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This package provides a command line tool and rubygem library for connecting a client system to the SUSE Customer Center. It will connect the system to your product subscriptions and enable the product repositories/services locally.

***NOTICE: Please open pull requests against https://github.com/SUSE/connect and NOT this project. This code gets pulled from GitHub, and not the other way around.***

Build container images for SCC tools such as the scc-hypervisor-collector

This tool allows you to mirror RPM repositories in your own private network.
Organization (mirroring) credentials are required to mirror SUSE repositories.

See https://github.com/SUSE/rmt for more information.

The yast2-rmt package to configure your RMT can be found here:

Provides the YaST module for RMT configuration.

The RMT server package can be found here:

This project is where work on new versions for packages related to containers, like docker, runc, etc. is being done. This project contains the packages as well as the runtime dependencies. Thus, feel free to add this repo to your box and install the packages you are interested in.

Some build time dependencies are on other projects that we use on "build time", like go packages. If you are interested on knowing where each build dependency comes from, use "osc buildinfo".

Some packages here are automatically submitted to openSUSE:Factory.

Feel free to fork the packages here and send submit requests with patches/updates.

In this project, we build Portus from master branch. This is our devel project.
For released versions, see subprojects.

Packages for the 2.5.x releases of Portus.

Packages for a cloudfoundry test of Portus.

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