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This modules handles International Standard Book Numbers, including ISBN-10
and ISBN-13.

This data is current as of the date in the module version. At that time, the publisher codes 9990000-9999999 or 999000-999999 had not been fixed, although they had been proposed. I do not include them in the data. Some regions, including India (93), Gabon (99902), and Congo (99951) have country codes but no publisher codes. They still have entries even though you won't be able to validate any ISBNs assigned in those regions.

Business::ISBN uses this "data pack" to do its work. You can update Business::ISBN::Data independently of the main module as the various ISBN organizations assign new publisher codes. The ISBN agency lists these data at .

Perl bindings to the cairo graphics library

Capture STDOUT and STDERR from Perl, XS or external programs.

Carp::Assert is intended for a purpose like the ANSI C library assert.h

This module reports errors from the perspective of the caller of a
"clan" of modules, similar to "" itself. But instead of giving
it a number of levels to skip on the calling stack, you give it a
pattern to characterize the package names of the "clan" of modules that
should never be blamed for errors. It makes these modules stick
together like a "clan" and any error that occurs will be blamed on the
"outsider" script or modules not belonging to this "clan".

This module/script gets the CDDB info for an audio cd. You need LINUX,
SUNOS or *BSD, a cdrom drive and an active internet connection in order
to do that.

CGI-Session is a Perl5 library that provides an easy, reliable and
modular session management system across HTTP requests. Persistency is
a key feature for such applications as shopping carts,
login/authentication routines, and application that need to carry data
across HTTP requests. CGI::Session does that and many more.

This module automatically generates accessor/mutators for your class. Most of
the time, writing accessors is an exercise in cutting and pasting.

If you make your module a subclass of Class::Accessor and declare your accessor
fields with mk_accessors() then you'll find yourself with a set of
automatically generated accessors which can even be customized!

Michael G Schwern

NOTE: Automatically created during Factory devel project migration by admin.

Class::Data::Inheritable is for creating accessor/mutators to class
data. That is, if you want to store something about your class as a
whole (instead of about a single object). This data is then inherited
by your subclasses and can be overriden.

This module is intended to provide a general-purpose date and datetime
type for perl. You have a Class::Date class for absolute date and
datetime and have a Class::Date::Rel class for relative dates.

You can use "+", "-", "<" and ">" operators as with native perl data

"require EXPR" only accepts "Class/" style module names, not
"Class::Name". How frustrating! For that, we provide "load_class
It's often useful to test whether a module can be loaded, instead of
throwing an error when it's not available. For that, we provide
"try_load_class 'Class::Name'".
Finally, sometimes we need to know whether a particular class has been
loaded. Asking %%INC is an option, but that will miss inner packages and
any class for which the filename does not correspond to the package name.
For that, we provide "is_class_loaded 'Class::Name'".

NOTE: Automatically created during Factory devel project migration by admin.

Class::Multimethods -- Supports multimethods and subroutine overloading
in Perl.

It's possible to accidentally inherit an AUTOLOAD method. Often this
will happen if a class somewhere in the chain uses AutoLoader or
defines one of their own. This can lead to confusing error messages
when method lookups fail.

Sometimes you want to avoid this accidental inheritance. In that case,
inherit from Class::WhiteHole. All unhandled methods will produce
normal Perl error messages.

Config::IniFiles provides a way to have readable configuration files
outside your Perl script.

Convert::ASN1 converts between Perl data structures and ASN.1 encoded

Convert::BER is a Perl object class implementation for encoding and
decoding objects as described by ITU-T standard X.209 (ASN.1) using
Basic Encoding Rules (BER).

Perl module to read TNEF files

Perl interface to the uulib library

A CPAN::Meta::Requirements object models a set of version constraints like those specified in the _META.yml_ or _META.json_ files in CPAN distributions. It can be built up by adding more and more constraints, and it will reduce them to the simplest representation.

Logically impossible constraints will be identified immediately by thrown exceptions.

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