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Name Title
X11:Enlightenment X11 Enlightenment
home:sleep_walker sleep_walker's Home Project
X11:Enlightenment:Nightly Enlightenment - nightly builds
home:sleep_walker:ebola scripts for VM host
X11:Enlightenment:Factory Enlightenment 17 and EFL devel project
home:sleep_walker:aggregate personal OBS package aggregator project
home:sleep_walker:l3 L3 tools
X11:Enlightenment:E17:Factory Enlightenment 17 and EFL 1.7 realease project
utilities:suckless:other other projects
devel:tools Generic Development Tools
home:sleep_walker:ubuntu Ubuntu Touch SDK repo
home:sleep_walker:branches:Base:System Branch project for package ncurses
editors Text editors and hex editors for Linux
Office Software around your office
home:sleep_walker:branches:devel:tools:compiler Branch project for package llvm
devel:languages:python Python Modules
devel:languages:misc various programming languages
server:messaging Server Messaging
home:sleep_walker:branches:devel:tools:building Branch project for package jenkins
devel:tools:building Tools for building software
devel:languages:python:numeric Develompment project for general-purpose numeric and plotting python packages
home:sleep_walker:x1carbon5 kernel for my notebook
home:sleep_walker:branches:games:tools Branch project for package gamemode

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