.c, which may lead to remote code execution.

Tue Jan  5 09:15:36 UTC 2021 - Matej Cepl <>

- (bsc#1180125) We really don't Require python-rpm-macros package.
  Unnecessary dependency.

Wed Dec 16 16:08:42 UTC 2020 - Matej Cepl <>

- Make python39-doc building again
- Add no-skipif-doctests.patch, because SLE-15 version of Sphinx
  doesn't know about skipif directive in doctests.

Sat Dec 12 14:29:33 UTC 2020 - Matej Cepl <>

- Update sphinx-update-removed-function.patch patch to the latest
  version in python36.

Thu Dec 10 00:26:51 UTC 2020 - Benjamin Greiner <>

- Last try before this results in an editwar:
  * remove importlib_resources and importlib-metadata 
  * import importlib_resources is not the same as
    import importlib.resources, same for metadata
  * The backport packages from PyPI needed for older flavors are
    specified as such for setuptools or in pyproject.toml. If a
    package requires them they typically add them with a python
    version qualifier and the packages have their own version

Sat Dec  5 16:55:12 UTC 2020 - Matej Cepl <>

- Add patch sphinx-update-removed-function.patch to no longer call
  a now removed function and to make documentation build independent of
  the Sphinx version (bsc#1179630, gh#python/cpython#13236).

Fri Nov 13 17:20:08 UTC 2020 - Matej Cepl <>

- Don't require packages which break build on SLE-15 although we really
  don't need them (python3-python-docs-theme and

Fri Oct  9 16:05:50 UTC 2020 - Dominique Leuenberger <>

- Fix build with RPM 4.16: error: bare words are no longer
  supported, please use "...":  x86 == ppc.

Tue Oct  6 07:30:56 UTC 2020 - Matej Cepl <>

- Update to the final version 3.9.0:
  Complete changelog with all (many)
  changes from previous version is on
  Changes from the previous RC versions (not that many) are on

Fri Sep 25 06:58:03 UTC 2020 - Dominique Leuenberger <>

- Buildrequire timezone only for general flavor. It's used in this
  flavor for the test suite.

Wed Sep  2 14:39:44 UTC 2020 - Matej Cepl <>

- Update to 3.9.0rc1:
  * Core and Builtins
      - bpo-38156: Handle interrupts that come after EOF
        correctly in PyOS_StdioReadline.
  * Library
      - bpo-41497: Fix potential UnicodeDecodeError in dis
      - bpo-41490: Update ensurepip to install pip 20.2.1 and
        setuptools 49.2.1.
      - bpo-41467: On Windows, fix asyncio recv_into() return
        value when the socket/pipe is closed (BrokenPipeError):
        return 0 rather than an empty byte string (b'').
      - bpo-41425: Make tkinter doc example runnable.
      - bpo-41384: Raise TclError instead of TypeError when an
        unknown option is passed to tkinter.OptionMenu.
      - bpo-38731: Fix NameError in command-line interface of
      - bpo-41317: Use add_done_callback() in
        asyncio.loop.sock_accept() to unsubscribe reader early on
      - bpo-41364: Reduce import overhead of uuid.
      - bpo-41341: Recursive evaluation of typing.ForwardRef in
      - bpo-41182: selector: use DefaultSelector based upon
      - bpo-40726: Handle cases where the end_lineno is None on
  * Documentation
      - bpo-41045: Add documentation for debug feature of
      - bpo-41314: Changed the release when from __future__
        import annotations becomes the default from 4.0 to 3.10
        (following a change in PEP 563).
  * Windows
      - bpo-41492: Fixes the description that appears in UAC
      - bpo-40948: Improve post-install message to direct people
        to the “py” command.
      - bpo-41412: The installer will now fail to install on
        Windows 7 and Windows 8. Further, the UCRT dependency is
        now always downloaded on demand.
      - bpo-40741: Update Windows release to include SQLite
  * IDLE
      - bpo-41468: Improve IDLE run crash error message (which
        users should never see).
      - bpo-41373: Save files loaded with no line ending, as when
        blank, or different line endings, by setting its line
        ending to the system default. Fix regression in 3.8.4 and

Tue Sep  1 10:15:06 UTC 2020 - Matej Cepl <>

- Synchronize formatting and fixes with python38.

Thu Aug 20 15:41:28 UTC 2020 - Andreas Schwab <>

- Increase testsuite timeout to account for super long running

Tue Jul 21 09:53:06 UTC 2020 - Callum Farmer <>

- Removed CVE-2019-20907_tarfile-inf-loop.patch: fixed in upstream
- Removed recursion.tar: contained in upstream
- Update to 3.9.0b5:
  - bpo-41304: Fixes python3x._pth being ignored on Windows, caused 
    by the fix for bpo-29778 (CVE-2020-15801).
  - bpo-41162: Audit hooks are now cleared later during
    finalization to avoid missing events.
  - bpo-29778: Ensure python3.dll is loaded from correct locations 
    when Python is embedded (CVE-2020-15523).
  - bpo-39603: Prevent http header injection by rejecting control 
    characters in http.client.putrequest(…).
  - bpo-41295: Resolve a regression in CPython 3.8.4 where defining
    “__setattr__” in a multi-inheritance setup and 
    calling up the hierarchy chain could fail if builtins/extension
    types were involved in the base types.
  - bpo-41247: Always cache the running loop holder when running 
  - bpo-41252: Fix incorrect refcounting in 
    _ssl.c’s _servername_callback().
  - bpo-41215: Use non-NULL default values in the PEG parser 
    keyword list to overcome a bug that was '
    preventing Python from being properly compiled when using the
    XLC compiler. Patch by Pablo Galindo.
  - bpo-41218: Python 3.8.3 had a regression where compiling with 
    aggressively mark list comprehension with CO_COROUTINE. Now only
    list comprehension making use of async/await will tagged as so.
  - bpo-41175: Guard against a NULL pointer dereference within 
    bytearrayobject triggered by the bytearray() + bytearray() operation.
  - bpo-39960: The “hackcheck” that prevents sneaking around a type’s 
    __setattr__() by calling the superclass method was 
    rewritten to allow C implemented heap types.
  - bpo-41288: Unpickling invalid NEWOBJ_EX opcode with the 
    C implementation raises now UnpicklingError instead of crashing.
  - bpo-39017: Avoid infinite loop when reading specially crafted 
    TAR files using the tarfile module (CVE-2019-20907, bsc#1174091).
  - bpo-41235: Fix the error handling in ssl.SSLContext.load_dh_params().
  - bpo-41207: In distutils.spawn, restore expectation that 
    DistutilsExecError is raised when the command is not found.
  - bpo-39168: Remove the __new__ method of typing.Generic.
  - bpo-41194: Fix a crash in the _ast module: it can no longer be 
    loaded more than once. It now uses a global state rather than a module state.
  - bpo-39384: Fixed email.contentmanager to allow set_content() to set a 
    null string.
  - bpo-41300: Save files with non-ascii chars. 
    Fix regression released in 3.9.0b4 and 3.8.4.
  - bpo-37765: Add keywords to module name completion list. 
    Rewrite Completions section of IDLE doc.
  - bpo-40170: Revert PyType_HasFeature() change: it reads 
    again directly the PyTypeObject.tp_flags 
    member when the limited C API is not used, rather than always calling 
    PyType_GetFlags() which hides implementation details.

Mon Jul 20 12:06:41 UTC 2020 - Matej Cepl <>

- Add CVE-2019-20907_tarfile-inf-loop.patch fixing bsc#1174091
  (CVE-2019-20907, bpo#39017) avoiding possible infinite loop
  in specifically crafted tarball.
  Add recursion.tar as a testing tarball for the patch.

