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Apprentice @ SUSE; Jitsi Admin for openSUSE; Cobbler Upstream Owner (and thus packaging it here)

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This plugin is designed to work in conjunction with flannel, a network fabric for containers.

Python Apache Libcloud is a standard Python library that abstracts away differences among multiple cloud provider APIs

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Olay Textadventures from Magnetic Scrolls with glorious ANSI Art


This project was created for package k3s via attribute OBS:Maintained

This project was created for package dockerfile-application-container via attribute OBS:Maintained

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This is a project for developing, testing and experimenting with cobbler. GH: https://github.com/cobbler - Website: https://cobbler.github.io

Packaging Jitisi and all of its components.


Linux Terminal Server Project helps in netbooting LAN clients from a single template installation that resides in a virtual machine image or a chroot on the LTSP server, or the server root (/, chrootless). This way maintaining tens or hundreds of diskless clients is as easy as maintaining a single PC.


OneDrive Client for Linux.

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LinkChecker checks websites and HTML documents for broken links.
Features are:

* recursive checking

* multithreaded

* output in colored or normal text, HTML, SQL, CSV, XML or a sitemap
graph in different formats

* HTTP/1.1, HTTPS, FTP, mailto:, news:, nntp:, Gopher, Telnet and
local file links support

* restriction of link checking with regular expression filters for

* proxy support

* username/password authorization for HTTP and FTP

* robots.txt exclusion protocol support

* i18n support

* a command line interface

* a (Fast)CGI web interface (requires HTTP server)


Cobbler is a network install server. Cobbler supports PXE, ISO
virtualized installs, and re-installing existing Linux machines.
The last two modes use a helper tool, 'koan', that integrates with
cobbler. There is also a web interface 'cobbler-web'. Cobbler's
advanced features include importing distributions from DVDs and rsync
mirrors, kickstart templating, integrated yum mirroring, and built-in
DHCP/DNS Management. Cobbler has a XMLRPC API for integration with
other applications.


koan - kickstart over a network

Maintainer Bugowner

Scans Smbios information for type 42 management controller information, and uses
that to configure the appropriate network interface so that the bmc is
canonically accessible via the hostname redfish-localhost

The project contains Salt from SaltStack and it's _hard_ requirements (aka Requires)

It does _not_ contain soft requirements (aka Suggests) for specific Salt modules. Those are in devel:languages:python

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