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The Integrated GNOME Mail, Calendar, and Address Book Suite

Evolution consists of modular components (at the moment: mailer,
calendar, and address book) that should make daily life easier. Because
of the modular design, it is possible to plug new components into
Evolution or embed the existing ones in other applications.

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evolution-3.21.91.tar.xz 11.7 MB 1 day ago
evolution.changes 315 KB 1 day ago Download File
evolution.spec 13.3 KB 1 day ago Download File

Latest Revision

Dominique Leuenberger Dominique Leuenberger (dimstar) committed 1 day ago (revision 103)
- Update to version 3.21.91:
  + Context menu above EWebView hides on button release.
  + Correctly free the WebKit DOM GObject instaces.
  + Don't try to convert the 'None' signature.
  + Paragraphs with just BR element could not be quoted properly.
  + Use a faster way of quoting an element if possible when
    converting the content.
  + Remove the zero width space characters from the HTML output.
  + New line after heading and other elements could be lost.
  + Fix various issues with parse_html_into_blocks() - mostly not
    processing part of the input.
  + Make a magic-spacebar (partly) work again.
  + Open link in HTML editor only when Ctrl+left-click above it.
  + EEditorUndoRedoManager - Fix some FIXME WK2 comments.
  + Redoing the input history item could be wrong.
  + Element could be quoted in the HTML mode as in the plain text
  + Redoing of "Pasting a link and pressing the Return key after
    it" is wrong.
  + Don't try to insert selection marks if they are already
  + Remove an empty blockquote if presented after removing from the
    quoted content.
  + No need to recognize links in the element where it was already
    done (by parse_html_into_blocks()).
  + Remove special id used for BLOCKQUOTEs when generating the HTML
    version of the content.
  + Always use the faster version of quoting when we previously
    wrapped the content.
  + Properly check if the current node is indeed the HR element

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