Fri Jul 17 07:07:19 UTC 2020 - Callum Farmer <>

- Changed bpo-31046_ensurepip_honours_prefix.patch to include fix from py3.8

Thu Jul 16 21:45:50 UTC 2020 - Callum Farmer <>

- Spec file fixes
- Re-added subprocess-raise-timeout.patch: now compatible
- Removed bpo34022-stop_hash-based_invalidation_w_SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH.patch: contained in upstream

Wed Jul 15 09:10:42 UTC 2020 - Tomáš Chvátal <>

- Fix minor issues found in the staging.

Wed Jul 15 06:13:33 UTC 2020 - Tomáš Chvátal <>

- Do not set ourselves as primary interpreter

Tue Jul 14 20:45:11 UTC 2020 - Matej Cepl <>

- Update to 3.9.0b4:
  - PEP 584, Union Operators in dict
  - PEP 585, Type Hinting Generics In Standard Collections
  - PEP 593, Flexible function and variable annotations
  - PEP 602, Python adopts a stable annual release cadence
  - PEP 615, Support for the IANA Time Zone Database in the
    Standard Library
  - PEP 616, String methods to remove prefixes and suffixes
  - PEP 617, New PEG parser for CPython
  - bpo#38379, garbage collection does not block on resurrected
  - bpo#38692, os.pidfd_open added that allows process
    management without races and signals;
  - bpo#39926, Unicode support updated to version 13.0.0;
  - bpo#1635741, when Python is initialized multiple times in
    the same process, it does not leak memory anymore;
  - A number of Python builtins (range, tuple, set, frozenset,
    list, dict) are now sped up using PEP 590 vectorcall;
  - A number of Python modules (_abc, audioop, _bz2, _codecs,
    _contextvars, _crypt, _functools, _json, _locale, operator,
    resource, time, _weakref) now use multiphase initialization
    as defined by PEP 489;
  - A number of standard library modules (audioop, ast, grp,
    _hashlib, pwd, _posixsubprocess, random, select, struct,
    termios, zlib) are now using the stable ABI defined by
    PEP 384.
- Remove upstreamed patches:
  - F00102-lib64.patch
  - SUSE-FEDORA-multilib.patch
  - OBS_dev-shm.patch
  - subprocess-raise-timeout.patch
  - bpo36302-sort-module-sources.patch
  - bpo40784-Fix-sqlite3-deterministic-test.patch

Fri Jul 10 10:55:15 UTC 2020 - Tomáš Chvátal <>

- Update and regenerate

Fri Jul 10 10:11:39 UTC 2020 - Tomáš Chvátal <>

- Convert few dependencies to their pkgconfig counterparts

Fri Jul 10 10:08:48 UTC 2020 - Tomáš Chvátal <>

- Remove release requirement on libpython, it is not really needed
  to be equal as the abi changes with versions

Fri Jul 10 10:07:50 UTC 2020 - Tomáš Chvátal <>

- Add provides python3-bla on all the subpkgs in case we are
  primary provider of the functionality

Fri Jul 10 10:02:01 UTC 2020 - Tomáš Chvátal <>

- Remove unversioned files from devel subpkg too
- Remove main python3 files from -base based whether we are
  primary interpreter or not
- Fix idle to be co-installable
- Add condition to be primary to provide/obsolete python3-*
- Fix doc to build in versioned folder so the pythons can be
  installed next to each other

Fri Jul 10 07:57:10 UTC 2020 - Tomáš Chvátal <>

- Revert the full versioning of calls on the macros. These
  are generic so they should really just call python3 X

Fri Jul 10 07:56:11 UTC 2020 - Tomáš Chvátal <>

- For the doc package we can build with generic flavor, we don't
  need the our-interpreter based one

Fri Jul 10 07:18:53 UTC 2020 - Tomáš Chvátal <>

- Add provides for pytohn3X-typing/etc to allow BR on those still
  to work when needed

Fri Jul 10 07:14:33 UTC 2020 - Tomáš Chvátal <>

- Change macros.python3 to use full versioned 3.8 instead of just 3
  for python interpreter

Wed Jul  1 11:50:19 UTC 2020 - Tomáš Chvátal <>

- Reduce some now unused conditionals

Wed Jul  1 11:00:40 UTC 2020 - Tomáš Chvátal <>

- Redux the -base dependencies to match up pre-merge layout

Wed Jul  1 09:24:39 UTC 2020 - Tomáš Chvátal <>

- Generate baselibs in pre-checkin too

Wed Jul  1 09:14:33 UTC 2020 - Tomáš Chvátal <>

- Generate the importlib-failed using pre_checking again
- Add back the information about skipped tests on the pre_checkin

Tue Jun 30 07:11:19 UTC 2020 - Tomáš Chvátal <>

- Use %python_pkg_name instead of hardcoding python3 where
- Sort out preamble with spec-cleaner

Mon Jun 29 14:36:10 UTC 2020 - Matej Cepl <>

- Calculate required variables instead of relying on their continuous manual update

Thu Jun 25 10:44:08 UTC 2020 - Tomáš Chvátal <>

- Fix the -base module build again to generate only the deps
  we need

Wed Jun 17 18:42:51 UTC 2020 - Matej Cepl <>

- Replace OBS_dev-shm.patch with the upstream PR#20944

Thu Jun 10 14:30:15 UTC 2020 - Tomáš Chvátal <>

- Use the %{python_pkg_name} on more places to allow easier
- Switch to _multibuild approach for easier maintenance of this
  package. All is now in one spec file with 3 conditionals:
  * bcond_with base
  * bcond_with doc
  * bcond_with general

Mon Jun  8 14:26:00 UTC 2020 - Matej Cepl <>

- add requires python3-base on libpython subpackage (bsc#1167008)

Fri Jun  5 06:08:12 UTC 2020 - Dirk Mueller <>

- build against Sphinx 2.x until python is compatible with
  Sphinx 3.x (see gh#python/cpython#19397, bpo#40204)

Fri May 29 19:59:01 UTC 2020 - Andreas Stieger <>

- Fix build with SQLite 3.32 (bpo#40783)
  add bpo40784-Fix-sqlite3-deterministic-test.patch

Sun May 17 15:37:35 UTC 2020 - Callum Farmer <>

- Update to version 3.8.3:
  - Complete list of changes is available at,
    but most of them are just bugfixes.
  - Removed patch CVE-2020-8492-urllib-ReDoS.patch: contained in upstream

Thu Apr 16 12:06:01 UTC 2020 - Matej Cepl <>

- Add #!BuildIgnore: gdk-pixbuf-loader-rsvg to python3 SPEC

Thu Mar 26 15:36:55 UTC 2020 - Matej Cepl <>

- Add patch bsc1167501-invalid-alignment.patch
  (bsc#1167501, bpo#40052) to fix alignment in abstract.h header file.

Wed Mar 11 11:09:41 UTC 2020 - Andreas Schwab <>

- Update list of skipped tests for qemu linux-user build, test_setegid
  (test.test_os.PosixUidGidTests) is confusing it

Thu Mar  5 18:40:29 UTC 2020 - Matej Cepl <>

- Update to 3.8.2:
  - Complete list of changes is available at,
    but most of them are just bugfixes.
  - Updated patches:
    - F00102-lib64.patch
    - OBS_dev-shm.patch
    - SUSE-FEDORA-multilib.patch
    - subprocess-raise-timeout.patch

Sun Feb  9 00:14:24 CET 2020 - Matej Cepl <>

- Add CVE-2020-8492-urllib-ReDoS.patch fixing the security bug
  "Python urrlib allowed an HTTP server to conduct Regular
  Expression Denial of Service (ReDoS)" (bsc#1162367)

Sat Feb  8 22:21:10 CET 2020 - Matej Cepl <>

- Add Requires: libpython%{so_version} == %{version}-%{release}
  to python3-base to keep both packages always synchronized

Mon Feb  3 20:27:54 UTC 2020 - Tomáš Chvátal <>

- Do not pull in bluez in base again, explain the cycle,
  it needs to be solved by bluez maintainer for us by providing
  just the headers separately

Mon Feb  3 19:54:25 UTC 2020 - Tomáš Chvátal <>

- Reame idle icons to idle3 in order to not conflict with python2
  variant of the package
  * renamed the icons
  * renamed icon load in desktop file

Thu Jan 16 09:50:03 UTC 2020 - Tomáš Chvátal <>

- Add importlib_resources provide/obsolete as it is integral
  part of the lang since 3.7 release

Mon Jan 13 11:10:47 UTC 2020 - Martin Liška <>

- Add -fno-semantic-interposition as it brings speed up:

Thu Dec 19 16:25:26 CET 2019 - Matej Cepl <>

- Update to 3.8.1:
  - This is mainly bugfix release and no significant changes to
    API are expected. The full changelog is available on
  - Remove bpo-38688_shutil.copytree_prevent-infinite-recursion.patch,
    which is included in the upstream tarball.

