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Request 145306 (revoked)

update to 1.6.16

Submit package home:jluce2:DNSSEC / ldns (revision 13) to package server:dns / ldns

[-] [+] Changed ldns.changes
[-] [+] Changed ldns.spec ^
[-] [+] Deleted ldns-perl-5.22.patch ^
Changed ldns-1.6.16.tar.bz2 ^

There's nothing to be done right now

Request History

luce johann jluce2 created request almost 4 years ago
update to 1.6.16
Ismail Donmez namtrac Request got declined almost 4 years ago
Don't hardcode python version.
Don't add "norootforbuild" part.
You are decreasing the copyright year.
Don't hardcode manpage dir etc.

A tool you are using is reverting these I guess?
luce johann jluce2 Request got revoked almost 4 years ago
ok i will retry an other time thanks

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