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Involved Projects and Packages
home:Lazy_Kent / ocrodjvu Maintainer

ocrodjvu is a wrapper for OCR systems, that allows you to perform OCR
on DjVu files.

home:Lazy_Kent / pstreams Maintainer

PStreams allows you to run another program from your C++ application and to
transfer data between the two programs, similar to shell pipelines. The PStreams
class works like a wrapper for the the POSIX.2 functions popen(3) and pclose(3)
(although it doesn't actually use them), using a C++ iostreams interface,
instead of C's stdio library. Thus, PStreams makes it possible to run an
external program and handle its stdin, stdout, and stderr just like you would
handle any other C++ iostream.

home:Lazy_Kent / pypar2 Maintainer

PyPar2 is a graphical frontend for the Linux par2 command line, written in Python and GTK.
It's able to restore files using PAR2 files, and also create PAR2 files.

sk1libs is a set of python non-GUI extensions for sK1 Project. The package
includes multiplatform non-GUI extensions which are usually native extensions.

home:Lazy_Kent / qpxtool Maintainer

QPxTool is the linux way to get full control over your CD/DVD drives. It is the
Open Source Solution which intends to give you access to all available Quality
Checks (Q-Checks) on written and blank media, that are available for your drive.
This will help you to find the right media and the optimized writing speed for
your hardware, which will increase the chance for a long data lifetime.

home:Lazy_Kent / recoll Maintainer

Recoll is a personal full text search tool for Unix/Linux.

home:Lazy_Kent / rpm2targz Maintainer

A simple utility to convert RPM packages into tar.gz, tar.bz2, tar.lzma, tar.xz archives.

home:Lazy_Kent / rubyripper Maintainer

Rubyripper is a digital audio extraction algorithm that uses cdparanoia in
a sophisticated way to make sure that a CD rip is done successfully and
accurately. It is very similar to and inspired by EAC.

home:Lazy_Kent / ste Maintainer

STE is easy-to-use and feature-rich plain text editor.

UniConvertor is a universal vector graphics translator. It is a command line
tool which uses sK1 object model to convert one format to another.

home:Lazy_Kent / uniconvw Maintainer

uniconvw is a GTK front-end for UniConvertor.
UniConvertor is used as a backend library to convert one format to another.

home:Lazy_Kent / unrtf Maintainer

UnRTF is a command-line program written in C which converts documents in Rich
Text Format (.rtf) to HTML, LaTeX, troff macros, and RTF itself.

home:Lazy_Kent / vbindiff Maintainer

Visual Binary Diff (VBinDiff) displays files in hexadecimal and ASCII (or
EBCDIC). It can also display two files at once, and highlight the differences
between them.

home:Lazy_Kent / webmonx Maintainer

WebMonX monitors websites for updates and changes - it saves you time and always
keeps you up-to-date by periodically checking these pages at set intervals.

home:Lazy_Kent:xfce Maintainer Bugowner
home:lintest Maintainer
KDE:KDE3 / antiword Maintainer

Antiword converts the binary files from Word 2, 6, 7, 97, 2000, 2002 and 2003
to plain text and to PostScript (TM).

KDE:KDE3 / catdoc Maintainer

catdoc is program which reads one or more Microsoft word files and outputs text,
contained insinde them to standard output. Therefore it does same work for .doc
files, as unix cat command for plain ASCII files.

It is now accompanied by xls2csv - program which converts Excel spreadsheet into
comma-separated value file, and catppt - utility to extract textual information
from Powerpoint files.

KDE:KDE3 / divxcalc Maintainer

DivX Calc is a simple DivX calculator for Linux. It uses a simple Qt interface
which calculates which bitrate to use while encoding a movie using DivX.

KDE:KDE3 / kbfx Maintainer

KBFX is an alternative to the classical K-Menu button and it's menu. It
improves the user experience by enabling the user to set a bigger (and
thus more visible) start button and by finally replacing the Win95-like
K-Menu. But if you still want the old menu, because you're used to it, it
is still available as an option in KBFX. We recommend, however, that you
give the Spinx bar a try.

KDE:KDE3 / kde3-katesort Maintainer

Katesort is a KPart plugin for all KPart compatible editors (Kate, KWrite, etc).
It is inspired by the famous windows text editor PsPad (

KDE:KDE3 / kde3-kdar Maintainer

KDar is the KDE Disk Archiver. It is a convenient graphical interface to Denis Corbin's libdar archiving and backup C++ library.
You can safely backup (with compression if you like), view and restore files using KDar, along with a few easy UNIX commands for mounting and burning CD-R's, Zip and Jazz drives, DVD-R's, floppies, or any other disk-based storage media.

You can format the disc, create UDF filesystems, change the DVD-RAM write
protection status and the mount point permission. You get also many information
about the media and drive.
The tools:
- Format DVD-RAM, DVD+/-RW and Blu-ray disc (KDE Frontend for dvd+rw-format).
- Create UDF filesystems at DVD-RAM, DVD, CD-RW, HD, Worm and Mo (KDE Frontend
for mkudffs).

Holger Klemm

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