Thu Dec 19 14:57:32 CET 2019 - Matej Cepl <>

- Add bpo-31046_ensurepip_honours_prefix.patch which makes
  ensurepip to honour the value of $(prefix). Proposed fix for

Tue Dec 10 11:07:16 UTC 2019 - Tomáš Chvátal <>

- Move bluez-devel dependency to base as it is needed for
  socket.AF_BLUETOOTH and otherwise does not work

Mon Dec  2 16:52:32 CET 2019 - Matej Cepl <>

- Reintroduce QtHelp with the help of the new BR

Mon Oct 21 18:51:00 UTC 2019 - Stefan Brüns <>

- Fix SUSE-FEDORA-multilib.patch, the platform agnostic infix for
  library installation is "lib", not "dir".

Thu Oct 17 14:19:20 UTC 2019 - Stefan Brüns <>

- Move idle subpackage build from python3-base to python3.
  appstream-glib required for packaging introduces considerable
  extra dependencies and a build loop via rust/librsvg.
- Correct installation of idle IDE icons:
  + idle.png is not the target directory
  + non-GNOME-specific icons belong into icons/hicolor
- Add required Name key to idle3 desktop file

Tue Oct 15 16:39:12 CEST 2019 - Matej Cepl <>

- Update to the final release 3.8.0. .
  - New Features:
    - Assignment expressions
    - Positional-only parameters
    - Parallel filesystem cache for compiled bytecode files
    - Debug build uses the same ABI as release build
    - f-strings support = for self-documenting expressions and
    - PEP 578: Python Runtime Audit Hooks
    - PEP 587: Python Initialization Configuration
    - Vectorcall: a fast calling protocol for CPython
    - Pickle protocol 5 with out-of-band data buffers
  - New modules:
    - importlib.metadata
  - Improved modules:
    - ast asyncio, builtins, collections, curses, ctypes,
      datetime, functools, gc, gettext, gzip, idelib and IDLE,
      inspect, io, json.tool, math, mmap, multiprocessing, os,
      os.path, pathlib, pickle, plistlib, py_compile, shlex,
      shutil, socket, ssl, statistics, sys, tarfile, threading,
      tokenize, tkinter, time, typing, unicodedata, unittest,
      venv, weakref, xml
  - C API improvements
  - bdist_winnst command has been deprecated (use bdist_wheel)
- remains rest of
  changes including documentation on how to port your programs to
  the current version of Python.

Mon Oct 14 15:02:08 CEST 2019 - Matej Cepl <>

- Add idle3.appdata.xml and idle3.desktop (originally from
  Fedora) to make Idle3 full GUI desktop application.

Wed Oct  9 19:09:16 UTC 2019 - Michael Gorse <>

- Drop intltool from BuildRequires. Doesn't appear to be used.

Wed Oct  9 10:37:59 UTC 2019 - Tomáš Chvátal <>

- Add folder version to allow tarball downloads even for beta/rc

Tue Oct  8 14:53:54 CEST 2019 - Matej Cepl <>

- Revert patches from Fedora (F00102-lib64.patch and
  F00251-change-user-install-location.patch) into their original
  prisitine Fedora versions, SUSE-FEDORA-multilib.patch refreshed

Mon Oct  7 14:33:30 UTC 2019 - Matej Cepl <>

- Correct quotation of platsubdir in Lib/distutils/command/

Thu Oct  3 13:59:57 CEST 2019 - Matej Cepl <>

- Replace python-3.6.0-multilib.patch with two patches from
  Fedora (F00102-lib64.patch and
  F00251-change-user-install-location.patch), and our own
  SUSE-FEDORA-multilib.patch to allow better cooperation with
  Fedora and better upstreaming.
- Add OBS_dev-shm.patch fixing bpo#38377

Thu Oct  3 08:39:18 UTC 2019 - Tomáš Chvátal <>

- Pull in just gettext and let solver to sort out between:
  gettext-runtime-mini and gettext-runtime

Wed Oct  2 15:00:09 CEST 2019 - Matej Cepl <>

- Update to 3.8.0rc1. Overall changes from 3.7:
  - PEP 572, Assignment expressions
  - PEP 570, Positional-only arguments
  - PEP 587, Python Initialization Configuration (improved
  - PEP 590, Vectorcall: a fast calling protocol for CPython
  - PEP 578, Runtime audit hooks
  - PEP 574, Pickle protocol 5 with out-of-band data
  - Typing-related: PEP 591 (Final qualifier), PEP 586 (Literal
    types), and PEP 589 (TypedDict)
  - Parallel filesystem cache for compiled bytecode
  - Debug builds share ABI as release builds, also the 'm' ABI
    tag was removed (irrelevant since 3.4), bpo#36707
  - f-strings support a handy = specifier for debugging
  - continue is now legal in finally: blocks
  - on Windows, the default asyncio event loop is now
  - on macOS, the spawn start method is now used by default in
  - multiprocessing can now use shared memory segments to avoid
    pickling costs between processes
  - typed_ast is merged back to CPython
  - LOAD_GLOBAL is now 40% faster
  - pickle now uses Protocol 4 by default, improving performance
- Refreshed patches:
  -  CVE-2019-5010-null-defer-x509-cert-DOS.patch
  -  python-3.3.0b1-fix_date_time_compiler.patch
  -  python-3.6.0-multilib.patch
  -  subprocess-raise-timeout.patch

Wed Sep 25 09:46:41 UTC 2019 - Bernhard Wiedemann <>

- Add bpo36302-sort-module-sources.patch (boo#1041090)

Tue Sep 10 13:43:18 UTC 2019 - Tomáš Chvátal <>

- Try harder obsoleting importlib-metadata

Sat Aug 31 00:16:47 CEST 2019 - Matej Cepl <>

- Update to 3.8.0b4:
  Many bugfixes, full list on

Thu Aug 29 06:28:15 UTC 2019 - Guillaume GARDET <>

- Re-enable test_threading on aarch64

Sat Aug 17 13:21:15 UTC 2019 - John Vandenberg <>

- Remove xrpm from subpackage tk description

Tue Aug  6 14:24:55 CEST 2019 - Matej Cepl <>

- Update to 3.8.0b3:
  Many bugfixes, full list on
- Patches reapplied:
  - python-3.3.0b1-fix_date_time_compiler.patch
  - python-3.3.0b1-test-posix_fadvise.patch
  - python-3.6.0-multilib.patch
  - subprocess-raise-timeout.patch

Tue Jul 23 13:20:49 UTC 2019 - Matej Cepl <>

- Add Provides: python3-importlib-metadata

Sun Jul  7 19:08:48 CEST 2019 - Matej Cepl <>

- Update to 3.8.0b2:
  Many bugfixes, full list on
- Patches included in upstream:
  - bpo-37169_PyObject_IsFreed.patch
- Patches reapplied:
  - 00251-change-user-install-location.patch
  - distutils-reproducible-compile.patch
  - python-3.3.0b1-localpath.patch
  - python-3.6.0-multilib.patch

Tue Jul  2 09:03:04 UTC 2019 - Andreas Schwab <>

- Update list of skipped tests for qemu linux-user build
- Don't do profiling in qemu linux-user build

