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A Python API for Twitter, a command-line tool for getting others'
tweets and setting your own tweet and an IRC bot that can announce Twitter
updates to an IRC channel.

typed_ast is a Python 3 package that provides a Python 2.7 and Python 3
parser similar to the standard ast library. Unlike ast, the parsers in
typed_ast include PEP 484 type comments and are independent of the version of
Python under which they are run. The typed_ast parsers produce the standard
Python AST (plus type comments), and are both fast and correct, as they are
based on the CPython 2.7 and 3.6 parsers.

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Wildcard/glob file name matcher.

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Wiring provides architectural foundation for Python applications, featuring:
* dependency injection
* interface definition and validation
* modular component configuration
* small, extremely pedantic codebase

Full documentation is available at

System for managing development buildouts.

Buildout is a project designed to solve 2 problems:
* Application-centric assembly and deployment
* Repeatable assembly of programs from Python software distributions

xarray (formerly xray) is a python-pandas-like and pandas-compatible
toolkit for analytics on multi-dimensional arrays. It provides
N-dimensional variants of the python-pandas labeled data structures,
rather than the tabular data that pandas uses.

The Common Data Model for self-describing scientific data is used.
The dataset is an in-memory representation of a netCDF file.

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A command line tool handling the release process of software by updating all
version strings in the source code by the correct increment. Also creates
commits and tags. Version formats are configurable' works without any VCS, but
can read tag information from and writes commits and tags to Git and Mercurial
if available; handles text files, so it's not specific to any programming

This package obsoletes bumpversion.

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Version-bump your software with a single command!

bumpversion updates all version strings in your source tree by the correct
increment, commits that change to git or Mercurial and tags it.

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python-afl is an experimental module that enables American fuzzy lop fork server and instrumentation for pure-Python code.

The scripts to run the fuzzer are only in the package for python3.

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recidivm estimates the target program's peak virtual memory use by running it multiple times with different memory limits.

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Repo is a tool built on top of Git. Repo helps manage many Git repositories, does the uploads to
revision control systems, and automates parts of the development workflow. Repo is not meant to
replace Git, only to make it easier to work with Git.

games / sl

SL (Steam Locomotive) runs across your terminal when you type "sl" as you meant to type "ls". It's just a joke command, and not useful at all.

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facedetect is a simple face detector for batch processing. It answers the basic question: “Is there a face in this image?” and gives back either an exit code or the coordinates of each detected face in the standard output.

The aim is to provide a basic command-line interface that’s consistent and easy to use with software such as ImageMagick, while progressively improving the detection algorithm over time.

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This module losslessly converts raster images to PDF. The file size
will not unnecessarily increase. It can, for example, be used to
create a PDF document from a number of scans that are only available
in JPEG format. Existing solutions would either re-encode the input
JPEG files (leading to quality loss) or store them in the Deflate
format which results in the PDF becoming unnecessarily large in terms
of file size.

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A library with common code used by libraries and tools around the libimobiledevice project.
It does not depend on any existing libraries from Apple.

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IntelMQ is a solution for IT security teams for collecting and processing security feeds using a message queuing protocol.

Packages provided by the non-profit association:
Please consider supporting us.

This repository holds IntelMQ itself and related software including all needed dependencies if they are not provided by the distributions. If you want your software to be included here, ask .

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Python implementation of REST API described here:

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It's some kind of nightly and with more build targets. Is not stable, can have version decrements, changed changelogs and so on.

See for the stable repository.

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RtAudio is a set of C++ classes that provide a common API for realtime audio
input/output across different operating systems. RtAudio significantly
simplifies the process of interacting with computer audio hardware. It was
designed with the following objectives:

* object-oriented C++ design
* simple, common API across all supported platforms
* allow simultaneous multi-api support
* support dynamic connection of devices
* provide extensive audio device parameter control
* allow audio device capability probing
* automatic internal conversion for data format, channel number compensation,
(de)interleaving, and byte-swapping

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