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KWin script to make KWin a tiling window manager: arrange your windows automatically and switch between them using keyboard shortcuts. All of that with different layouts and without a complicated setup of classic tiling window managers (i3, dwm or XMonad).

Bismuth features full KDE Plasma integration with multiple screens, Activities and virtual desktops; built-in KWin features (minimize, full-screen and rules); floating Dialog windows; multiple Layouts such as Classic Tiling, Monocle, Three-Column and Floating. It also works on the Wayland Plasma session.

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Only commenting this here before I open a proper bug report.

The package doesn't work any more since the latest rebuild of the package after I assume esbuild was updated.

The error is: kwin_scripting: Component failed to load: (file:///usr/share/kwin/scripts/bismuth/contents/ui/main.qml:5:1: Script file:///usr/share/kwin/scripts/bismuth/contents/code/index.mjs unavailable import "../code/index.mjs" as Bismuth ^, file:///usr/share/kwin/scripts/bismuth/contents/code/index.mjs:795:10: Unexpected token {' static { ^, file:///usr/share/kwin/scripts/bismuth/contents/code/index.mjs:796:9: Expected token(' = "MonocleLayout"; ^) js: alwaysopenonactivescreen: initializing

A diff between the good and the bad version shows that there are erros in the conversion.

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I created this bug a few weeks ago using the details you shared @Thaodan . However, there has been no activity on it.

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