Wed Jun  5 12:19:09 CEST 2019 - Matej Cepl <>

- Update to 3.8.0b1 (changes since 3.7.*):
  - PEP 572, Assignment expressions
  - PEP 570, Positional-only arguments
  - PEP 587, Python Initialization Configuration (improved embedding)
  - PEP 590, Vectorcall: a fast calling protocol for CPython
  - PEP 578, Runtime audit hooks
  - PEP 574, Pickle protocol 5 with out-of-band data
  - Typing-related: PEP 591 (Final qualifier), PEP 586 (Literal
    types), and PEP 589 (TypedDict)
  - Parallel filesystem cache for compiled bytecode
  - Debug builds share ABI as release builds
  - f-strings support a handy = specifier for debugging
  - continue is now legal in finally: blocks
  - multiprocessing can now use shared memory segments to avoid
    pickling costs between processes
  - typed_ast is merged back to CPython
  - LOAD_GLOBAL is now 40% faster
  - pickle now uses Protocol 4 by default, improving performance 
- Remove patches which were included in the upstream:
  - 00251-change-user-install-location.patch
  - 00316-mark-bdist_wininst-unsupported.patch
  - CVE-2019-9947-no-ctrl-char-http.patch
  - raise_SIGING_not_handled.patch

Wed May 22 10:53:03 UTC 2019 - Martin Liška <>

- Set _lto_cflags to nil as the package is using LTO via --enable-lto.
  That will prevent to propage LTO for Python modules that are
  built in a separate package.

Sat May  4 21:29:20 CEST 2019 - Matej Cepl <>

- Update to 3.8.0.a3:
  - PEP 572: Assignment Expressions.
  - Other (mostly small) changes are on

Mon Apr 29 15:40:34 CEST 2019 - Matej Cepl <>

- bsc#1130840 (CVE-2019-9947): add CVE-2019-9947-no-ctrl-char-http.patch
  Address the issue by disallowing URL paths with embedded
  whitespace or control characters through into the underlying
  http client request. Such potentially malicious header
  injection URLs now cause a ValueError to be raised.

Wed Apr 10 10:22:58 CEST 2019 - Matej Cepl <>

- Fix metadata of patches.
- Rename boo1071941-make-install-in-sep-loc.patch to
  00251-change-user-install-location.patch which is the original
  name, so it can be looked up in the Fedora VCS.

Tue Apr  9 04:55:24 UTC 2019 - John Vandenberg <>

- Mark distutils bdist_wininst command unsupported
  with 00316-mark-bdist_wininst-unsupported.patch
- Remove Windows bdist_wininst executables from runtime package

Tue Apr  9 01:21:45 CEST 2019 - Matej Cepl <>

- Update to 3.7.3, which is the maintenance release without any
  significant changes in API.
  - Updated patches:
    - CVE-2019-5010-null-defer-x509-cert-DOS.patch
    - distutils-reproducible-compile.patch
    - python-3.3.0b1-fix_date_time_compiler.patch
    - python-3.6.0-multilib.patch
    - raise_SIGING_not_handled.patch

Wed Mar 20 14:59:58 UTC 2019 - Matěj Cepl <>

- Remove building of Qt Develop help files.

Fri Mar 15 15:10:30 CET 2019 - Matej Cepl <>

- Return distutils-reproducible-compile.patch which is still
  missing (still unfinished bpo#29708).

Mon Feb 25 23:30:56 CET 2019 - Matej Cepl <>

- Update to 3.8.0a2:
    * List of all (mostly small) changes are on

Tue Feb 12 10:25:52 CET 2019 - Matej Cepl <>

- Build nis module again.

Tue Feb 12 10:06:17 CET 2019 - Matej Cepl <>

- Update to 3.8.0a1:
    * The most visible change so far is probably the
      implementation of PEP 572: Assignment Expressions. For
      a detailed list of changes, see:
    * Recover building of nis module properly in python3 package
- Update patches:
    * CVE-2019-5010-null-defer-x509-cert-DOS.patch
    * python-3.3.0b1-fix_date_time_compiler.patch
    * python-3.3.0b1-test-posix_fadvise.patch
    * python-3.6.0-multilib.patch
    * raise_SIGING_not_handled.patch

Wed Jan 30 18:07:49 CET 2019 -

- Put LICENSE file where it belongs (bsc#1121852)

Sat Jan 19 16:19:38 CET 2019 -

- bsc#1122191: add CVE-2019-5010-null-defer-x509-cert-DOS.patch
  fixing bpo-35746.
  An exploitable denial-of-service vulnerability exists in the
  X509 certificate parser of Python 2.7.11 / 3.7.2.
  A specially crafted X509 certificate can cause a NULL pointer
  dereference, resulting in a denial of service. An attacker can
  initiate or accept TLS connections using crafted certificates
  to trigger this vulnerability.

Tue Jan  8 12:51:01 UTC 2019 - Tomáš Chvátal <>

- Do not require full gettext in order to avoid pulling in the
  glib2 as a dependency

Tue Jan  8 12:25:27 UTC 2019 - Tomáš Chvátal <>

- Update to 3.7.2:
  * bugfix release:

Wed Jan  2 12:51:48 CET 2019 -

- Stop applying python-3.6.0-multilib-new.patch (which is still
  WIP), and apply the old proven python-3.6.0-multilib.patch

Wed Dec 19 19:29:44 UTC 2018 - Todd R <>

- Use upstream-recommended %{_rpmconfigdir}/macros.d directory
  for the rpm macros.

Mon Dec 17 17:24:49 CET 2018 -

- Upgrade to 3.7.2rc1:
    * bugfix release, for the full list of all changes see 
- Make run of the test suite more verbose

Tue Dec 11 01:52:45 UTC 2018 - Jan Engelhardt <>

- Write summaries without em dashes.

Mon Dec  3 13:27:54 UTC 2018 - Matěj Cepl <>

- Remove python-3.3.0b1-curses-panel.patch it is unnecessary anymore.
- Add boo1071941-make-install-in-sep-loc.patch to make pip and
  distutils in user environment install into separate location

  Set values of prefix and exec_prefix in distutils install
  command to /usr/local if executable is /usr/bin/python* and RPM
  build is not detected to make pip and distutils install into
  separate location
- Remove finally python-3.3.3-skip-distutils-test_sysconfig_module.patch
- Remove distutils-reproducible-compile.patch which doesn't make
  really much difference in reproducibility (see
  gh#python/cpython#8057 and discussion there).

Sat Dec  1 00:14:28 CET 2018 -

- Rename Stop_hash-based_invalidation_w_SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH.patch
  to bpo34022-stop_hash-based_invalidation_w_SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH.patch

Wed Nov  7 12:10:41 CET 2018 -

- Add dependency on bluez-devel to build support for Bluetooth

Tue Nov  6 13:52:45 CET 2018 -

- Add devhelp subpackage and split qthelp into another

Wed Oct 24 12:38:00 UTC 2018 - Matěj Cepl <>

- Remove python-3.0b1-record-rpm.patch and
  Python-3.0b1-record-rpm.patch, as they are not needed anymore

Tue Oct 23 14:14:16 UTC 2018 - Matej Cepl <>

- Switch off test_threading for optimization builds.

Mon Oct 22 14:41:59 CEST 2018 -

- Update to python-3.7.1. This is just a brief overview, complete
  changelog available at
        bpo-34970: Protect tasks weak set manipulation in asyncio.all_tasks()
- Patches already accepted upstream are removed:
    * 00307-allow-to-call-Py_Main-after-Py_Initialize.patch
    * 00308-tls-1.3.patch
- New patches added:
    * Stop_hash-based_invalidation_w_SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH.patch
    * raise_SIGING_not_handled.patch
- All other patches refreshed via quilt.

Mon Oct 22 12:22:19 UTC 2018 - Matej Cepl <>

- Add raise_SIGING_not_handled.patch to fix bsc#1094814

Wed Oct 17 14:04:35 UTC 2018 - Tomáš Chvátal <>

- Add patch to fix importlib return types:
  * python3-imp-returntype.patch

Mon Oct 15 13:46:32 CEST 2018 -

- bpo-34022 still not completely fixed, so we have to keep
  excluding test_cmd_line_script,
  test_multiprocessing_main_handling, and test_runpy from the
  test suite.

