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Name Title
Emulators Emulators
systemsmanagement:wbem Web based enterprise systems management
Openwsman Openwsman
home:kwk Just my personal playground
multimedia:color_management Tools and libraries for color management
systemsmanagement Various software for easier management of multiple systems
systemsmanagement:spacewalk Spacewalk
systemsmanagement:wbem:builddeps Build dependencies for packages of systemsmanagement:wbem
systemsmanagement:katello Packaging http://www.katello.org/
systemsmanagement:wbem:vintage Vintage providers, unmaintained by upstream
systemsmanagement:wbem:deps Runtime dependencies
Openwsman:builddeps Build dependencies for packages of Openwsman
systemsmanagement:calamari Web GUI for managing Ceph clusters
systemsmanagement:cockpit cockpit-project.org
systemsmanagement:saltstack:builddeps Build dependencies for salt
home:kwk:minimal-salt Minimal Salt packaging
systemsmanagement:saltstack:testing:testpackages Test packages for package manipulation tests
CrossToolchain:avr Crosscompiling Toolchain for ATMEL AVR microcontrollers
security:logging Tools for log analysis
security:zoneminder ZoneMinder project
home:kwk:cubes Building http://cubes.databrewery.org
systemsmanagement:saltstack:products:develop Next salt version to go into :products
science:unstable Software for Scientists and Engineers
science Software for Scientists and Engineers
systemsmanagement:sumaform Using Terraform to create a SUSE Manager test environment
systemsmanagement:Uyuni:Master:KitTemplates Download-yourself kit package templates
systemsmanagement:spacewalk:2.8 Spacewalk Client Tools 2.8
systemsmanagement:spacewalk:2.8:debclients Spacewalk client stack for Debian/Ubuntu
home:kwk:nailed Rubygems for nailed
systemsmanagement:spacewalk:2.9:debclients Debian client stack for Spacewalk 2.9
systemsmanagement:saltstack:products:backup Backup project for old Salt 2018.2 release
systemsmanagement:yomi Yet one more installer
systemsmanagement:sumaform:terraform011 Terraform 0.11 for sumaform use
home:kwk:HxCFloppyEmulator HxC Floppy Drive Emulator
home:kwk:Transkribus Handwritten text recognition
home:kwk:rethinkdb RethinkDB
security:logging:containers Containerized security:logging packages
home:kwk:branches:Virtualization:containers Branch project for package minikube

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