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Involved Projects and Packages
Application:Geo / xephem Maintainer Bugowner

XEphem \eks-i-'fem\ n. [X Windows + ephemeris]
(1990) : The accurate and reliable interactive astronomy software tool for all UNIX-like systems including Linux, FreeBSD and Solaris.

Astronomical software, like TheSky or SkyMap Pro, just better.

home:lemmy04 Maintainer Bugowner

Various miscellaneous packages that I've build myself, either because they aren't included in openSUSE, or not in the latest version.

The packages are linked against openSUSE_xx.y/standard plus updates plus the latest stable KDE Repository for that release if there is one available, that means you have to add the KDE:Qt5 and KDE:Frameworks5 repositories.

home:lemmy04 / cjkfonts Maintainer

A selection of free truetype fonts with support for japanese
and other asian languages. All of these fonts are listed on and labeled as "FREE",
but the license for most of those is UNKNOWN!

home:lemmy04 / cksfv Maintainer

Utility to test .sfv files. These files are commonly used to ensure
the correct retrieval or storage of data.

home:lemmy04 / clamsmtp Maintainer

ClamSMTP is an SMTP filter that allows you to check for viruses using the
ClamAV anti-virus software. It accepts SMTP connections and forwards the
SMTP commands and responses to another SMTP server. The 'DATA' email body is
intercepted and scanned before forwarding. ClamSMTP aims to be lightweight,
reliable, and simple rather than have a myriad of options. It's written in C
without major dependencies. If you need more options then you could use
something big like AMaViS which is written in PERL and can do almost

home:lemmy04 / ether-wake Maintainer Bugowner


home:lemmy04 / funfonts2 Maintainer Bugowner
home:lemmy04 / gdisk Maintainer Bugowner

An fdisk-like partitioning tool for GPT disks. GPT
fdisk features a command-line interface, fairly direct
manipulation of partition table structures, recovery
tools to help you deal with corrupt partition tables,
and the ability to convert MBR disks to GPT format.


Splash Screen Engine for KDE.
Heavily customizable engine for various types of themes.

home:lemmy04 / libcares Maintainer

This package is based on the package 'libcares' from project 'home:marvin24'.

This package is based on the package 'libcares' from project 'network:utilities'.

c-ares is a C library that performs DNS requests and name resolves asynchronously. c-ares is a fork of the library named 'ares', written by Greg Hudson at MIT.

home:lemmy04 / logwatch Maintainer

This package is based on the package 'logwatch' from project 'server:monitoring'.

Logwatch is a customizable, pluggable log-monitoring system. It will go
through your logs for a given period of time and make a report in the areas
that you wish with the detail that you wish. Easy to use - works right out
of the package on many systems.

Kirk Bauer

home:lemmy04 / mausezahn Maintainer

Mausezahn is a free fast traffic generator written in C which allows you to send nearly every possible and impossible packet. It is mainly used to test VoIP or multicast networks but also for security audits to check whether your systems are hardened enough for specific attacks.

mime-construct constructs and (by default) mails MIME messages. It
is entirely driven from the command line, it is designed to be used by
other programs, or people who act like programs.

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# utility. To get this software or for more information
# please visit:

home:lemmy04 / pimpd Maintainer

pimpd is an ident daemon with support for linux masquerading firewalls. On the firewall itself you have to run oidentd, then on the clients you can use pimpd.

home:lemmy04 / plan Maintainer

Plan is a schedule planner based on X/Motif. It displays a month calendar
similar to xcal, but every day box is large enough to show appointments in
small print. By pressing on a day box, the appointments for that day can be
listed and edited. Appointments are entered with the following information
(everything except the time is optional):

- the date, time, and length (time and days) of the appointment,
- an optional text message to be printed,
- an optional script to be executed,
- early-warn and late-warn triggers that precede the alarm time
- repetitions: [n-th] weekdays, days-of-the-month, every n days, yearly
- optional fast command-line appointment entry
- flexible ways to specify holidays and vacations
- extensive context help
- multiuser capability using an IP server program (with access lists),
- grouping of appointments into files, per-user, private, and others

The action being taken when a warn or alarm time is reached is programmable;
by default a window pops up. In addition, a program can be executed, or mail
can be sent. Other methods of listing appointments (today, this week, next
week, or a keyword search for regular expressions) are also available. Plan
can be configured to display times in 12-hour or 24-hour formats, mmddyy and
ddmmyy date formats, and can show either Monday or Sunday in the leftmost
column. Four view modes are supported: month, year, week, day, and a 365-day
overview. The day, week, and overview plot appointments as colored and
labeled bars on a time chart.

A Python module with a function that complements the getstatusoutput function in the standard commands module.

A Python extension created to manipulate extended attributes in filesystems that support them.

home:lemmy04 / pyzor Maintainer Bugowner

Pyzor is a collaborative, networked system to detect and block spam using
identifying digests of messages.
Pyzor initially started out to be merely a Python implementation of Razor, but
due to the protocol and the fact that Razor's server is not Open Source or
software libre, I decided to impelement Pyzor with a new protocol and release
the entire system as Open Source and software libre.
Since the entire system is released under the GPL, people are free to host their
own independent servers. Server peering is planned for a future release.

Frank Tobin
and others (see THANKS file)

home:lemmy04 / qavimator Maintainer

QAvimator is a Qt port of Vince Invincible's avimator, a bvh animation editor, created for use in the 3D metaverse Second Life. The project is still in early alpha stage and may or may not work on your system.

home:lemmy04 / qcomicbook Maintainer

QComicBook is a viewer for comic book archives containing jpeg/png images, which aims at convenience and simplicity.
Features include:
- automatic handling of archives
- full-screen mode
- page scaling (fit to window witdth/height, whole page)
- mouse or keyboard navigation, whatever you prefer
and more...

home:lemmy04 / re2c Maintainer

This package is based on the package 're2c' from project 'openSUSE:Factory'.

re2c is a tool for writing fast and flexible lexers. Unlike other such
tools, it concentrates solely on generating efficient code for matching
regular expressions. This make it suitable for a wide variety of
applications. The generated scanners approach hand-crafted ones in
terms of size and speed.

home:lemmy04 / tvbrowser Maintainer

NOTE: Automatically created during Factory devel project migration by admin.

home:lemmy04 / waitstat Maintainer

this module contains functions for interpreting and acting on wait
status values.

Nothing is exported by default.


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