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  <id type="desktop">fr.inria.coq.coqide</id>
  <name>Coq IDE</name>
  <summary>Graphical frontend for the Coq formal proof management system</summary>
      Coq implements a program specification and mathematical higher-level language called <em>Gallina</em> that is based on an expressive formal language called the <em>Calculus of Inductive Constructions</em> that itself combines both a higher-order logic and a richly-typed functional programming language.
      Through a <em>vernacular</em> language of commands, Coq allows:
      <li>to define functions or predicates, that can be evaluated efficiently;</li>
      <li>to state mathematical theorems and software specifications;</li>
      <li>to interactively develop formal proofs of these theorems;</li>
      <li>to machine-check these proofs by a relatively small certification "kernel";</li>
      <li>to extract certified programs to languages like OCaml, Haskell or Scheme.</li>
      As a proof development system, Coq provides interactive proof methods, decision and semi-decision algorithms, and a <em>tactic</em> language for letting the user define its own proof methods.
      Connection with external computer algebra system or theorem provers is available.
      As a platform for the formalization of mathematics or the development of programs, Coq provides support for high-level notations, implicit contents and various other useful kinds of macros.
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    <release version="8.19.1" date="2024-03-04"/>
    <release version="8.19.0" date="2024-01-24"/>
    <release version="8.18.0" date="2023-09-08"/>
    <release version="8.17.1" date="2023-06-27"/>
    <release version="8.17.0" date="2023-03-27"/>
    <release version="8.16.1" date="2022-11-25"/>
    <release version="8.16.0" date="2022-09-05"/>
    <release version="8.15.2" date="2022-05-31"/>
    <release version="8.15.1" date="2022-03-22"/>
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