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Involved Projects and Packages

This is my personal playground, all packages here are available elsewhere.

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This project was created for package libsigrok via attribute OBS:Maintained


The aim of HxC Floppy Emulator project is to provide software and hardware solutions to replace old floppy disk drives and floppy support with modern solutions (USB, SDCard, network,...)


Transcribe. Collaborate. Share…
…and benefit from cutting edge research in Handwritten Text Recognition!



Tools and libraries for color management and color management enabled desktop.

This is a tech preview for a CIM instrumentation for the software
profiles based on PackageKit.


GROMACS is a versatile and extremely well optimized package to perform
molecular dynamics computer simulations and subsequent trajectory
analysis. It is developed for biomolecules like proteins, but the
extremely high performance means it is used also in several other field
like polymer chemistry and solid state physics. This version has the
dynamic libs and executables; to hack new utility programs you also
need the headers and static libs in gromacs-dev. Linux kernel 2.4 or
later is STRONGLY recommended on Pentium III and later processors since
GROMACS then can use assembly loops with SSE instructions.


This package contains a utility for interfacing with devices that
support the Intelligent Platform Management Interface specification.
IPMI is an open standard for machine health, inventory, and remote
power control.

This utility can communicate with IPMI-enabled devices through either a
kernel driver such as OpenIPMI or over the RMCP LAN protocol defined in
the IPMI specification. IPMIv2 adds support for encrypted LAN
communications and remote Serial-over-LAN functionality.

It provides commands for reading the Sensor Data Repository (SDR) and
displaying sensor values, displaying the contents of the System Event
Log (SEL), printing Field Replaceable Unit (FRU) information, reading
and setting LAN configuration, and chassis power control.


The ipmiutil package provides easy-to-use utilities to view the SEL,
perform an IPMI chassis reset, set up the IPMI LAN and Platform Event Filter
entries to allow SNMP alerts, and other IPMI tasks.
These can be invoked with the metacommand ipmiutil, or via subcommand
shortcuts as well. Man pages are provided.
An IPMI driver can be provided by either the OpenIPMI driver (/dev/ipmi0)
or the Intel IPMI driver (/dev/imb), etc. If used locally and no driver is
detected, ipmiutil will use user-space direct I/Os instead.

Libcmpiutil is a library of utility functions for CMPI providers. The
goal is to reduce the amount of repetitive work done in most CMPI
providers by encapsulating common procedures with more "normal" APIs.
This extends from operations like getting typed instance properties to
standardizing method dispatch and argument checking.

This package provides Ruby language bindings to access functions of
yast2-libyui - the YaST User Interface engine that provides the
abstraction from graphical user interfaces (Qt, Gtk) and text based
user interfaces (ncurses).

Opensource Implementation of WS-Management

Additional Standards Based Linux Instrumentation Base Providers

Linux providers for instrumentation of DMTF Boot Control Profile (DSP

CMPI CIM provider for ethernet port profile

Linux providers for instrumentation of DMTF SSH Service Profile (DSP

A set of utility functions that make cmpi provider development easier

Standards Based Linux Instrumentation Base Providers Test Suite


This package contains simulators of the following systems:

Data General Nova

Data General Eclipse

Digital Equipment Corporation PDP-1

Digital Equipment Corporation PDP-4

Digital Equipment Corporation PDP-7

Digital Equipment Corporation PDP-8

Digital Equipment Corporation PDP-9

Digital Equipment Corporation PDP-10

Digital Equipment Corporation PDP-11

Digital Equipment Corporation PDP-15

Digital Equipment Corporation PDP-18B

IBM 1401

IBM System 3

Hewlett-Packard HP 2100

Honeywell H316

MITS Altair 8800

A disk image with UNIX V7 for the PDP-11 is included, instructions on
how to make it work can be found in the file
/usr/share/doc/packages/simh/simh_swre.txt in chapter 2.1.3.

A selection of software for other systems can be found at The Computer
History Simulation Project at http://simh.trailing-edge.com/

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