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Filename Size Changed
_service 0000000598 598 Bytes over 1 year
baselibs.conf 0000000018 18 Bytes about 2 years
libaccounts-glib-1.24.obscpio 0000634892 620 KB over 1 year
libaccounts-glib.changes 0000002798 2.73 KB over 1 year
libaccounts-glib.obsinfo 0000000105 105 Bytes over 1 year
libaccounts-glib.spec 0000004352 4.25 KB about 2 months
Comments for libaccounts-glib 3

Luca Beltrame's avatar

luca_b wrote over 1 year ago

This doesn't build now, exactly because it uses Meson (and the spec tries autotools).

Fabian Vogt's avatar

favogt wrote over 1 year ago

I reverted it for now. I gave it a quick try to convert it to meson, but it hardcodes vala API binding generation so needs more work.

Wolfgang Bauer's avatar

wolfi323 wrote over 1 year ago

Sorry, I wanted to try to update it in a branch, but apparently forgot to actually click on "Branch package"... :-/

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