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Convert Markdown syntax to (X)HTML


Markdown is a text-to-HTML filter; it translates an easy-to-read /
easy-to-write structured text format into HTML. Markdown's text format
is most similar to that of plain text email, and supports features such
as headers, *emphasis*, code blocks, blockquotes, and links.

Markdown's syntax is designed not as a generic markup language, but
specifically to serve as a front-end to (X)HTML. You can use span-level
HTML tags anywhere in a Markdown document, and you can use block level
HTML tags (like

and as well).

John Gruber

PHP port and other contributions by Michel Fortin

MultiMarkdown changes by Fletcher Penney

CPAN Module Text::MultiMarkdown (based on Text::Markdown by Sebastian
Riedel) originally by Darren Kulp (http://kulp.ch/)

Support for markdown="1" by Dan Dascalescu (http://dandascalescu.com)

This module is maintained by: Tomas Doran http://www.bobtfish.net/

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