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Request 220787 (superseded)

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Submit package home:susnux / bzrtools to package devel:tools:scm / bzrtools

The diff call for /source/home:susnux/bzrtools?cmd=diff&expand=1&filelimit=10000&opackage=bzrtools&oproject=devel%3Atools%3Ascm&rev=8&view=xml&withissues=1 failed: package 'bzrtools' does not exist

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Request History

Ferdinand Thiessen susnux created request over 2 years ago
Tomáš Chvátal scarabeus_factory Request got declined over 2 years ago
Thanks for the submission, but there are few issues with it:
Please do not use service for downloading files like this.
Just ensure the url is proper for the Source and then run this command to fetch the tarball you can add "osc service localrun download_files"
After that convert the changes using /usr/lib/build/spec2changes to separate bzrtools.changes file
Also might be good idea to install spec-cleaner package from openSUSE:Tools repository and run it over to get rid of some whitespace/deprecated variables.
Ferdinand Thiessen susnux Request got superseded by request 223506 over 2 years ago
Superseded by request 223506

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