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Comments for science 3

Christophe Giboudeaux

cgiboudeaux wrote 5 months ago

Hey, would you mind adopting libeigen2-devel? It's currently maintained in KDE:Distro:Factory and only avogadro uses it.

Atri Bhattacharya

badshah400 wrote 5 months ago

@cgiboudeaux eigen2 is unmaintained [1], superseded by eigen3. We should patch avogadro to work with eigen3 using commits from upstream: * * *

I am working on this. Once this is ready (hopefully in a couple of days), we may as well drop libeigen2-devel from factory and elsewhere, given that this is the only package still using it. Until then, I guess it's best not to go through the hassle of changing devel projects and for KDE:Distro:Factory to hold on to libeigen2-devel for just a bit longer. What do you think?


Christophe Giboudeaux

cgiboudeaux wrote 5 months ago

Fine for me, as long as we can drop it from KDE:Distro:Factory, any solution is acceptable.