Security tools

Various security tools that don't need their own subproject.

Please have a look at the Subprojects, listed at the 'Subprojects' tab for more tools.

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Hello! As GlobaLeaks we would like to start using OBS and i've been told by obs admins that a good fit for our repo could be this project (security). I tried to understand which is the maintainer for the group but i'm a bit confused would you please point me to the right persons where to ask?

thank you!

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security:privacy seems to be the right match to me, which is maintained by WernerFink and kssingvo

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This comment has been deleted

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I removed it. Fixing this would require a lot of packaging work. If a maintainer is interested in providing these binaries they can override it in their projects

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As the initial comment was removed I´d like to ask what had been removed? And who is nobody ...

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Ubuntu and other targets. They had one successful package building, everything else was failing

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