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Involved Projects and Packages

This is a python implementation of the geodesic routines from GeographicLib. This contains implementations of the classes: GeographicLib::Math, GeographicLib::Accumulator, GeographicLib::Geodesic, GeographicLib::GeodesicLine, and GeographicLib::PolygonArea.

For more information on GeographicLib, see

geopy makes it easy for developers to locate the coordinates of addresses, cities,
countries, and landmarks across the globe using third-party geocoders and other data
sources, such as wikis.

geopy currently includes support for six geocoders: Google Maps, Yahoo! Maps, Windows
Local Live (Virtual Earth),, GeoNames, MediaWiki pages (with the GIS
extension), and Semantic MediaWiki pages.

Brian Beck

Fast, disk space efficient npm installs

change-shebang changes shebang lines from literal paths to invoke perl in the current directory, i.e.

exec "$(dirname "$0")"/perl -x "$0" "$@"

Role for event emitting classes

Check at build/release time if modules are out of date

This simple test module checks the subroutines provided by a module. This is useful for confirming a planned API in testing and ensuring that other functions aren't unintentionally included via import.

WWW::OpenSearch is a module to search A9's OpenSearch compatible search engines. See for details.

XML::Feed is a syndication feed parser for both RSS and Atom feeds. It also implements feed auto-discovery for finding feeds, given a URI.

A python library for interacting with the Apple Push Notification Service via HTTP/2 protocol

"BasicTracer" reference implementation for OpenTracing.

Simple PEP517 package builder

CLI Helpers is a Python package that makes it easy to perform common tasks when
building command-line apps. It's a helper library for command-line interfaces.

Fish, Bash, Zsh and PowerShell completion for Click

Enhanced Python `compileall` module

Python client library for Core API, a format-independent Document Object Model for representing Web APIs.

Core Schema for Core API, a format-independent Document Object Model for
representing Web APIs.

Python FFI toolkit using clang

Utilities for working with PO and POT files

derpconf abstracts loading configuration files for your app

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