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Involved Projects and Packages

Please add a suitable description and don't forget to add some repositories you want to build your packages against (just click on 'Repositories' above). Have fun!


Apache Axis2 is a Web Services JSON / SOAP / WSDL engine, the successor to the widely used Apache Axis SOAP stack.

This project was created for package hunspell via attribute OBS:Maintained

This project was created for package himmelblau via attribute OBS:Maintained

This project was created for package talloc via attribute OBS:Maintained


This project was created for package localslackirc via attribute OBS:Maintained

This is experimental code which implements the SMB3 Posix Extensions.

Active Directory administrative tools for Linux.


Software built with the current distribution version of Mono.


3rd party applications and libraries that run on Mono


An interoperability suite for Microsoft Azure AD and Intune.


This project is just a namespace place holder for all Samba subprojects.

The current subprojects are:
- STABLE for the latest upstream maintenance release.
- TESTING for all pre, rc or other version with ongoing development.

Packages of the latest stable Samba release.

The cifs-utils package consist of utilities for doing and managing mounts of
the Linux CIFS filesystem.

Samba is a suite of programs that allows SMB/CIFS clients to use the
Unix file space, printers, and authentication subsystem.

The package named samba contains all programs that are needed to act as
a server. The binaries expect the configuration file to be found in

For a more detailed description of Samba, check the samba-doc package
or the Samba.org Web page at http://www.Samba.org/

Please check http://en.openSUSE.org/Samba for general information on
Samba as part of SUSE Linux Enterprise or openSUSE products, links to
binary packages of the most current Samba version, and a bug reporting
how to.

Packages of the upcoming Samba release.

ADMC was created in response to the need for a user-friendly tool for Linux to work with Active Directory domain and Group Policy. The project is under active development and is not yet ready for serious use.

DO NOT use these packages unless you understand the risks you are taking. These should only be used in an isolated and controlled network. SMB1 is insecure!
Read this article before proceeding:
We provide this build only for old devices which only support SMB1, such as old network printers and certain scientific equipment.
SMB1 is slowly being removed from Samba. These packages MAY NOT WORK. There is ZERO guarantee associated with using these.



scep is a Simple Certificate Enrollment Protocol server and client


cepces is an application for enrolling certificates through CEP and CES. It currently requires certmonger to operate, but may eventually be extended to a standalone application.

Only simple deployments using Microsoft Active Directory Certificate Services has been tested.

For more up-to-date information and further documentation, please visit the project's home page at: https://github.com/ufven/cepces

This package contains the oddjob helper which can be used by the
pam_oddjob_gpupdate module to applies group policy objects at login-time.

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