Sun Oct 14 15:57:24 UTC 2018 - Matej Cepl <>

- Update to python 3.7.1~rc2:
    Core and Builtins
        bpo-34879: Fix a possible null pointer dereference in
            bytesobject.c. Patch by Zackery Spytz.
        bpo-34854: Fixed a crash in compiling string annotations
            containing a lambda with a keyword-only argument that
            doesn’t have a default value.
        bpo-34320: Fix dict(od) didn’t copy iteration order of
        bpo-34769: Fix for async generators not finalizing when event
            loop is in debug mode and garbage collector runs in another
        bpo-34922: Fixed integer overflow in the digest() and
            hexdigest() methods for the SHAKE algorithm in the hashlib
        bpo-34900: Fixed unittest.TestCase.debug() when used to call
            test methods with subtests. Patch by Bruno Oliveira.
        bpo-34871: Fix inspect module polluted sys.modules when parsing
            __text_signature__ of callable.
        bpo-34872: Fix self-cancellation in C implementation of
        bpo-34819: Use a monotonic clock to compute timeouts in
   and as_completed(), in order to prevent
            timeouts from deviating when the system clock is adjusted.
        bpo-34334: In QueueHandler, clear exc_text from LogRecord to
            prevent traceback from being written twice.
        bpo-6721: Acquire the logging module’s commonly used internal
            locks while fork()ing to avoid deadlocks in the child
        bpo-34172: Fix a reference issue inside multiprocessing.Pool
            that caused the pool to remain alive if it was deleted
            without being closed or terminated explicitly.
        bpo-32174: chm document displays non-ASCII charaters properly on
            some MBCS Windows systems.
        bpo-32962: Fixed test_gdb when Python is compiled with flags
            -mcet -fcf-protection -O0.
    C API
        bpo-34910: Ensure that PyObject_Print() always returns -1 on
            error. Patch by Zackery Spytz.

Fri Oct 12 20:46:58 CEST 2018 -

- Add Stop_hash-based_invalidation_w_SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH.patch to
  fix problems with SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH variable (bpo-34022)

Mon Sep 17 09:44:02 UTC 2018 - Tomáš Chvátal <>

- Add patch to fix build with tls1.3 supported openssl
  * 00308-tls-1.3.patch
- Add patch to fix Py_Main calls after Py_initialize
  * 00307-allow-to-call-Py_Main-after-Py_Initialize.patch

Mon Sep  3 15:22:42 UTC 2018 - Matěj Cepl <>

- Add -fwrapv to OPTS, which is default for python3 anyway
  See for example
  for bugs which are caused by avoiding it.

Tue Jul 10 11:12:32 UTC 2018 -

- Fix ownership of _contextvars, _queue, and _xxtestfuzz

Tue Jul  3 15:04:48 UTC 2018 -

- Switch off LTO for distros with older GCC
- Fix %files

Fri Jun 29 14:20:03 UTC 2018 -

- Add dependency over libuuid-devel

Thu Jun 28 10:42:15 UTC 2018 -

- update to python 3.7.0
    Complete overview of changes is available on, these are just
    * PEP 563, postponed evaluation of type annotations.
    * async and await are now reserved keywords.
    * New library modules:
        contextvars: PEP 567 – Context Variables
        dataclasses: PEP 557 – Data Classes
    * New built-in features:
        PEP 553, the new breakpoint() function.
    * Python data model improvements:
        PEP 562, customization of access to module attributes.
        PEP 560, core support for typing module and generic types.
        the insertion-order preservation nature of dict objects
        has been declared to be an official part of the Python
        language spec.
    * Significant improvements in the standard library:
        The asyncio module has received new features, significant
        usability and performance improvements.
        The time module gained support for functions with
        nanosecond resolution.
    * CPython implementation improvements:
        Avoiding the use of ASCII as a default text encoding:
            PEP 538, legacy C locale coercion
            PEP 540, forced UTF-8 runtime mode
        PEP 552, deterministic .pycs
        the new development runtime mode
        PEP 565, improved DeprecationWarning handling
    *   C API improvements:
        PEP 539, new C API for thread-local storage
    * Documentation improvements:
        PEP 545, Python documentation translations
        New documentation translations: Japanese, French, and Korean.
- drop python3-sorted_tar.patch
- drop 0001-allow-for-reproducible-builds-of-python-packages.patch
- refresh python-3.6.0-multilib-new.patch
- refresh subprocess-raise-timeout.patch
 * new C API for thread-local storage
 * Deterministic pyc files
 * Built-in breakpoint()
 * Data Classes
 * Core support for typing module and generic types
 * Customization of access to module attributes
 * Postponed evaluation of annotations
 * Time functions with nanosecond resolution
 * Improved DeprecationWarning handling
 * Context Variables
 * Avoiding the use of ASCII as a default text encoding
    (PEP 538, legacy C locale coercion and PEP 540, forced UTF-8 runtime mode)
 * The insertion-order preservation nature of dict objects is now
    an official part of the Python language spec.
 * Notable performance improvements in many areas.

Thu May 17 18:26:42 UTC 2018 -

- disable lto with gcc versions below 7 (results in link failures)

Mon Apr 30 15:23:24 UTC 2018 -

- Use faster find subcommand execution strategies.

Fri Apr 20 16:17:29 UTC 2018 -

- Do not mention the testsuite disabling in opts as it was moved to
  main pkg so base is test-free

Tue Apr 17 08:36:08 UTC 2018 -

- As we run in main python package do not generate the pre_checkin
  from both now

Mon Apr 16 14:11:56 UTC 2018 -

- Move the tests from base to generic package wrt bsc#1088573
  * We still fail the whole distro if python3 is not build
  * The other archs than x86_64 took couple of hours to unblock
    build of other software, this way we work around the issue
- Some tests are still run in -base for the LTO tweaking, but at
  least it is not run twice

Sat Mar 31 19:41:12 UTC 2018 -

- update to 3.6.5
  * bugfix release
  * see Misc/NEWS for details
- drop ctypes-pass-by-value.patch
- drop fix-localeconv-encoding-for-LC_NUMERIC.patch
- refresh python-3.6.0-multilib-new.patch

Wed Mar  7 09:16:39 UTC 2018 -

- Created %so_major and %so_minor macros
- Put Tools/gdb/ script into proper place and ship it with devel

Tue Feb 20 15:04:56 UTC 2018 -

- ctypes-pass-by-value.patch: Fix pass by value for structs on aarch64

Tue Feb 20 14:28:00 UTC 2018 -

- Add python3-sorted_tar.patch (boo#1081750)

Tue Feb 20 14:08:57 UTC 2018 -

- Drop python3-tk and python3-idle recommends to reduce python3
  always pulling X stack bsc#1081751

Wed Feb  7 09:10:03 UTC 2018 -

- Add patch to fix glibc 2.27 fail bsc#1079761:
  * fix-localeconv-encoding-for-LC_NUMERIC.patch

Mon Feb  5 17:14:43 UTC 2018 -

- Update skip_random_failing_tests.patch (for PowerPC)
  to avoid test_call_later failure

Wed Jan 24 14:35:58 UTC 2018 -

- move XML modules and python3-xml provide to python3-base
  (fixes bsc#1077230)
- move ensurepip to base

Thu Jan 18 12:31:47 UTC 2018 -

- Add skip_random_failing_tests.patch only for PowerPC

Wed Jan  3 12:18:51 UTC 2018 -

- update to 3.6.4
  * bugfix release, over a hundred bugs fixed
  * see Misc/NEWS for details
- drop upstreamed python3-ncurses-6.0-accessors.patch
- drop PYTHONSTARTUP hooks that cause spurious startup errors
  * fixes bsc#1070738
  * the relevant feature (REPL history) is now built into Python itself

Sat Dec  2 11:11:46 UTC 2017 -

- Install 2to3-%{python_version} executable (override defattr of
  the -tools package). 2to3 (unversioned) is a symlink and does not
  carry permissions (bsc#1070853).

