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Request 150880 (accepted)

- Require modutils instead of module-init-tools.

Submit package home:elvigia:br...:Virtualization / libvirt to package Virtualization / libvirt

[-] [+] Changed libvirt.changes
[-] [+] Changed libvirt.spec ^

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Request History

Cristian Rodríguez elvigia created request over 3 years ago
- Require modutils instead of module-init-tools.
James Fehlig jfehlig Request got declined over 3 years ago
It is unfortunate that osc doesn't allow discussion of requests, because I would like to know the benefit of this change.  IMO it is confusing since there is no modutils package, only 'Provides: modutils' in the module-init-tools package.  Sucks that I have to decline it only to get this simple question answered.  Sorry elvigia, but I'll be happy to accept it after understanding the reason behind this change :).
Cristian Rodríguez elvigia Request got reviewed over 3 years ago
There are two "modutils" implementations the old "module-init-tools" and the new "kmod" (package kmod-compat) both provide "modutils" we want to switch to kmod in the near future but a set of packages, including this one, block the change ;)
James Fehlig jfehlig Request got accepted over 3 years ago
Ok, thanks for the explanation!

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