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Open source hobbyist. Drive-by contributor. Thailand.

Involved Projects and Packages

pysvn is a highlevel and easy to use Python bindings to Subversion. The pysvn project's goal is to enable Tools to be written in Python that use Subversion. Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and other unix platforms are supported.
* Supports all svn client features
* Supports svn transaction features required to write svn pre-commit hooks
* Easy to learn and use
* Python like interface
* Good Documentation and examples
* No need to understand the Subversion C API

Multi platform system wide hotkeys for python 3.

Oiffile is a Python library to read image and metadata from Olympus Image Format files. OIF is the native file format of the Olympus FluoView(tm) software for confocal microscopy.


LeoCAD is a CAD program for creating virtual LEGO models. It's available
for free under the GNU Public License v2 and works on the Windows, Linux
and macOS Operating Systems.

Maintainer Bugowner

Veyon is a free and Open Source software for computer monitoring and classroom
management supporting Windows and Linux. It enables teachers to view and
control computer labs and interact with students. Veyon is available in
different languages and provides lots of useful features:

* see what's going on in computer labs in overview mode and take screenshots
* remote control computers to support and help users
* broadcast teacher's screen to students in realtime by using demo mode
(either in fullscreen or in a window)
* lock workstations for attracting attention to teacher
* send text messages to students
* powering on/off and rebooting computers remote
* remote logoff and remote execution of arbitrary commands/scripts
* home schooling - Veyon's network technology is not restricted to a subnet
and therefore students at home can join lessons via VPN connections just
by installing the Veyon service

Maintainer Bugowner

GOverlay is an open source project aimed to create a Graphical UI to manage Vulkan/OpenGL overlays. It is still in early development, so it lacks a lot of features.

Maintainer Bugowner

Brunsli is a lossless JPEG repacking library.

Brunsli allows for a 22% decrease in file size while allowing the original JPEG to be recovered byte-by-byte.

It is possible to try how much Brunsli will save on your images on the site Images are transcoded in browser, no data is transmitted or stored. Codec is powered by WASM technology. Safari uses "interpretation" mode for WASM at first few runs after the page load. It is much slower. To avoid long wait, please feed codec with small images first.


Library for computer-vision scientists and especially targeted to the Multiple View Geometry community. It is designed to provide an easy access to the classical problem solvers in Multiple View Geometry and solve them accurately.


The Visualization and Computer Graphics Library (VCGlib for short) is a open source, portable, C++, templated, no dependency, library for manipulation, processing, cleaning, simplifying triangle meshes.

The library, composed by more than 100k lines of code, is released under the GPL license, and it is the base of most of the software tools of the Visual Computing Lab of the Italian National Research Council Institute ISTI, like MeshLab, metro and many others.


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