Thu Nov 16 11:02:18 UTC 2017 -

- move 2to3 to python3-tools package

Wed Oct 11 13:15:23 UTC 2017 -

- update to 3.6.3
  * bugfix release, over a hundred bugs fixed
  * see Misc/NEWS for details
- drop upstreamed 0001-3.6-bpo-30714-ALPN-changes-for-OpenSSL-1.1.0f-3093.patch

Wed Sep 20 09:54:05 UTC 2017 -

- drop python-2.7-libffi-aarch64.patch: this patches the intree
  copy of libffi which is unused/deleted in the line afterwards
- fix build against system libffi: include flags weren't set
  so it actually used the in-tree libffi headers.

Thu Sep 14 13:23:10 UTC 2017 -

- Fix test broken with OpenSSL 1.1 (bsc#1042670)
  * add 0001-3.6-bpo-30714-ALPN-changes-for-OpenSSL-1.1.0f-3093.patch

Tue Sep  5 11:47:05 UTC 2017 -

- Update RPM group for python documentation.

Thu Aug 31 08:39:31 UTC 2017 -

- fix missing %{?armsuffix}

Wed Aug 30 13:41:38 UTC 2017 -

- distutils-reproducible-compile.patch: ensure distutils order files
  before compiling, which works around bsc#1049186

Thu Aug 17 08:59:05 CEST 2017 -

- Add libnsl-devel build requires for glibc obsoleting libnsl

Thu Aug  3 16:09:26 UTC 2017 -

- update to 3.6.2
  * bugfix release, over a hundred bugs fixed
  * see Misc/NEWS for details
- drop upstreamed test-socket-aead-kernel49.patch
- add Provides: python3-typing (fixes bsc#1050653)
- drop duplicate Provides: python3

Mon Jun 26 12:10:07 UTC 2017 -

- drop db-devel from requirements

Tue Jun 20 09:26:52 UTC 2017 -

- Add missing link to python library in config dir (bsc#1040164)

Thu Mar 23 12:42:59 UTC 2017 -

- update to 3.6.1
  * bugfix release, over a hundred bugs fixed
  * never add import location's parent directory to sys.path
  * switch to git for version control, build changes related to that
  * fix "failed to get random numbers" on old kernels (bsc#1029902)
  * several crashes and memory leaks corrected
  * f-string are no longer accepted as docstrings

Mon Mar 13 14:04:22 UTC 2017 -

- prevent regenerating AST at build-time more robustly
- add "--without profileopt" and "--without testsuite" options to python3-base
  to allow short circuiting when working on the package

Sat Feb 25 20:55:57 UTC 2017 -

- Add 0001-allow-for-reproducible-builds-of-python-packages.patch

Wed Feb  8 12:30:20 UTC 2017 -

- reenable test_socket with AEAD patch (test-socket-aead-kernel49.patch)
- reintroduce %py3_soflags macro (and better named %cpython3_soabi equivalent)

Wed Jan 11 14:57:07 UTC 2017 -

- update to 3.6.0
  * PEP 498 Formated string literals
  * PEP 515 Underscores in numeric literals
  * PEP 526 Syntax for variable annotations
  * PEP 525 Asynchronous generators
  * PEP 530 Asynchronous comprehensions
  * PEP 506 New "secrets" module for safe key generation
  * less memory consumed by dicts
  * dtrace and systemtap support
  * improved asyncio module
  * better defaults for ssl
  * new hashing algorithms in hashlib
  * bytecode format changed to allow more optimizations
  * "async" and "await" are on track to be reserved words
  * StopIteration from generators is deprecated
  * support for openssl < 1.0.2 is deprecated
  * os.urandom now blocks when getrandom() blocks
  * huge number of new features, bugfixes and optimizations
  * see for details
- rework multilib patch: drop Python-3.5.0-multilib.patch, implement
  upstreamable python-3.6.0-multilib-new.patch
- refresh python-3.3.0b1-localpath.patch, subprocess-raise-timeout.patch
- drop upstreamed Python-3.5.1-fix_lru_cache_copying.patch
- finally drop python-2.6b1-canonicalize2.patch that was not applied in source
  and only kept around in case we needed it in the future. (which we don't, as it seems)
- update import_failed map and baselibs
- build ctypes against system libffi
  (buildrequire libffi-devel in python3-base)
- add new key to keyring (signed by keys already in keyring)
- introduced common configure section between python3 and python3-base
- moved pyconfig.h and Makefile to devel subpackage as distutils no longer
  need it at runtime
- added python-rpm-macros dependency, regenerated macros file, drop
  because it is not used now
- improve summaries and descriptions (fixes bsc#917607)
- enabled Link-Time Optimization, see what happens
- including in run
- run specs through spec-cleaner, rearrange sections

Fri Apr 22 17:20:29 UTC 2016 -

- move _hashlib and _ssl modules and tests to python3-base
- recommend python3

Tue Mar 15 15:05:23 UTC 2016 -

- Skip test_asyncio under qemu_user_space_build

Mon Mar  7 20:38:11 UTC 2016 -

- Add  Python-3.5.1-fix_lru_cache_copying.patch
  Fix copying the lru_cache() wrapper object.
  Fixes deep-copying lru_cache regression, which worked on 
  previous versions of python but fails on python 3.5.
  This fixes a bunch of packages in devel:languages:python3.

Sun Jan 24 00:44:08 UTC 2016 -

- Build the docs in .qch format as well

Wed Dec  9 07:35:20 UTC 2015 -

- update to 3.5.1
  * bugfix-only release, dozens of bugs fixed
- Drop upstreamed Python-3.5.0-_Py_atomic_xxx-symbols.patch
- "Python3" to "Python 3" in summary
  * This seems cleaner and fixes and rpmlint warning

Wed Oct 14 20:21:52 UTC 2015 -

- Add Python-3.5.0-_Py_atomic_xxx-symbols.patch
  This fixes a build error for many packages that use the Python,
  This patch is already accepted upstream and is slated to appear in
  python 3.5.1.

Tue Sep 29 15:53:24 UTC 2015 -

- update to 3.5.0
  * coroutines with async/await syntax
  * matrix multiplication operator `@`
  * unpacking generalizations
  * new modules `typing` and `zipapp`
  * type annotations
  * .pyo files replaced by custom suffixes for optimization levels in __pycache__
  * support for memory BIO in ssl module
  * performance improvements in several modules
  * and many more
- removals and behavior changes
  * deprecated `__version__` is removed
  * support for .pyo files was removed
  * system calls are auto-retried on EINTR
  * bare generator expressions in function calls now cause SyntaxError
    (change "f(x for x in i)" to "f((x for x in i))" to fix)
  * removed undocumented `format` member of private `PyMemoryViewObject` struct
  * renamed `PyMemAllocator` to `PyMemAllocatorEx`
- redefine %dynlib macro to reflect that modules now have arch+os as part of name
- module `time` is now built-in
- dropped upstreamed patches:
  python-fix-short-dh.patch (also dropped dh2048.pem required for this patch)
- updated patch Python-3.3.0b2-multilib.patch to Python-3.5.0-multilib.patch
- python-ncurses-6.0-accessors.patch taken from python 2 to fix build failure
  with new gcc + ncurses

Wed Sep  9 11:51:22 UTC 2015 -

- Add python3-ncurses-6.0-accessors.patch: Fix build with
  NCurses 6.0 and OPAQUE_WINDOW set to 1.

Mon Aug 24 17:02:08 UTC 2015 -

- improve import_failed hook to do the right thing when invoking
  missing modules with "python3 -m modulename" (boo#942751)

Thu Jul 23 22:08:10 UTC 2015 -

- Build with --enable-loadable-sqlite-extensions to make it works
  as geospatial database.

