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In OBS: A maintainer of Koi, DualSenseCTL, NeedRestart, Termius, WinBox and partially qBitTorrent packages.

I want to help with convenience.

However, more about me and my activities can be found here:

Involved Projects and Packages

NeedRestart checks which daemons need to be restarted after library upgrades.
It is inspired by CheckRestart from the debian-goodies package.
- Supports (but does not require) systemd
- Binary blacklisting (i.e. Display Managers)
- Tries to detect required restarts of interpreter based daemons (supports Java, Perl, Python, Ruby)
- Tries to detect required restarts of containers (Docker, LXC)
- Tries to detect pending kernel upgrades
- Tries to detect pending microcode upgrades for Intel CPUs
- Could be used as Nagios check_command
- Fully integrated into APT/DPKG using hooks


DualSense Control [DualSenseCTL] is a tool for controlling Sony PlayStation 5 DualSense
controllers on Linux.

This project was created for package qbittorrent via attribute OBS:Maintained

All possibly useful network tools/utilities that are not a part of official SUSE repositories as well as with added support for other architectures/Linux distributions.


Koi is a program designed to provide the KDE Plasma Desktop functionality to automatically switch between light and dark themes. Koi is under active development, and while it is stable enough to use daily, expect bugs. Koi is designed to be used with Plasma, and while some features may function under different desktop environments, they are unlikely to work and untested.

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