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Involved Projects and Packages

This project provides Linux (mostly Arch, Debian/Ubuntu, Fedora, and some openSUSE) packages related to my work and the projects I contribute to. Please check the link to my Github page above for details on any of these projects.

Most of the interesting stuff can be found in the subprojects. In my home project, you'll find some legacy packages that I keep here for people who may still need them, the 20200822.r1790 build of "classic" pd-l2ork, the 2.17.0 release of purr-data (this is getting old, use the latest packages from purr-data-jgu instead), and required dependencies. These still work on older openSUSE, Debian, and Ubuntu releases, but won't build on the latest systems.

The Subprojects page has all the current (self-made or 3rd party) software which I package:

- purr-data-jgu: the official "JGU" packages for Jonathan Wilkes' Purr Data, a modern variant of Miller Puckette's interactive computer music and multimedia software Pd (

- pd-faustgen2: a Faust external and loader extension for Pd and Purr Data (

- gnocl: Peter G. Baum's GTK/Gnome library for Tcl (

- vtk6: legacy VTK version which still includes the full Tcl library, for programming 3D graphics and scientific visualization in Tcl (

- pure: the Pure programming language (

The Pure programming language (and dependencies).

This project publishes packages for Arch and its derivatives. It provides basically the same set of packages that is available on the AUR. Debian packages are maintained separately, see

Includes LLVM 3.5, and a few extra multimedia goodies (purr-data and the corresponding pd-pure and pd-faust plugins). NOTE: Gnocl, the Tcl-Gnome+GTK bridge, isn't included here because it has a lot of AUR dependencies. It can be readily installed from the AUR if needed (e.g.: yay -S gnocl gnocl-builder gnocl-canvas gnocl-gconf).

The Pure programming language (and dependencies), rolling release. These are the same packages as in the stable repository at, but they are built straight from git sources using split packages. (This isn't really needed any more, as Pure development has slowed considerably, but I still maintain this repository for those who want it. Everyone else just go with the stable repository, its content is basically the same at this point.)

Installation: See for details. Please note that you also need the stable repository for the dependencies it provides.

This project provides Faust packages linked against LLVM 3.5 for better interoperability with Pure. Built from LLVM 3.5 packages from are included for convenience.

NOTE: The Faust version provided here is quite old and largely obsolete. For most purposes, you would want to use the latest faust package from your system repositories if you can. However, on older Debian/Ubuntu systems Faust may be entirely absent in the official repositories, or it may be too old to be usable with Pure, in which case you'll need this package. Its other main benefit is that it's the very last version of Faust which still builds against LLVM 3.5 and thus provides better interoperability with Pure (such as inlining Faust code in Pure).


This project provides Fedora, Debian, and Ubuntu packages for Gnocl (, Peter G. Baum’s GTK+/Gnome2 bindings for Tcl/Tk ( The packages were created from the latest sources released by William J. Giddings available from, with some minor touches (mostly fixes to the build system and installation scripts).

The gnocl 0.9.96 base package should be all that's needed for most Gnocl development. But I also packaged some of the add-on packages that I have tested and used myself: gnocl-builder 0.9.96 (Gnocl's GtkBuilder/Glade interface), gnocl-canvas 0.9.95 (Gnocl's canvas widget), and gnocl-gconf 0.9.95 (Gnocl's interface to the Gnome configuration database). Note that some of these modules (gnocl-builder and gnocl-gconf) are missing for newer Debian and Ubuntu versions due to missing dependencies. On Fedora all the modules are supported at the time of this writing.


This provides the LLVM 3.5 library and toolchain needed by some of the other projects here (Faust and Pure, most notably). We offer repositories for Arch and the most recent Debian and Ubuntu releases.

TODO: add clang to the Debian/Ubuntu builds

The faustgen2~ object is a Faust external for Pd a.k.a. Pure Data, Miller Puckette's interactive multimedia programming environment. Yann Orlarey's Faust is a functional programming language developed by Grame, which is tailored for real-time signal processing and synthesis.

faustgen2~ is based on Pierre Guillot's faustgen~ which in turn was inspired by Grame's faustgen~ object for Max/MSP. Like faustgen~, faustgen2~ uses Faust's LLVM-based just-in-time (JIT) compiler to load, compile and play Faust programs on the fly. faustgen2~ is an extensive update which offers plenty of new functionality such as MIDI, polyphony, Scala tunings, OSC, and Pd GUI support, as well as a Pd loader extension for Faust.

This project publishes packages for Fedora, Debian and Ubuntu. Arch packages are available in the AUR, see Mac and Windows packages are available for download at the GitHub project page.

Two packages are available which only differ in the installation path. pd-faustgen2 is for vanilla Pd (, whereas purrdata-faustgen2 is for Purr Data, Jonathan Wilkes' Pd variant (


The Pure programming language (and dependencies).

This project publishes packages for Debian and Ubuntu. Arch packages are maintained separately, see

Includes pd-l2ork and purr-data from my home project, as well as the corresponding pd-pure and pd-faust plugins (pdl2ork-pure, pdl2ork-faust, purrdata-pure, purrdata-faust).

Includes LLVM 3.5 (from and Faust (from

Includes Gnocl, the Tcl-Gnome+GTK bridge, which can be used with Pure's Tcl/Tk interface. (Please note, however, that gnocl-builder and gnocl-gconf can not be provided on newer Debian and Ubuntu systems any more, due to a lack of the libgnomeui dependency.)

Installation: See

LEGACY NOTE: This repository is being phased out and won't be updated any more, please use the purr-data-jgu subproject for current packages.

This project used to provide experimental and preview builds of Purr Data straight from the git repository. You can use this as an alternative source for purr-data packages that include all the latest bugfixes and experimental new features which might make it into a future purr-data release (or not). You're especially welcome to use these packages if you'd like to help in testing out new features. But please note that these builds should *not* be considered production-ready, and be prepared to live on the bleeding edge.

These are the official "JGU" (Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz) packages for Jonathan Wilkes' Purr Data, a modern variant of Miller Puckette's interactive computer music and multimedia software Pd. Currently available for Arch and all recent Debian/Ubuntu and Fedora releases.

NOTE: These packages are based on Wilkes' master branch, but may often include additional bugfixes and/or new features that haven't made it into the master branch yet, but are reasonably stable and well tested so that we consider them ready for all Purr Data users. (We use these ourselves at our computer music lab at the JGU, so any major breakage will *not* go unnoticed for long.)


Just testing. Nothing to see here, move along...


This project provides Fedora, Debian, and Ubuntu packages for VTK 6. VTK is a software system for 3D computer graphics, image processing, and visualization. The vtk6 package provides the legacy 6.3.0 version, featuring a minimal build, including executables, headers, libraries, and a complete set of VTK Tcl packages -- everything you need for VTK development in Tcl.

NOTE: If you want a complete and/or up-to-date version of VTK, this package is not for you; get the latest vtk package from the the official repositories of your distribution instead. This package is intended for developers and maintainers of legacy VTK applications in need of the "classic" VTK Tcl framework which runs in a standard Tcl environment.

To prevent conflicts with other VTK installations, this package installs into /opt/vtk6. This includes the Tcl libraries, so in order to make the vtk package load properly in the Tcl interpreter, you need to set the TCLLIBPATH environment variable accordingly. E.g., in bash do: export TCLLIBPATH=/opt/vtk6/lib/tcltk.

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