Wed Jul  1 07:07:26 UTC 2015 -

- Fix source list for previous change (add dh2048.pem).

Wed Jun 24 06:54:30 UTC 2015 -

- dh2048.pem: added generated 2048 dh parameter set to fix
  ssl test (bsc#935856)
- python-fix-short-dh.patch: replace the 512 bits dh parameter set
  by 2048 bits to fix build with new openssl 1.0.2c (bsc#935856)

Tue May 19 14:59:30 UTC 2015 -

- ctypes-libffi-aarch64.patch: remove upstreamed patch
- python-2.7-libffi-aarch64.patch: Fix argument passing in libffi for

Thu May 14 10:58:36 UTC 2015 -

- drop the PDF subpackage
  (removes the massive texlive dependency, and most likely nobody is
  using the PDFs anyway)

Thu May 14 09:53:29 UTC 2015 -

- python-3.4.3-test-conditional-ssl.patch - restore tests failing because
  test_urllib was unconditionally importing ssl (without really needing it)
- restore functionality of multilib patch
- drop libffi-ppc64le.diff because upstream completely changed everything
  yet again (sorry ppc64 folks :| )

Fri May  1 15:11:21 UTC 2015 -

- Update to version 3.4.3
- Drop upstreamed CVE-2014-4650-CGIHTTPServer-traversal.patch

Wed Mar 25 10:57:28 UTC 2015 -

- Add python-3.4.1-fix-faulthandler.patch, upstream patch for bogus
  faulthandler which fails with GCC 5.

Sun Jan 11 13:01:30 UTC 2015 -

- asyncio has been merged in python3 main package; provide and
  obsolete it
- Remove obsolete AUTHORS section
- Remove redundant %clean section

Sat Oct 18 20:14:54 UTC 2014 -

- Only pkgconfig(x11) is required for build, not the whole 
  set of packages provided by xorg-x11-devel metapackage.

Mon Oct 13 13:38:20 UTC 2014 -

- add %python3_version rpm macro for Fedora compatibility
- add missing argument in import_failed, rename Novell Bugzilla
  to SUSE Bugzilla

Thu Jul 31 17:24:59 UTC 2014 -

- Rename rpmlintrc to %{name}-rpmlintrc.
  Follow the packaging guidelines.

Wed Jul 23 16:31:02 UTC 2014 -

- CVE-2014-4650-CGIHTTPServer-traversal.patch: CGIHTTPServer file
  disclosure and directory traversal through URL-encoded characters
  (CVE-2014-4650, bnc#885882)

Tue Jul 22 13:55:57 UTC 2014 -

- drop python-3.4.1-SUSE-ensurepip.patch for compatibility reasons,
  reinstate bundled copies of pip and setuptools
  (fixes bnc#885662)
- add more files as sources to silence the validator

Wed May 21 11:01:56 UTC 2014 -

- update to 3.4.1
    * bugfix-only release, over 300 bugs fixed
- drop upstreamed python-3.4.0rc2-sqlite-3.8.4-tests.patch
- drop upstreamed CVE-2014-2667-mkdir.patch
- include Python release manager keyring and signature file
  for the source archive (thus renumbering of source files)
  (see )
- move ensurepip to python3, because it transitively requires ssl

Fri Apr  4 16:21:40 UTC 2014 -

- CVE-2014-2667-mkdir.patch: race condition with reseting umask
  in os.makedirs
  (CVE-2014-2667, bnc#871152)
- updated multilib patch to include ~/.local/lib64 (bnc#637176)

Wed Mar 26 15:24:46 UTC 2014 -

- raise timeout value for test_subprocess to 10s (might fix
  intermittent build failures in OBS)

Mon Mar 24 17:29:31 UTC 2014 -

- remove blacklisting of test_posix on aarch64: qemu bug is fixed 

Mon Mar 17 18:26:58 UTC 2014 -

- update to 3.4.0 final
- drop upstreamed python-3.4rc2-importlib.patch

Sun Mar 16 16:33:25 UTC 2014 -

- Only build with profile-opt if profiling is enabled
- Update test exclusion lists:
  * test_ctypes no longer fails on arm
  * test_io no longer fails on ppc*
  * test_multiprocessing has been split in multiple tests
  * test_posix and test_signal fail due to qemu bugs

Fri Mar 14 20:26:03 UTC 2014 -

- Fix build with SQLite 3.8.4 [bnc#867887], fixing SQLite tests,
  adding python-2.7.6-sqlite-3.8.4-tests.patch

Thu Feb 27 14:08:40 UTC 2014 -

- update to 3.4.0 rc2
   * pre-release bugfixes
   * improvements to asyncio library
- drop upstreamed tracemalloc_gcov.patch
- python-3.4rc2-importlib.patch fixes backwards-incompatibility
  in the reworked importlib module that blocks build of vim

Fri Jan 17 18:45:27 UTC 2014 -

- initial commit of 3.4.0 beta 3
    * new stdlib modules: pathlib, enum, statistics, tracemalloc
    * asynchronous IO with new asyncio module
    * introspection data for builtins
    * subprocesses no longer inherit open file descriptors
    * standardized metadata for packages
    * internal hashing changed to SipHash
    * new pickle protocol
    * improved handling of codecs
    * TLS 1.2 support
    * major speed improvements for internal unicode handling
    * many bugfixes and optimizations
- see porting guide at:
- moved several modules to -testsuite subpackage
- updated list of binary extensions, refreshed patches
- tracemalloc_gcov.patch fixes profile-based optimization build
- updated packages and to use ~-version notation
  for prereleases
- fix-shebangs part of build process moved to common %prep
- drop python-3.3.2-no-REUSEPORT.patch (upstreamed)
- update baselibs for new soname

- TODOs:
    * require python-pip, make ensurepip work with zypper

Wed Dec  4 13:21:26 UTC 2013 -

- add ppc64le (ELFv2) support for libffi copy for ctypes module
- Adjust Python-3.3.0b2-multilib.patch for ppc64le (make sys.lib be
- added patches:
  * libffi-ppc64le.diff
Tue Dec  3 09:51:43 UTC 2013 -

- add ppc64le rules

Fri Nov 22 13:17:23 UTC 2013 -

- Add python-3.3.3-skip-distutils-test_sysconfig_module.patch:
  + Disable global and distutils sysconfig comparison test, we deviate
    from the default depending on optflags

Tue Nov 19 14:28:41 UTC 2013 -

- update to 3.3.3
  * bugfix-only release
  * many SSL-related fixes
  * upstream fix for CVE-2013-4238
  * upstream fixes for CVE-2013-1752
- move example module xxlimited to python3-testsuite
- drop CVE-2013-4238_py33.patch - it is upstreamed
- remove --with-wide-unicode config option, it is now the default
  (and only) choice
- don't touch anything between make and makeinstall
- drop python-3.2b2-buildtime-generate.patch - the issue was caused
  by touching things between make and makeinstall
- link pycache entries for import_failed hooks properly

Tue Oct 15 17:44:08 UTC 2013 -

- build with -DOPENSSL_LOAD_CONF for the same reasons 
  described in the python2 package.

