Purr Data JGU Packages


These are the official "JGU" (Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz) packages for Jonathan Wilkes' Purr Data, a modern variant of Miller Puckette's interactive computer music and multimedia software Pd. Currently available for Arch and all recent Debian/Ubuntu and Fedora releases.

NOTE: These packages are based on Wilkes' master branch, but may often include additional bugfixes and/or new features that haven't made it into the master branch yet, but are reasonably stable and well tested so that we consider them ready for all Purr Data users. (We use these ourselves at our computer music lab at the JGU, so any major breakage will *not* go unnoticed for long.)

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Hi there, first of all thanks all for developing/ maintaining this software.

Would it be possible to build these packages for openSuSE Tumbleweed as well? I've only found tumbleweed packages for the (I believe) outdated https://build.opensuse.org/package/show/home:aggraef/purr-data but I don't know if anything has changed in the meantime which prevents building for openSuSE.

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Well, I think there can only be one .spec file per project, and currently I'm using that to build the Fedora version. It might be possible to massage that into a spec file that works on both Fedora and openSUSE, as sketched out in https://en.opensuse.org/openSUSE:Build_Service_cross_distribution_howto, but because of the many dependencies of the package this will be very unwieldy. I could try to set up a separate project for openSUSE builds, though. I should still have the old openSUSE spec file lying around somewhere, but I vaguely recall that this stopped working at some point.

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