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Involved Projects and Packages

build helper libs

This repository provides all tools, plugins and softwares for a professional DAW based on openSUSE Leap.

If you want to contribute, please read our packaging guidelines at http://geekoswiki.tuxfamily.org/doku.php?id=en:packaging_conventions

Cabbage is a framework for audio software development.
Using simple markup text and the Csound audio synthesis language users can target Windows, OSX, Linux and Android with a single piece of source code.

An audio plugin with Pure Data embedded that allows to load and to control patches (e.g. as LV2 plugins)

The Frequalizer is an 6-band EQ with integrated Analyzer

The IEM Plug-in Suite is a free and Open-Source audio plugin suite including Ambisonic plug-ins up to 7th order created by staff and students of the
Institute of Electronic Music and Acoustics.

Standard MIDI File (SMF) utilities (player and recorder)

juicysfplugin is a cross-platform audio plugin for playing MIDI music through a soundfont synthesizer.

Virtual analog synth

Waveshaper plugin with spline-based graph editor (VST, LV2, DSSI and Jack)

* Maintenance Repository of Geekos Daw Stable
* Factory for upstream collaboration

Maintainer Bugowner

This project was created for package papirus-icon-theme via attribute OBS:Maintained


kill_it's pascal apps repository


Some KDE Stuff

Maintainer Bugowner

Kvantum is an SVG-based theme engine for Qt, tuned to Plasma and LXQt, with an emphasis on elegance, usability and practicality.
Its homepage is https://github.com/tsujan/Kvantum.

Kvantum also comes with extra themes that can be selected and activated by using Kvantum Manager.


The Jamulus software enables musicians to perform real-time jam sessions over
the internet. There is one server running the Jamulus server software which
collects the audio data from each Jamulus client software, mixes the audio data
and sends the mix back to each client.

LSP (Linux Studio Plugins) is a collection of open-source plugins
currently compatible with LADSPA, LV2 and LinuxVST formats.

The basic idea is to fill the lack of good and useful plugins under
the GNU/Linux platform.


MDA-LV2 is an LV2 port of the MDA plugins by Paul Kellett. It
contains 36 high-quality plugins for a variety of tasks.

The instrument plugins make use of the new atom:AtomPort to receive
MIDI. Apologies for any inconvenience, but this means they will
only work in modern hosts which have implemented atom-based MIDI.
The effects should work fine in any LV2 host.

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