Fri Aug 16 11:35:15 UTC 2013 -

- handle NULL bytes in certain fields of SSL certificates
  (CVE-2013-4238, bnc#834601)

Thu Aug  8 14:54:49 UTC 2013 -

- Exclue test_faulthandler from tests on powerpc due to bnc#831629 

Thu Jun 13 15:05:34 UTC 2013 -

- update to 3.3.2
  * bugfix-only release
  * fixes several regressions introduced in 3.3.1
- switch to xz compression
- move _lzma module to python3-base
- python-3.3.2-no-REUSEPORT.patch to fix build on kernels without SO_REUSEPORT

Mon Apr 29 22:32:43 UTC 2013 -

- Readd missing bits from ctypes-libffi-aarch64.patch

Sat Apr 13 07:56:51 UTC 2013 -

- Update to version 3.3.1
  * Fix the –enable-profiling configure switch.
  * In IDLE, close the replace dialog after it is used.
- Too many bugfixes to list here,
  see See
- Refresh Python-3.3.0b2-multilib.patch
- Refresh python-3.2b2-buildtime-generate.patch
- Drop upstream patches: ctypes-libffi-aarch64.patch,
  python-3.2.3rc2-pypirc-secure.patch, python-3.3.0-getdents64.patch

Mon Apr  8 11:25:30 UTC 2013 -

- Exclude sqlite/test and tk/test directories from the respective
  sub-packages. These are owned by the testsuite sub-package already

Fri Apr  5 12:59:20 UTC 2013 -

- Add Source URL, see

Wed Apr  3 15:36:04 UTC 2013 -

- remove spurious modification of python-3.3.0b1-localpath.patch
  that would force installation into /usr/local.
  this fixes bnc#809831

Thu Mar 28 18:38:51 UTC 2013 -

- replace broken movetogetdents64.diff patch with a correct one
  from upstream repo (python-3.3.0-getdents64.patch)

Fri Mar  1 07:42:21 UTC 2013 -

- add ctypes-libffi-aarch64.patch:
  * import aarch64 support for libffi in _ctypes module
- add aarch64 to the list of lib64 based archs 
- add movetogetdents64.diff:
  * port to getdents64, as SYS_getdents is not implemented everywhere

Tue Feb 26 08:57:55 UTC 2013 -

- /etc/rpm/macros.python3 is no %config, it is not meant to be changed
  by users.
- Add rpmlintrc with some obvious filters

Mon Jan 28 18:14:39 UTC 2013 -

- update baselibs for new version of libpython3

Thu Nov 29 17:02:37 UTC 2012 -

- fix include path in macros (bnc#787526)
- implement failed import handlers for modules that live in
  subpackages - e.g. "import ssl" will now throw a sensible error
  message telling you to install "python3"

Wed Nov 28 17:02:07 UTC 2012 -

- merge python3-xml into python3
- merge python3-2to3 library into python3-base
  and the 2to3 binary into python3-devel
  (python3-devel is now in conflict with python-2to3, which
  will be dropped)
- enable --with-system-expat for python3, making the xml modules
  (and thus python3) depend on expat
- reconfigure tests to disable network and GUI resources, which
  the upstream apparently thought is a good idea to enable by default.
  this fixes build failures in Factory
- add lzma-devel to build the _lzma module
- moved %dynlib macro definition to common section

Mon Nov  5 20:01:46 UTC 2012 -

- buildrequire timezone for the test suite

Mon Oct 29 18:21:45 UTC 2012 -

- disable more checks for qemu builds as they use syscalls not
  implemented yet

Thu Oct 25 08:14:36 UTC 2012 -

- exclude test_math for SLE 11; math library fails on negative 
  gamma function values close to integers and 0, probably
  due to imprecision in -lm on SLE_11_SP2. 

Tue Oct 16 12:15:34 UTC 2012 -

- buildrequire libbz2-devel explicitly

Mon Oct  8 14:33:08 UTC 2012 -

- remove distutils.cfg (bnc#658604)
  * this changes default prefix for distutils to /usr
  * see ML for details:

Mon Oct  1 08:53:03 UTC 2012 -

- Update to final 3.3.0 release
  * See

Thu Sep 27 12:35:01 UTC 2012 -

- Correct dependency for python3-testsuite, 
  python3-tkinter -> python3-tk

Thu Aug 23 13:08:11 UTC 2012 -

- update to 3.3.0 RC1

Fri Aug  3 12:09:34 UTC 2012 -

- update to 3.3.0 beta 1
    * flexible string representation, no longer distinguishing
      between wide and narrow Unicode builds
    * importlib-based import system
    * virtualenv support in core
    * namespace packages
    * explicit Unicode literals for easier porting
    * key-sharing dict implementation reduces memory footprint
      of OO code
    * hash randomization on by default
    * many other new bugfixes and features, check NEWS for details

- now autofills various version strings in specs
- ship hashlib's fallback modules - those uselessly take up space
  when real from python3 is present, but the space wasted
  is only 114kB and it provides python3-base with a working hashlib
  (also, this fixes bnc#743787)

Fri Jul 27 09:02:41 UTC 2012 -

- skip test_io on ppc 
- drop test_io ppc patch

Thu Jun 28 07:57:58 UTC 2012 -

- Satisfy source_validator by uncommenting an otherwise unused "Patch"

Tue Jun 12 15:39:08 UTC 2012 -

- fix logic of checks exclusion

Fri May 18 11:50:27 UTC 2012 -

- update to 3.2.3
  * No changes since rc2

Thu Mar 29 15:44:33 UTC 2012 -

- update to 3.2.3rc2
  * fixes several security issues:
  * CVE-2012-0845, bnc#747125
  * CVE-2012-1150, bnc#751718
  * CVE-2011-4944, bnc#754447
  * CVE-2011-3389, bnc#754677
- fix for insecure .pypirc (CVE-2011-4944, bnc#754447)
- disable test_gdb because it is broken by our gdb

Thu Feb 16 12:33:12 UTC 2012 -

- skip broken test_io test on ppc

Wed Jan 18 15:49:47 UTC 2012 -

- update to 3.2.2
  * bugfix-only release
  * reports "linux2" as sys.platform regardless of Linux kernel
- added to copy common spec sections to python3.spec
- added PACKAGING-NOTES with some helpful info for packagers

Sun Dec 25 13:25:01 UTC 2011 -

- Use system ffi, included one is broken see and

Fri Dec  9 17:19:55 UTC 2011 -

- license headers

Fri Dec  2 16:46:44 UTC 2011 -

- add automake as buildrequire to avoid implicit dependency

Thu Nov 24 12:42:25 UTC 2011 -

- fix ARM build (exclude some test cases which break for us)

Tue Aug 16 17:02:22 UTC 2011 -

- use sysconfig module to get py3_incdir, py3_abiflags,
  py3_soflags, python3_sitelib and python3_sitearch

Mon Jul 18 16:22:31 UTC 2011 -

- update to 3.2.1
    * bugfix-only release, no major changes
- fix build on linux3 platform
- remove upstreamed pybench patch
- install /usr/lib directories in all cases to prevent spurious
  "directory not owned" in dependent packages

Wed Jun 15 14:16:38 UTC 2011 -

- replaced dynamic so version with manual so version, because
  autobuild does not support autogeneration

Tue May 24 13:39:06 UTC 2011 -

- generate macros.python3 at compile-time with fixed values
- don't include bogus values in pyconfig.h, as they can break
  third-party packages (bnc#673071)

Tue May 17 12:52:51 UTC 2011 -

- added Obsoletes: python3 < 3.1 so that the transition from
  non-split to split packages goes smoothly

Fri May 13 12:38:19 UTC 2011 -

- fixed RPM macros to use python3 instead of python
- updated to build --with-wide-unicode (for compatibility with
  fedora and our own python 2.x series)

Thu Apr 21 03:39:25 UTC 2011 -

- fix python3-base build failure due to crash by
- move pyconfig.h from python3-devel to python3-base package to
  make python3-base functional again

Wed Mar 23 04:26:28 UTC 2011 -

- update to python 3.2
    * stable ABI, ABI-tagged .so files
    * concurrent.futures and many other new or upgraded modules
    * PYC repository directories ( __pycache__ )
    * python WSGI 1.0.1
    * Unicode 6.0.0 support
    * a great number of bugfixes and assorted improvements

Tue Feb  8 19:42:17 CET 2011 -

- update to python 3.2 RC2
- renamed python3-demo to python3-tools, because the demo part
  became much smaller than the tools part
- added rpm macros

Tue Jan 18 14:13:04 UTC 2011 -

- update to python 3.2 beta 2, see NEWS for details
- split off -base package with less dependencies, and a shlib-policy
  compliant libpython3 package
- mostly rewritten the spec file with more detailed comments
- cleaned up lists of patches

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